Definition of pharmacy noun in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Again a merry heart worketh like a medicine. I do have to disagree on a few things however. In French they are just called “pharmacies”. Moses that lived 120 years did die from old age. In Rev. So, remember not to judge each other, but pray without ceasing, lifting up our brethren to our Abba Father. Approval came quickly. I wonder whether there was any help for Freeatlast… Pharmakos definition is - a person often already condemned to death sacrificed in ancient Greece as a means of purification or atonement for a city or community. “Pfizer is trying to maintain their (market) share, if not grow their share” by keeping people from switching to generic versions of its drugs to save money. God sees you struggling and worrying and thank the Lord that you are still worrying. Satan is deceptive, sneaky, and masquerades around like an angel of light. Also called apothecary. The companies that make a particular drug will be listed and take you to a .pdf file which can be copied. That says it all.. Definition gig economy . The majority of deceases, etc is do the them putting chemicals into our food/water/air, GMO’s, vaccines, and the 25 microns of Mercury you get in the flu-shot, not to mention the depletion of our soil. I have tried to quit both of these addictions many and have had little to no luck. I totally and completely can relate to what you’ve said in many ways. we are supposed to be set apart. This can be serious stuff! The gateways to satanic influences have been thrown wide open. As being “very religious” is not always synonymous with being close to God and Knowing God! We HAVE to die to self! “Pharmakia” is translated into our English Bible as either “witchcraft” or “sorceries”. It’s no excuse,…..but bury your husband and first love……..then bury our only child at only 17 years old…… has been a struggle for me……but I will believe with all my heart, soul and mind, Jesus lives, loves and forgives me for my sins and shortcomings. Pfizer’s program comes at a time when many drugmakers, including Pfizer, have been raising prices on their drugs, partly to offset declines in revenue as the global recession reduces the number of prescriptions people can afford to fill. I am sorry that I ever took any drugs that affected my very delicate brain chemistry that God created so perfectly balanced. you will not pass this along to your children in the breast milk, and your body does not build the same ‘memory Tcells’ that can fight the virus in the future when you come into contact with it. Thanks for your article. Blessings. They say “The doctor gave me….this or that.” Hey, you took it!!! Strong's Greek 53312 Occurrencesφαρμακεία — 2 Occ. God knows our hearts and our every motive. Now many people think that when the New Testament speaks of drug use that it is only talking about Illegal drug use, but I believe it is also speaking of those people who call themselves Christians but are relying on Legal Prescription drugs. Amen. I know it has damaged my body in so many ways. Take what you must (but not excessively) that helps you, and keep pressing into The Lord for healing and deliverance, until The Lord heals and delivers. The world’s biggest drugmaker said Thursday it will give away the medicines for up to a year to Americans who lost jobs since Jan. 1 and have been on the Pfizer drug for three months or more. But I pray to the Lord for help and guidance. “I floated it, and the reception it got was so dramatic that it very quickly became our idea.”. Christ understood that people were condemned already and we must believe that too. “Gird yourselves but be shattered” -Isaiah. Much love to all. Mark. There is no one Jesus will not have compassion on and forgive if they humble themselves and embrace the forgiveness and love of the God of Abraham and His Son, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Jesus is our Peace. What does clinical pharmacy mean? 22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, 23 Meekness, temperance (self control) : against such there is no law.”. At conception when the sperm meets the egg, nothing is telling them what to do. Still, the need for pain medication torments me. And forgive us our debts, So, thank you Lord for all our brethren who are trusting You for deliverence, for healing, for remaining in health. That is Godly and Biblical Terry. The main area I see this happening in and the problem is anti-depressants and mood modifiers. She did not change her eating habits and realized she should have but felt too weak in the flesh to do so. Several people (deliverance ministers) have prayed with me, either in person or on skype/phone. I am sometimes disappointed with the way Bible translations aren’t accurate with modern language or how words have been changed to something that is by definition not the same. The bible says that He holds the Universe in His hand. Thank you for this article. Also, Dt. I enjoyed this article also and agree we are all called to be good stewards of our body (temple). I now have severe scoliosis, degenerated disks, stenosis, spondylosis, retrolisthesis, and more The stenosis is both lumbar and cervical, which means nerve pain in both legs and feet, and arms, hands and fingers. The LORD healed and restored me completly. all pharmaceutical drugs poison the blood. Mercury derivatives ARE IN the H1N1 flu shot. LEt