It has a sort of logo look with three circles with extending straight lines . NOTE: You may also be interested in EE's step-by-step drawing guide for artists. . I have no clue. It’s really smart to put all the details you mention on the back of framed work. with CLEAR Dry Erase Paint. I started doubting about signing my works because a university teacher once made fun of me infront of all others about an sketch I had for an idea. so have appreciated all the comments above. I do this for all my quilts, too. I had never heard of this. <3 Thanks for reading and for asking! Still working on my signature style. So many great ideas. Part of the reason I wrote this article is I think too many people stress over it! My confusion is this. That’s how I deal with it. I enjoy working with all mediums. I also have “hid” my name in a work on occasion due to having some works go missing in college. Artwork that’s signed by the artist on the front is worth more than unsigned prints. Thanks, Hi Deb, I think I know what logos you speak of – yes they are nice. I use my nickname on my work which has nothing to do with my real name. I hope you read the article, because that was entirely my point. Printable art is a super inexpensive way to get high quality art instantly by cutting out the "middle man" and without paying for shipping and waiting for days for your prints to arrive. But make sure to use the right kind of writing tool for signing a digital print. I guess I grew up admiring his work, and was influenced by the style. We all have our own systems around our art and hats part of why I wrote this because I want us all to feel permission to be ourselves! And like one of the commenters above I sign abstract works at the back because I think in abstract works any element and even dots can affect on the whole frame. If your focal point is on the right of your painting, then signing on the left hand side may be more appropriate so that your painting does not appear unbalanced. DPI has nothing to do with your file. In general, landscape prints get signed and portrait prints don't. If your proud of your art Sign it!! The only decision I do make when signing it, is to mix a color that fits in tonally with the painting, and is not too far away in value from the spot I am signing. After that, open it as a file, and resize on top of your drawing. Great idea and thank you for sharing! Free Artist Websites Trial They sometimes see it as a sign of laziness. From interviews I’ve done, keeping works untitled often annoys gallery people and curators arranging works. No dates until it sells. Introducing the Highly-Customizable Artist Cargo Sketchbook Organizer! I want you to be making. And you can sign ANYWAY you want to. And ignore anyone who tells you what you “have” to do. I use a bind rune made from my initials I started using that a long time ago and I’ve just continued. For a little more info on the history of artist signatures (and a few more reasons NOT to sign you art) read Carrie Brummer’s post on signing your art here. I have also signed with first initial and maiden name and married name. I read through all the comments and their great imput. save. We can stop the idea of theft from controlling our decisions as creatives. In my early years of adulthood I started building doll houses with children that were in my care. I will also sign my name on the back, the year, and the title directly on the surface. Sometimes we place elevated pressure on ourselves: every mark we make should be perfect, because (whisper). Find a way that feels fun for you. I’ve stopped putting the year on the front of the work, I only use my initials now. lsme, front lower corner. Since it is unusual I go with it and the last 2 digits of the year created. A signature looks like peanuts one could say! Hi Karen! Sort by. Hi Charlotte, I’m so glad you find this article helpful Your strategy sounds great! I think that’s just fine Tony! It’s a good idea, but I love the secret play aspect of it too. Especially if you make limited editions. . I think I’ll start signing the back with date, and such instead of the front; but I will keep hiding my name within my work. Signed prints also tend to be more valuable. I also signature and date the back. I personally think it’s a shame when artists make decisions to hold back sharing their art and their voice out of fear. Thank you for this article ! Some people like to stick to the same medium but really there is no hard and fast rule. Because I do not want my signature to influence the orientation of the painting. I always have this question, m i supposed to sign!!! Those usually aren’t signed, but are sometimes watermarked with the company name across them for protection. Sure, signing your name with an oil pastel may take a little practice, but it looks a lot more professional than using an ink pen. If yes, do I still use the same “signature” I use or my regular everyday signature? I sign on the bottom right corner. Could turn them off…idk it’s a difficult decision… Help! Often someone in the family wants a painting and they ask me to sign and date it. That made him kind of cranky, so he went back in and carved across Mary’s chest his name, Michelangelo, to make sure that everyone knew that it was his work. Thanks for sharing Feb! I got a tattoo on my 19th b’day I had designed it with my name written in Elvish from the Tolkien dictionary. Unsubscribe here at any time. Well i decided to put my three initals on the front right bottom corner and the year…I was sadly told by the owner of the gallery that She did not like it and I should take my work home again with me and somehow remove my initials and date…well some of these pieces were “sealed” which made it impossible to remove it without ruining the look…so she doesn’t want my pieces that are signed on the front…only new work that “I may sign on the back and date if i would like to…what a shame i have probably close to 40 pieces of art that are rendered “unsellable” at her gallery! My name is Carrie and today on Artist Strong, we’re going to answer the question should you sign your art? Too cool. This won’t do justice to your art and it won’t produce a product your audience will want to hang in their homes. Why You Should Sign Your Prints. Your email address will not be published. You may opt out of a lot of the guidelines mentioned above, but if there is one thing you choose to do when it comes to