The Caribbean landmarks and famous historical sites bring history to vibrant life. Start your Caribbean cultural holiday here with some interesting facts about Barbados: Our island was colonised by the English early in the 17th century; Before then, Barbados was inhabited by Carib and Arawak Native Americans; Transformed by the plantation system and slavery, we were the world's number one sugar producer by 1650 He liked the islands fig trees which have a beard like appearance and hence named the island "Los Barbados" which means The Bearded One! In the music business, Rihanna (born Robyn Fenty) is one of Barbados' best-known Grammy winningartists. Barbados is located close to the equator. 17 Interesting Facts About The Caribbean Most People Go ... George Washington’s only trip outside of the United States was to Barbados. 4) The name Barbados was chosen by a Portuguese explorer called Pedro a Campos. 17) Bajan dancing is pretty sexy! One of the most popular ones is St Nicholas Abbey. The people of Barbados are referred to as Barbadians. Salt cod or codfish preserved with salt... More. Interesting Facts About Barbados. The wettest month is November, but even then, the sun is always just around the corner. Relation –Couples living in the majority of homes in Barbados are not legally married. “Redlegs” is the name given to poor white Barbadians who descend from Irish prisoners and slaves who were formerly imported into Barbados to work the sugar plantations. So here are some surprising yet interesting fun things you may not know! If that's not enough, click over to our collection of world maps and flags. The fertility centre in Barbados–The Barbados Fertility Centre–has success rates that are higher than that of the centers in the UK and the US. 20) All over Barbados, you will come across mischievous little monkeys. The person responsible for the name “Barbados” was Pedro Campos, a Portuguese explorer. The grapefruit is so called because of the clusters of fruit on the tree appears similar to that of grapes. It is thought to be an accidental hybrid of the Jamaican sweet orange and the Indonesian pomelo (shaddock). Previous post 24 Mesmerising Facts about Mali. 12) Many celebrities have a love affair with Barbados. No Comments. Family: Extended family is important and members may live with or near one another. 14. 23. 7) Barbados was a British Colony for over 300 years and only gained its independence in 1966. 4. 51. Barbados has had several great cricketers, including Sir Garfield Sobers and Sir Frank Worrell. The history of Barbados is unique, and we Bajans (the familiar term for Barbadians) are at ease with our past and proud architects of our future. Work in Barbados. One of the more impressive Barbados facts: Barbados has 56 miles of coral reefs along its coastline! The most important interesting fact is that Cuba is a melting pot of different cultures and influences with a fascinating history. In this country, the amount of income tax for natural persons is 38%, and for companies – 25% (2018). Not only does it have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, it has a real authentic Caribbean culture, an interesting colonial history, some of the regions friendliest people and amazing restaurants. 3) Barbados not only produces the world's oldest rum, but it also produces one of the best. The flag of the Bahamas. 6) Barbados never closes or shuts down. Next post 23 Salutary Facts about South Sudan. Bearded fig trees are plenty in Barbados, and it is even found in the country’s Coat of Arms alongside their national flower. 2) Tiger Woods got married on this beautiful island in 2004. Barbados is an island where the past sits side by side with the present. 13. 11) Barbados has over 3000 hours of sunshine each year. 5. I'll help make your next vacation awesome with first-hand guides and essential travel tips. Barbados's most famous cricket grounds are called the Kensington Oval. The amount of income tax in Barbados is 25%. We have detected that JavaScript is disabled in your web browser. ), Top Things To See & Do In Bali, For That Unforgettable Experience, Discover Some of the Most Popular Places to Visit in Europe, 6 Best Regions of Spain to Visit - Activities, Hotels & Food. She was born in Saint Michael. But with 17 regions to choose from, Spain seemed just too big to fit into 1 trip. Citizens are officially called Barbadians. During the years Concord flew, it made more than 7000 flights to Barbados and carried lots of famous people including Elton John, Prince Albert of Monaco, Mick Jagger and Pierce Brosnan! Barbados Facts 1. Are you looking for interesting facts about Hungary? Do you have any interesting or fun facts about Antigua and Barbuda that we’ve not mentioned? 24. Interesting Facts About Barbados The oldest church in Barbadosis the St. James Parish Church. Question: How do you get reliable 4G Internet access when travelling overseas?Answer: We use Travelwifi. A good example of this is the island's national sport: cricket. Lastly, there are lots of interesting facts about Barbados should you be planning a visit. 