orig_width: 300 3. Suggested Read: 6 Haunted Places In Kerala That Offer You A Glimpse Of The Devil’s Playground. Born in a Rajput family in Khera Rathore village in Chambal, Man Singh was a local Robin Hood. It's said that the holes in the Chor Minar were spiked with spears which bore the heads of punished thieves during the reign of Ala-ud-din Khalji. It’s hard to keep a record of the number of unjustified and unexplained disappearances in the area. Do these haunted places in Delhi and their stories excite you? We hope you enjoyed our list of the 16 most haunted places in Delhi. Dynamic House, Maruti Industrial Complex. Dilliwalon, twisting the famous words of George Bush, if you have not visited these places then you are scared of ghosts. Folk songs were made after him by locals who used to get freebies of loot. The AH (animal husbandry) Department of NCT of Delhi has … directionNav:true, Spread across more than 60 acres, Adventure Island’s Freefall rides, Demolition Derby, Twister and Flip-Out are a few popular attractions inside this amusement park in New Delhi. Malcha Mahal – New Delhi. Worse, gangs will not hesitate to invade villages and lay waste — snarfing up food grain, sugarcane and vegetables — and guzzling down the homemade moonshine at the local bar. The paranormal sight of a woman appearing out of nowhere in front of the commuters, and then disappearing with remarkable alacrity has done nothing to improve the situation. If you thought that these were the only haunted places, then you are wrong. The most striking feature about the monument's facade is its loneliness. Well, it’s not completely a novelty for us Delhiites to either see such things or to actually experience them. The third most hostile state for women in India is its capital - Delhi - with a three-fold increase in the cases over the 10-year period. With several eyewitness accounts of people seeing the ghost of a Colonial-era British man hovering in the area and the poor network coverage, the Ridge is one of the scariest places in Delhi. }, Twitter The school year start may be a delight (or dismay) to millions of kids around the globe. The Chor Minar in the complex is one such structure that has been speculated about for a long time. Nine of the 10 countries on the list were from Asia, the Middle East or … if( ! But visitors beware, these places are not for the faint-hearted. Road Police Station six months ago. So the next time you are in Delhi and decide to go to its famous tourist spots, make it a point to pay a visit to these infamously haunted places in Delhi as well. On a new moon's night, the ghost is believed to become more prominent and has been reported to have been sighted roaming around the place, supposedly looking for his lost, unrequited love. “Unusual mortality of 16 birds has also been reported in DDA park Hastsal Village, Delhi. Women in Delhi most unsafe at home, shows NCRB. Dow Hill, Kurseong, Darjeeling The structure was established in the honour of the British soldiers who has lost their lives in the Revolt of 1857. Here is a list of some of the most haunted places in Delhi that will scare you from head to toe and leave you thinking about such things. Blood-curdling screams and anguished cries can be heard around this historical monument, many a time. Whatever the reason is, the sudden drop in temperature and apparitions through walls of this gate can give you chills to the bones. Nine of the 10 countries on the list were from Asia, the Middle East or Africa. Cinco Saltos in Río Negro has been reported to have a number of ghosts, most of them reportedly the result of witchcraft.In 2009, an intact corpse of an 8- to 12-year-old girl who had died in the 1930s was found in a cemetery ossuary. Gogona Saikia. 13 Malls in Delhi For Shopping, Food, Movies and More! Take a trip to spend the upcoming long weekend with your buddies.✓ Stay at 4 star rating hotels with local sightseeing, meals and transfers.✓ Travel in AC coach round trip (from Delhi).