Two pharmacists were recruited to assist the data collection process. From navigating online classes to adjusting to either cancelled or switched experiential learning rotations, the pandemic has changed the lives of pharmacy students worldwide. All interviews were audio recorded and transcribed verbatim. One, the rising cost of drugs, and two, lack of human and financial resources to perform the growing number of responsibilities placed on the pharmacy. Furthermore, this field of pharmacy practice is developed to enhance therapeutic benefits, reduce risk associated with medications and health care costs, and respect patients’ preference [3–5]. The objectives of this research were to highlight challenges in the current pharmaceutical procurement process for public sector hospitals. Proper strategies should be in place to improve clinical pharmacy services and promote pharmacists’ role in providing patient care. In common with other healthcare professions, there is notable variability in the consistency with which pharmaceutical services are provided and medicines optimisation implemented. VIEWPOINT Challenges Facing Pharmacy Practice Milap C. Nahata, PharmD professor pharmacy at the College of Pharmacy and professor of pediatrics at the College of Medicine, Ohio State University and Children's Hospital, Columbus, OH 43210. pharmacy at the College of Pharmacy and professor of pediatrics at the College of Medicine, Ohio State University and Children's Hospital … Staff pharmacists face a varied set of responsibilities including dispensing medication, making purchasing decisions, monitoring drug therapy, preparing IV medication, and overseeing drug administration. I believe this apprenticeship is something everyone would love and definately not regret! On the other hand, COVID-19 has propelled several changes. Hospital pharmacists should be aware of the challenges to effectively get work done and have a vision on how to use their pharmacy teams to the best. Pharmacists in the UK are expected to take on a broader role than ever before under the ongoing shifts within the NHS and there's a clear consensus among the clinical community that much more can be done in patients' own communities to keep them healthy. In addition, 36% of Americans say healthcare is the top issue facing America today, according to a recent poll. In connection to this, a total of 119 health care providers participated in the study. In this environment, pharmacists in hospitals and other health systems will have rich opportunities to help improve patient care and institutional sustainability by continuing to move from order-fulfillment and product-preparation functions toward team leadership of drug therapy management. Thank you once again! 3. Moreover, they also tend to do different tricks like double prescriptions and false names in order to get medicines so you need to be very alert. As … Most of participated health care providers also agreed on the importance of clinical pharmacy services in the Ethiopian health care system. a “core challenge” facing the profession today, followed very closely by inadequate staffing. Regarding opportunities for the clinical pharmacy services in MTUTH, the majority of the study respondents (83.19%) stated that acceptance of clinical services among health care providers is an opportunity for the clinical pharmacy services. In 2013, the Director’s Forum published our assessment of issues facing pharmacy leaders to assist pharmacy directors in planning for the year ahead. • Hospital pharmacy is under the spotlight, the traditional model of a pharmacy department will change and this presents challenges and opportunities. This includes South Africa where ongoing medicine shortages are a concern among public sector hospitals as South Africa strives for universal access to healthcare. To improve quality of health care in the hospitals, it is therefore imperative to use all available means to overcome the obstacles. “Rural areas like mine rely heavily on the local pharmacist to assist in the healthcare needs of the community. I would like to begin by saying that the 2 years that I had spent here would never be forgotten.