5) The last time a hurricane made landfall in Barbados was over 40 years ago making it one of the best islands in the Caribbean to visit in the off-season. 16) In direct contrast to fact 15, Barbados, before it was settled, was almost entirely covered in rainforest and its main occupants were thousands of wild pigs! 9) Cricket is the country's national sport, and local Bajans are obsessed. My name is Josh and I'm an Aussie who has been travelling the world non-stop for 8 years, and explored 70+ countries so far. Of the 270, only one is endemic, 17 were introduced by humans, and 178 are considered rare or accidental! The only feature personally inspected and 100 per cent vetted villas. Join us is you love adventures, if you love nature and exploring offbeat beautiful trails. It is prosperous and progressive and still full of natural charm. Turtles! Like our content? Barbados's most famous cricket grounds are called the Kensington Oval. Take a look at Greensleeves for an example of where the rich and famous stay! Enjoy live music in Barbados when you visit the venues that have entertained visitors from all over the world, Combine sun, sea and sand with tasty local Caribbean food when you take your vacation on Barbados, By browsing this site you accept cookies used to improve and personalise our services and marketing. 3. 1. They are lively and known for … Question: How can I create my own travel blog?Answer: Read my super simple step-by-step guide that will get you online in 5 minutes. Barbados is quite literally the location we all see when we close our eyes and go to our happy place – white sands, blue seas and…fig trees (we’ll come to this later on). I stopped in Barbados for just one day on a Caribbean cruise several years ago, and experienced one of the best snorkeling tours I've found anywhere. Here’s a list of 25 Hungary facts that you probably didn’t know, and further down in the article you can also read some more general facts about Hungary such as total population, capital, biggest lake, biggest mountain etc. Start your Caribbean cultural holiday here with some interesting facts about Barbados: Enrich your Barbados experience by visiting some of our amazing historical places, including Gun Hill Signal Station, George Washington House and our Parliament Buildings in historic Bridgetown. They originally came from Senegal and Gambia and are green in colour. Check out interesting Barbados facts and information about this North American country with our fact file for kids. Infoplease has everything you need to know about Barbados. Please DO NOT include links/URLs or HTML in your comments - they will be automated deleted and you will waste your time. Learn all about the friendly people of Barbados, their lifestyles, history and places of cultural interest. Some of the best include The Cliff, Tides, The Fish Pot and The Lone Star. “Pride and Industry” is the Motto of Barbados. Barbados’ smallest city– Oistins –is historically known as a fishing town. Barbados is an island nation in the Caribbean known for its natural beauty and rich culture. Barbados derives its name from Portuguese and Spanish for “The Bearded Ones” (“Os … The minimum wage is 6.25 Barbados $ per hour (data from 2012). Barbados is one of my favourite places on the planet. The People of Barbados are called Bajans. You will even see them in your villa gardens! Barbados is known as “the land of the flying fish”, with flying fish being a common sight around the island and one of the national symbols of the country. Fun Facts about the Bahamas. You need to use your imagination for this one but if you want to experience it, go to the Crop Over Festival in July and August each year. Timeshares have a bit of a stigma to them. 11) Barbados has over 3000 hours of sunshine each year. Many of the plantations house are now museums on the island. In Barbados, the official language is English. Some of the influences of the British on this Caribbean island culture include things such as driving style and form of government. Share them here in the comments section below! In fact, for such a tiny Island, Barbados has produced some of the world's greatest cricketing legends. Cou-cou itself is cornmeal, which is easily available around Barbados. 50. Consequently, there is still a strong British influence on the island. Interesting facts about Barbados. Both Bridgetown and its Garrison is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Alexandra Baradi is the owner and CEO of Exceptional Villas who are one of the worlds most trusted villa vacation rental companies. Barbados Facts | Barbados Map Barbados is located on the North American continent and is the easternmost island of the Caribbean islands and part of the Lesser Antilles. 