✓ All Inclusive Deal– Camping, Jeep Safari & Trekking as per itinerary✓ Sign up NOW to celebrate the long weekend out of town! Action-Packed Uttarakhand Tour 5D/4N @ RS 9,000. In most Indian forests, wild elephants are considered to be the most dangerous: silent as smoke, intelligent and merciless. Once filled with black mystical water who lured people to commit suicide in it by drowning, this 104 level step-well gives you creep the further you descend the steps. The Lothian Cemetery, Sanjay Van, Northern Ridge, Bhuli Bhatiyari ka Mahal, and the Feroze Shah Kotla Fort are some of the most haunted places in Delhi. It is often accounted by numerous eyewitnesses that a ghost of a British gentleman carrying an old-school rifle stroll around in this haunted area in Delhi. There are rumours of strange sounds being heard here, especially after darkness falls. An elderly, helpless couple are murdered ruthlessly inside their house. Hauz Khas Village owes its magical atmosphere to the old charm of the medieval buildings that can be found around the place. You will be redirected to your dashboard shortly. Kuldhara, Rajasthan The deserted village of Kuldhara was once the home to the community of Paliwal Brahmins. Regularized & Unauthorized colonies 5. This 14th-century structure located near the Delhi Ridge belongs to the Tuglaq era. Romantic Places in Delhi - Dil Walon Ki Dilli! Your details are safe with us. Shakarpur Chungi crossing. }); When we started moving that kid became angry and started to throw rocks on my car and started screaming. Most of victims are women. Take a look. nextText:">", P.S: I have refused to stay alone at my flat once darkness has fallen, ever since I started writing about haunted places. Though claimed to be the safest area of Delhi, Delhi Cantonment is surely not safe from spine-chilling entities. No wonder this area is regarded as the most haunted place in Delhi. var el = $(this); I hope you have your list prepared for the what shenanigans you want to try in Delhi. Just outside the entrance to the metro station, people have been overcome by a barrage of inexplicable energy thrust upon them all of a sudden. Image Source. You can try some lip smack delicacies that are prepared in bamboo shoots as well as go cave exploring when in Mawlynnong. Mail. The Chor Minar in the complex is one such structure that has been speculated about for a long time. Beware! $(this).remove(); This Mahal is located amidst the wood in close proximity of the Buddha Garden. When human civilization on Earth has really advanced, it is hard to believe that there is a community here which is living in isolation on an island for about 60,000 years. By-passers can often hear haunting laughs and cries coming from this creepy haunted spot in Delhi. When the weather’s bad—as it often is in this part of the world—visibility can disappear in a matter of seconds. prevText:"<", Best Chhole Bhature In Delhi - Head to These 15 Eateries! 35 Exotic Places To Visit In India In December 2021 To Enjoy A Surreal Vacation! Well, the backdrop of a cemetery is enough to give creeps and add in the factor of a beheaded ghost, all hell breaks loose. init: function(slider) { There are haunted places in Delhi amidst the hustle bustle of the city. The Delhi Police issued over 1,300 challans, including for drunken driving, on New Year’s Eve across the national capital, officials said on Friday. 40 Most Haunted Places In India And Their Real Ghost Stories In 2021! 60 Best Honeymoon Destinations In India In 2021! }, Spooky, right? EMI option available. Doesn't really come as a surprise to find this place in the list of the most haunted places in Delhi, does it? Uttar Pradesh. Because all crowds are currently dangerous, all festivals are currently dangerous. Drains carrying industrial and domestic wastes pollute the river to a dangerous level. Born in a Rajput family in Khera Rathore village in Chambal, Man Singh was a local Robin Hood. Karnataka. Here are some of the safest, and the most dangerous, cities around the world. Dare to take the last metro train from Dwarka-Sector 9 (Source). And that the spirits of these theives haunt the area at night. 66 Shubham Apartment, IP Extension, Delhi DATE OF DECLARATION OF PO: 27.05.2011 NAME OF THE COURT: Court of Ms. Vrinda Kumari, Ld. }); $(window).resize(function(){ This translates in to 11 deaths per 100,000 people or one life snuffed out every 3.6 minutes. I dreamt one night of the Aghori sadhus at Manikarnika (the perennial cremation ground in Kashi), beckoning to me with a half-burnt corpse at their side. I haven’t traversed that haunted road again ever.”, Haunted by: Shrieking laughter of a woman, Further Read 5 Most Haunted Places In Shimla: Exploring The Eerie Side. Well, these are just some of the spine-chilling tales associated with this tree that start pouring in like crazy the moment you type ‘Dwarka haunted tree’ on the internet.