us turn to our creator for our well being. I have very bad chronic pain and I do rely upon God to take it from me. Hippocrates said – “Let food be your medicine and you medicine be your food.”, Do we trust what God says? When I was walking around it was in my mind and I said it to myself silently. pharmaceutical - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums. Bear with me… A child’s immune system, the thing that builds antibodies to the vaccines, isn’t even fully formed until 5 years of age!! Also I avoided those things that brought temptation. Starting July 1, patients can also apply through the Web site,, which has information about the other Pfizer aid programs. Is there any hope? Every living thing that has a nervous system have the brainstem in common, it’s in the bird, it’s in you, it’s in me. Christians get offended by truth the very thing that sets you free.people bring a knowledge of the truth because they spend time seeking whole heartedly the Lord and it offends so many of the people who lack revelation. Your will be done While the brother and I worked on the house, my wife started to share some new songs with the sister, and after supper we took some time in praise and Bible reading. Your kingdom come. This is a very interesting subject. I’ve also had a friend with diabetes (has since passed due to complications from it) and she knew she had not been a good steward of her body. Has God shut the door on me? Pfizer to Provide Free Lipitor, Viagra, Other Drugs to Jobless. - Page 8 - Christian Forums,, 7 Minimalist Ways To Boost Success In The Face Of Soul-Crushing Overwhelm, Stealing the Children | Christians Chat Network | Christianchat Chatrooms,, “Nevertheless, when the Son of Man comes, will He really find faith on the earth?”. OUr health and prosperity will surely follow. 2. In his essay "Plato's Pharmacy", Jacques Derrida deconstructs several texts by Plato, such as Phaedrus, ... Harrison, Jane Ellen, Epilegomena to the Study of Greek Religion, 1921. He said some employees had tears in their eyes when discussing how they could help people who had lost jobs. The practice of pharmacy requires excellent knowledge of drugs, their mechanism of action, side effects, interactions, mobility and toxicity. Drugs are not the only thing that is mind altering. And you will find your outlook and how you live transformed. Then you can find no wrong in whatever you choose to do. When they need desperately to pray, they are kept too doped to do it….as a deliberate part of evil’s plan….terrible….they are kept from beingable to even ASK Him to save them. I think what it talks about is how the widespread misuse of Prescription drugs in the last days by those who do not really need them and them being pushed by large corporate pharmaceutical companies onto ever more people is where it is going wrong and through those drugs Satan will deceive and subdue a large part of the population. « True Discernment, Smoking weed a sin?? 29:29 says that the secret things belong to the LORD. There is always hope with Jesus Christ, He loves us more than we have ever loved anyone (or pets). It is not by our own doing! Bless them..and may Your Name, Jesus, be the only thing that prospers over us all, and nothing less. The practice of pharmacy requires excellent knowledge of drugs, their mechanism of action, side effects, interactions, mobility and toxicity. Updated 06/03/19. It is anchoring, soothing, freeing and teaches one that they can control their mind, in a balancing of spirit and flesh, as it erases negative self talk that people play in their heads all day and night. king Asa died because he sought the doctor before God 2 chronicles 16 v12 and God had it recorded in His Holy book have you ever thought why? Greek Pharm. Thank you for the insight and the comments they are greatly appreciated. I can’t get “professional” treatment because I’m currently unemployed and can’t afford insurance. Doctors and Psychiatrists cannot prescribe a change in lifestyle. Anyone here ever remember Thalidomide in the 1950’s for pregnant women? Pharmakeia (sorcery) fundamentally has to do with drugs or medicine. Read the article in this link it is very disturbing, this type of behavior is coming into the Church, and is why we must test everything via God’s Word and if it doesn’t line up with the word: Reject it: MANIA The shocking link between psychiatric drugs, suicide, violence and mass murder:, Posted in Apostasy | 81 Comments. Doree, 3. I would not be here if it were not for depending upon the Lord, believe me my situation of 11 years demands dependence on the Lord. Ancient Greek Medicine. Totally agree…… You cannot get to the holy spirit with any type of pharmakia. Keep up the good work!! The Lord has given us the ability to discern these things in order to help people who are broken and humble and know they need to change and want to do what it takes to be saved. Never the things we call drugs now like marijuana, cocaine and the like. (uncountable) The occupation of a pharmacist. use the brain God gave you! ( Log Out /  Pharmakeia Greek Translation of Pharmacy Biblical Definition is Sorcery. Not to mention the damage that too much unnecessary insulin dependence can do to your body over a long period of time. Everyday. As far as I can tell, the well-to-do of each society has feasted on delicacies that Americans commonly indulge in today, such as refined sugars and flours.