2. Barbados combines visually stunning buildings with the chance to learn about the famous historical architects behind them. Design A Tourism Poster For Barbados. FASCINATING FACT 6: THE GRAPEFRUIT ORIGINATED IN BARBADOS The Grapefruit is a “hybrid” fruit which first originated in Barbados. 10) Barbados is quite hilly for such a small island with its highest point at 1,100 feet above sea level. Barbados also exports $57 million of rum per year across the world. Food and Recipes: Steamed Flying Fish combined with Cou-Cou is considered the national dish of Barbados. Check out our country profile, full of essential information about Barbados's geography, history, government, economy, population, culture, religion and languages. Four species of nesting turtles call Barbados their home. There’s so much to see and do in Spain, and so little time. The Barbados Landship is a truly unique part of our culture, whose origin can be traced back to the 1800's. In fact, for such a tiny Island, Barbados has produced some of the world's greatest cricketing legends. Take time to look back in time. The late PM of Barbados, David Thompson awarded Rihanna with Honorary Ambassador of youth and culture for Barbados in 2009. Arts and culture on the island of Barbados is very much alive as it constitutes for the very essence of our being. The best known artist from Barbados is the eight time Grammy award winner Rihanna. Barbados receives more than a million tourists each year, including both land-based tourists and cruise passengers. December 8, 2017. Because of its long association with Britain, the culture of Barbados is probably more British than is that of any other Caribbean island, though elements of the African culture of the majority population have been prominent. The name “Barbados” is derived from “Los Barbados,” a Portuguese beaded fig tree indigenous to the island. Today Barbados is a cosmopolitan country with a strong character of its own. Concord stopped flying to the island in 2003 when it was decommissioned, but there is an incredibly interesting concord museum located beside the island's main international airport – Grantley Adams. Also, the treatment costs in this center are a third o… It has some of the most exquisite natural attractions from beaches, to caves, coves, and gardens. The unemployment rate in 2018 is 8.2% . Identify important facts about the geography, landscape, landmarks, flag, population, size, continent, language, people, culture, climate, currency and location of Barbados. The Bahamas is a Commonwealth realm located in the Caribbean and is made up of hundreds of islands. Read our, Our island was colonised by the English early in the 17th century, Before then, Barbados was inhabited by Carib and Arawak Native Americans, Transformed by the plantation system and slavery, we were the world's number one sugar producer by 1650, Barbados is the oldest continuing parliamentary democracy outside England, We achieved universal voting rights in 1943 and opted for full independence from the UK in 1966, Our cultural roots are in the plantation slavery economy, a unique blend of West African and European, We speak English with a distinct accent, spiced with words in West African-English pidgin called Bajan. So, if you are a rum lover, this is the place to come!! The singer Rihanna was born in Saint Michael, Barbados. Facts about Barbados 10: the award. 11.There were 491 active sugar plantations and 506 windmills in Barbados in 1846. Arts & Culture. But the question remains: are all timeshares bad? Barbados works best with JavaScript enabled. It is typically made by stirring continuously with what is known as a coucou stick, a long stick resembling a small replica of a cricket bat. Other than the fact that they are both islands, the British sway can be seen on Barbados in several ways. 8) Despite its independence, Barbados still has ties to the British Monarch and is represented by a British Governor General. Like us on Facebook and never miss out! Barbados is an island in the Caribbean Sea, entirely occupied by the same-named state. This is the reason why women are more dependent on children than husbands. Simon Cowell comes every year, and of course, Rihanna was born there, but you will see many familiar faces strolling along the beautiful beaches such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Wayne Rooney, Cara Delavigne and of course many members of the Royal family have been spotted playing polo! By Benjamin Elisha Sawe on August 1 2017 in Travel. But these are things you probably already knew about Barbados. He played a crucial role in the era of discoveries, when more and more seekers of their place in the sun rushed to the New World. 10) Barbados is quite hilly for such a small island with its highest point at 1,100 feet above sea level. Each year more than one million tourists come to Barbados by sea and airplane. The work week is 40 hours. 