This angers Ban, who is about to strike at Gowther for saying that but Merlin gets in their way, defending the Goat's Sin of Lust. After the major event, Gowther starts a relationship with Guila, much to everyone's surprise. In the resultant destruction, King uses True Pollen Garden to protect the rest of the Sins. Merlin, still in her original form, was sat on the only available seat in the centre of the room. As the lake water begins to shine and its light reaches Excalibur, Merlin tells Arthur that she was wrong since the sword was not the one that would kill him but the key to advancing to his new stage. With invasion, a mind-reading technique, Gowther can detect a makeshift plan or last ditch effort without revealing the plans to their enemy. SIR GOWTHER: FOOTNOTE 1 Then the form (kynde) of men they took there SIR GOWTHER: NOTES Abbreviations: R: BL MS Royal l7.B.43; A: Advocates l9.3.1; B: Breul; M: Mills; N: Novelli. Gowther then asks Slader if the king really told him that the Deadly Sins are traitors, which silences Slader. The next day, the Sins meet so that Merlin explains that their next destination will be the city of Corand where a dimensional distortion is occurring that prevents anyone from approaching Camelot. The Sins stars their final battle with the Demon King. However, before being able to cross the entrance, a gigantic rock is detached from a nearby boulder and falls over Elizabeth, seemingly crushing her to death. After coming to the conclusion that feelings of love are what caused this change, Gowther switches from studying friendship to love, using Guila as his makeshift lover. While Mael curses the power of the darkness that he obtained after leaving his people, the four Commandments that he absorbs appear in strange ways separating Mael from Gowther, ordering him to disappear from that body. Diane, King and Gowther say the same thing about it being a respectable and incredible brand in which Escanor will always live. Even with the risk of her curse, Merlin do it and Elizabeth uses Invigorate to heal the three fighters. He questions back if they were hiding. Gowther confirms that he was created by a great magician who gave his life to perform the forbidden spell. Gowther affirms that despite having losing his immortality, Ban have obtained a power even greater. Guila and the others decide to go and save Elizabeth and help Meliodas while Ban and King cure the Hybrid Demons in Liones. Although not entirely revealed in the anime, Gowther did not join the sins voluntarily, but nonetheless follows its creed to help others. This result to be the heads of the Indura that Ban, King, Diane, Gowther and Merlin have launched towards him. For those who've gone further than the anime and have turned to the manga, there's a side of Gowther we've yet to see. According to canon, Gowther was originally a lifeless doll that was given life by a great mage centuries ago. Once he re-attaches his head, Gowther uses Broadcast to transmit the plan Meliodas mentioned to everyone, Deadly Sins and Holy Knights alike, to defeat Hendrickson. However, with Merlin's approval, Meliodas sends the attack to the Demon King, killing him once and for all. On the way, when Hawk asks about Estarossa, Gowther denies his identity and calls him "that man". In fact something like this proves to me that he is truly evil. However, the bats caused Dale to run in fear towards a spot in the forest. Meliodas thanks them affirming that he is who he is today thanks to the fact that the six of them were always there for him. Violence and destruction was embedded into his nature, as we can see through his actions during his childhood into his adult life. Chandler proposes that they give Meliodas and Elizabeth and let them go, but they all refuse. Is Merlin secretly evil and setting up the Sins? Confused by what happened, Gowther begins to hallucinate with Nadja. Gowther and the rest wake up when Arthur begins to absorb Cath Palug. See more ideas about seven deadly sins, seven deadly sins anime, 7 deadly sins. Gowther attends the banquet at night with all his companions, spending a good time saying that it is like going back ten years to the past. Gowther immobilize Melascula. Gowther then tells everyone that the monster was most likely formerly human which shocks them. Peace Amulet placing Gowther under control. Gowther was recently revealed to be a doll created by a great magician. However, seeing his face, Gowther remembers Nadja's face and unties in a state of havoc. Merlin gives Gowther magic stabilizing pills in order to regrow his armor. As Ban is still outside, Gowther says that any living being must resist that storm, but Ban was able to. Meliodas agrees to the plan, and they head to the castle with Meliodas promising to save Elizabeth.