The Wildtrak Bronco is Ford’s all-out desert machine and it comes with massive tires seven G.O.A.T. Member Map. Love it though. ... you have no frame of reference for how big the Bronco is. 1 2021 Ford Bronco Black Diamond Meets 1996 Eddie Bauer, Tape Measurements Are In 2 Two-Door 2021 Ford Bronco Badlands Sasquatch Looks Really Nice Doorless 3 Ford Takes the Whole G.O.A.T. Knowing that the last we seen. Well alrighty then! This … Photos: Antimatter Blue 2-door Outer Banks Sasquatch Rock Crawling! Makes me wanna try to keep track. ... cheat sheet: is it sasquatch or not? The grab handles are easily swapped so they could have grabbed a Big Bend's handles. Deano Bronc. Advertisement . 2021 Bronco Dealers: No-ADM, X-Plans & Special Discounts Master List. Replies 13 Views 133. But the Roast interior should come with the bronze dash. PRELIMINARY SPECIFICATIONS * 2021 FORD BRONCO TWO- AND FOUR-DOOR MODEL Preproduction models shown. Forums. Ford specifically calls … It’s only $500 more than the Outer Banks, which might make more sense around town based on all the convenience and comfort features. Wish I thought it was worth $53,000 plus tax for a four door one. This Bronco’s starting equipment package—Mid—includes all of the Big Bend’s standard features with a long list of additions. Here's what they'll offer. Dare I say that interior doesn’t look half bad here. Also see: previous in the wild Outer Banks sighting. Pictured in the remake, Santa is now back in the 30-degree below-zero cold room with a 2021 Bronco 2-door Outer Banks with Sasquatch Package, Brush Bar and Modular Front Bumper. Latest News. What happened to the blue grab handles and stitching? You must log in or register to reply here. But the Sasquatch max-off-road package is available on any Bronco trim, from the stripper base model on up to an all-boxes-checked lux model like the Outer Banks. #258 Cactus Gray Sasquatch Outer Banks 4 door on a frosty morning On a frosty Michigan morning... cool shades of Cactus Gray... smell of Sasquatch coming up in the air!! It includes all the Outer Banks equipment, adds the Mid and Sasquatch packages along … Mid Package. … Wait! Grab handles, AC vent clips, Seats, door storage pockets (Southern California). This package will cost an additional $2,500 for the Badlands, and $5,000 for the Base, Big Bend, Black Diamond, and Outer Banks. The Ford® Bronco Outer Banks series features 18-inch high gloss black-painted aluminum alloy wheels, standard signature LED headlamps & tail lamps, … Filters. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. We got enough people on this train LOL, Looking to swap interiors with MGV Black Diamond owners, 4 door with Mid Package (I will have MGV Badlands). The 2021 Bronco is finally here. #44 out in the wild. This is a limited-edition run, with only 3,500 being manufactured. Don't go well together. Luxury model. First time seeing the roast interior. ... New Bronco. We expect the Outer Banks will offer the 2.7-liter EcoBoost as an option. In some shots the 2 dr looks too short, like they accidentally cut 6 inches off the backside. All this week, we’ll be bringing you our builds for each trim of the 2021 Ford Bronco. JavaScript is disabled. I didn't like gray or 4dr or outer banks until exactly right now. David; Yesterday at 4:18 PM; 13. Of … The Bronco Nation photo library for Outer Banks with Sasquatch. SHOP GEAR. Hard to tell but this might be a Franken-Bronco. Reactions: AMK610, Used2jeep, Jay Bronco and 4 others. .. but for real let me see that Carbonized Grey Squatch 2 door ... Are the beauty rings on the squatched wheels different depending upon the trim level? The First Edition is a Badlands with Wildtrak exterior features, an … For adventuerers who prioritize comfort, the Outer Banks ($38,955) offers a more luxurious driving experience. Not bad at all... That is completely bad ass! Next up is Wildtrak, which Ford calls the “all-out desert runner” version of the Bronco. A Squatched Outer Banks is what I'm locking in when it comes time to order, and these pictures are infinitely better than the CGI photos on the Build and Price. Ford will offer the 2021 Bronco in 6 trim levels & a First Edition: Base, Big Bend, Black Diamond, Outer Banks, Wildtrack & Badlands. The base-trim Bronco is the no-frills off-road SUV built for utilitarians. Base Model ($29,995) The base Bronco is already a highly capable off-road truck right off the bat. In addition to the Outer Banks features that add a bit of class to the Bronco, the Wildtrak comes with serious off-road gear as standard, including Sasquatch … Updated 07.14.20 Base. Outer Banks Photo Library - Sasquatch Exterior. Includes Outer Banks content, plus… Standard. Comparing it to those tires really shows the scale. The Roast cloth interior looks great here. But the dash looks to be grey also which would be from the Big Bend/Base. Area 51 Outer Banks with Sasquatch and soft top out in the wild. Walkaround video of Outer Banks Sasquatch in Carbonized Gray Exterior & Roast