15) Barbados has some of the loveliest and most luxurious villas and vacation rentals in the world. 26.Interesting facts of Barbados People. Locals call it rockin up and tushing back! In such a situation, men break up with the woman after a few years. Join Neeraj Narayanan and his trip leaders as they take you on the “magic bus” across locations in India, South East Asia and Europe. Since independence, cultural nationalism has been fostered as … The influence of the English on Barbados is more noticeable than on other islands in the West Indies. The hawksbill, leatherbacks, loggerheads, and green turtles! The distillery is definitely worth a visit if you are on the island. But best of all, this paradise island of Barbados has some of the world’s best and most luxurious vacation rentals and is one of the easiest islands to get to with direct flights from most major US and Canadian cities as well many mainland European hubs. Facts about Barbados 9: the best known artist. 21) Barbados was a huge sugar producer, and at one point there were 491 active sugar plantations. 13) There are 270 bird species in Barbados! 21 Interesting Facts And Fun Facts About Barbados, "I respond to every comment by private email. The name “Barbados” came from bearded fig trees. Cou-cou is a national dish of Barbados and is reportedly said to be ranked third on the National Geographic’s top 10 national dishes. The island is located in the North Atlantic, 62 miles east of the Caribbean Sea. After reading these points from Alexandra, I can't wait to go back. Landship. When we planned our trip in 2019, we didn’t know where to start. 1) Barbados was the only holiday destination in the world to be privileged enough to have a scheduled flight with Concord. Bathsheba Beach is said to have healing powers. 19) There are some incredible beach and oceanfront restaurants on the island. Below are some of the fun facts about Barbados. We have been leading group trips since 2014 to Ladakh, Meghalaya, Bhutan, Kashmir, Sikkim, Kerala, South East Asia and Europe. 12. It is possible to drive around the whole circumference of the island in about 3 hours. We wanted it all… beaches, food, sunshine, culture, and history. Here we’re going to look at 20 facts about this beautiful island nation. He organized thousands of red roses to adorn the aisle and had lots of celebrity guests including Michael Jordan and Charles Barkely. Ten fun facts about Barbados Fact 1 The capital city is Bridgetown. The best way to describe the landship is as a "theatrical group" which performs intricate dances that reflect the passage of ships through rough seas and the activities that take place on board. Barbados is not only about fabulous beaches and exquisite places to stay, but it also has a great Caribbean culture, interesting colonial history and some breathtaking scenery. I’ve decided to provide you with a comprehensive, and easy-to-understand guide to timeshares. Although there are hundreds if not thousands of interesting facts about Cuba, here are a few you might want to know before you travel to the island nation. Experience Our History & Culture. Try to find out a little bit about culture in Barbados and record what you find on this worksheet (we have lined and blank versions to choose from). The country lies northeast of Venezuela in the North Atlantic Ocean. The country is a popular tourist destination due to its tropical climate, given that the country enjoys over 340 days of sunlight annually. The people are friendly, fun loving and warm. The hotels and restaurants stay open all year around! So please leave me comments, I love chatting to you" -, (Your email will not be publicly displayed. The libraries and museums in Barbados are packed with fascinating books and beautiful objects, everyone with a story to tell. The national flowerof the country is called the “Pride of Barbados.” The leaves of this flower, dipped in breast milk, are given to crying babies to stop them from crying. For example, they drive on the left side of the road, many people have British names, there is a lot of British architecture, and they even have place names like Cambridge, Windsor and Buckingham Hill! Per year, Barbados exports $57 million of rum worldwide. Mount Gay Rum dates back to 1703 and today is sold in over 110 countries worldwide. There are a number of convenient ways to get the latest blog posts and news from Travel With Bender. The hottest month recorded was in April and the coolest in January. 18) Barbados is a tiny 166.4 square miles in size with a population of 285,000 people. But they also speak an English-African Creole language know… Can you actually rent a vacation property without being ripped off? 14) There are a whopping 1500 rum shops located all over the island. Then you’ve come to the right place! The diversity that lives on the island has created a beautiful fusion of various backgrounds and cultures that serve to unify and give birth to truly wonderful creations.