Interior. Updated 8/12 Another (different) preproduction Outer Banks Bronco. Outer Banks ™ N/A 3.73:1/4.27:1 4.70:1 Wildtrak ™ N/A N/A 4.70:1 Badlands ™ 4.7:1 4.46:1 4.70:1 First Edition ™ N/A N/A 4.70:1 *All specifications subject to change. The color combo on all the cloth interiors are blah. Everyone is going to get the a51. Today at 11:03 AM. JavaScript is disabled. Among all the packages and available options introduced today by Ford, one stands out to us: the Sasquatch package.An off-roading equipment upgrade meant to … But the dash looks to be grey also which would be from the Big Bend/Base. Some highlights: heated … Available begining spring 2021. Reactions: Aut-Lin, BrentLee71, butler.bc and 36 others. Perhaps the most coveted piece of information contained in this 2021 Ford Bronco option and package pricing survey is the cost of the Sasquatch Package, which is standard equipment on the Wildtrak and First Edition. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. New posts Search forums. Think of the $59,305 First Edition as a mash-up of all the greatest parts of each trim. OBX Sasquatch with Roast interior, best looking Bronco. ... the new Ford Bronco isn’t a typical vehicle. I keep looking at getting a different color to be different but ..... a51 is the best so. You must log in or register to reply here. @suspensiontuna on IG. There seems to be a ot of pictures coming out lately with black soft top.... diverting attention to the drab grey hardtop. The grab handles are easily swapped so they could have grabbed a Big Bend's handles. Shadow Black Outer Banks Bronco, spotted by Shane. 2021 Bronco Dealers: No-ADM, X-Plans & Special Discounts Master List Paint matched mirrors look pretty good when they're not Cyber Orange! The B&P doesn't do it justice. OUTER BANKS The trim that puts off-road style and tech front and center. Wildtrak. Guess we will all be twins. First Edition. It … Poll; Sticky; Next up is Wildtrak, which Ford calls the “all-out desert runner” version of the Bronco. We aren’t experts and this isn’t a list of recommendations, it’s just a couple Bronco fans dreaming up some rigs. Badges. Round-Up. Looks amazing, wish they offered the vinyl in roast. This is the first “step-up,” most significantly adding heated seats (woo!) and a suite of … I find it kinda fascinating! Ford Bronco Sasquatch Package Price Possibly Revealed In Survey ... Bronco Outer Banks. The First Edition Bronco is a fully loaded Bronco combining the best parts of all Bronco Series - the mechanicals of a Badlands, interior of an Outer Banks & exterior of a Wildtrak. This … That carbonized gray looks really good in person. modes…including Baja. Sqautch fenders on OBX make all the difference. Last edited by a moderator: Nov 5, 2020. This one had grey. We’re trying something new with Bronco vehicles to make sure you can build the Bronco that is right for you. @david in the forums and @dwrock, your friendly Bronco Nation support and fulfillment associate, will each bring a build to the table with a different theme. Found a Wildtrak in Area 51 (4 Door / Soft Top). Love the exterior color too. If that’s the case, this may be a highly popular Bronco … Must have been the alt-j playing. Thread starter FL Trucker; Start date Dec 25, ... Hard to tell but this might be a Franken-Bronco. Your browser is not able to display this video. But in other shots like these it just looks perfect. thanks for posting these! Plus, the OBX looks sooo much better with the Sasquatch package. More of Carbonized Gray Outer Banks and Roast Interior, Oxford White Badlands Walkaround (Exterior & Interior), Spotted: Bronco Wildtrak & Outer Banks in Carbonized Gray, Rapid Red, Cyber Orange, Black, Roast Cloth Seats & Navy Pier Dash in Bronco Outer Banks. Some more shots of the same bronco from Dan Edmunds. 2 door Shadow Black Outer Banks Sasquatch Bronco Pics. Off-Roadeo. But 50k is way out of my feel good about my guilt price range. New Bronco. Menu. Maybe it's just having less of the color overall with black fender flares that makes it look better to me. It gives me hope that the Navy Pier cloth will be on point as long as it comes with the Navy Pier dash and not the mixed up bronze dash that has shown up recently with the Navy Pier leather. ---- ChrispyKC , 2020. Top Mach. Area 51 Outer Banks with Sasquatch and soft top out in the wild. The Outer Banks is the model where you will find the most tech and creature comforts, including a 12-inch navigation screen and a Bang & Olufsen audio system. Home. Wildtrak. But that carbonized grey looks A1. After much fanfare, the 2021 Ford Bronco broke cover Monday with a lineup of six trims, a Sasquatch off-road package, ... 2021 Ford Bronco Outer Banks. Did it have a number written on the windshield?! i still like the soft top, but wish it was available on the 2dr, Can they stop showing A51 now? Profile pic not indicative of my current mood. Bronco spotting Stig style .. In the end, I guess I'm willing to accept it for what it is and have fun.