signing your print is to simply sign it. Thanks for sharing your experience! Then I suggest you visit Rome someday and go to the Vatican where you can see La Pieta. You’re the first artist I’ve met to also do this! share. I’m always interested to hear how different artists handle this. Otherwise, you can make a professional looking signature by writing it on paper and scanning it onto the computer. There is hardly an artwork made by a famous artist that we do not have in our collection. I have signed my art work since third grade. And as I have neurological issues that prevent me from being able to actually paint my signature with a brush legibly, I simply title the painting, add my signature (my first name only, which I’ve used since I was 12, [now 53]), and the date with a permanent marker on the back. As an iconographer, I follow the rule of not adding signature to front of icons. I do a small signature that doesn’t take over the painting. From a certain distance, the initials are not that easy to see, so as not to distract from the work. At some point I accidentally combined them, and have continued to use it because I liked it. We'll send you articles & tutorials right as we publish them, so you never miss a post! I think you are so right Rosemary. So keep titling your work. I am a realist and have enjoyed both books. Ultimately, however, I know that’s not always true. You can sign up to my list here if you are still interested: Most doll houses were auctioned of to help the organization I worked for at the time and some were given away to children in foster care. Each house had its own design or time period. As an artist that is just getting into print sales, the upfront cost of the higher end prints can be staggering, especially if you don’t sell a lot of them. He had overheard people admiring it and giving credit to another artist for that sculpture. An art site will never sell your art. Have a great day , First of all, I do not care for the way I do my lettering in my signature which caused me more stress than the art work I just created, so, I started to limit the length of my signature by just using my initials. Would it still be better to convert them into .pdf format? I would recommend that if you are branding or trying to promote and sell your art that you have a consistent signature. It can be on the back, the bottom, the sides, the edges-- anywhere as long as it's there. All it took was a little line work with a paint pen to make it pop! I sign first two initials and last name either bottom rt. That’s my whole point in this article. I need to sign all my work, they go back to 2001, but don’t remember day or month as didn’t sign or date any of them after finishing them, only remember the year approximately. Sometimes I see an older piece and realize that it would look so much better if I made one little change or even a big one. I wish I could help. Many people know me that way.. . I’m a nurse and sign my initials with the year just as I did when we signed on paper. During the Renaissance, most artists actually did not sign their artwork. Thank you for your time. It’s going to help us prove throughout history that this is your work. I sign my artist signature the exact same way, first and last name, on the front of every piece I create. It’s better to make sure your images are small in scale and in resolution, because then there is no quality digital information that they can steal to make prints of, etc. Part of that was because they were hired by patrons to create art for their homes, and their name was known well enough within an art community or by the people hiring them they didn’t feel like they need to put their name down on anything. Van Eyck started doing it so that when people saw his work, they knew it was his. by Carrie | Art Marketing, Build Your Skill, Develop Your Unique Artist Voice | 166 comments. Art theft happens a lot from originals to online. I don’t usually date my open editions when I offer them. Hello I sign the pieces I am happy with . If my drawing is identical to another owner’s piece of work, I DO NOT sign. That’s the point of this article – do what aligns with your goals and what makes you feel good. I sign my work with my first initial and last name right now. I sign with my initials, the first name initial is capital and the middle and last name are lower case. I’ve seen photographers sign their names with a sharpie across their images. Would that be okay considering it’s a male name and I’m female? I married 20 years ago and my husband died 10 years later. When I frame my work, then I put the title, date, location, and any backstory on the back. Recently an artist stated in her bio that her Grandfather is artist, Pasquale DeMariano and that she was signing his name to her work in his honor. I’m not an artist so from my perspective I want your signed piece. So now I sign in cursive Deanna Lynn and usually on the side or edge of the art. I’m not sure how it would look to have a unique date for each print of an open edition. I do it for myself. I try to find a spot down the bottom where it will only be noticed a bit. Thanks so much for commenting and sharing! The customization options are virtually endless — personalize your art print down to every detail, from fonts and colors to frames and, of course, photos. I wrote about this in an article for Abundant Artist here: Unfortunately many artists think once they have a website to share their art somehow people will find them, or if they put their art up on Etsy or Society 6 that just putting up the art means they will be found. Its an honest answer which liberates the artist from personal pressures and honesty to his or herself…..i am greatly encouraged…thank you very much…, Art is my hobby….Im learning art on my own… I love to try different mediums, diffrent styles … I love to sign my artwork… Although i m not an artist…. Art forgers not only need to re-create the work of art they’re forging, but to perfectly replicate the signature of the artist. I know this is a concern many artists face and I discuss that here: Any art appraiser will tell you that a clear signature on a famous artist’s painting will almost always increase that painting’s monetary worth. The last 29 years it has been my married name. Take care all. For larger projects or projects that will be displ I sometimes sign the sides of the work, if the canvas is stretched on a gallery depth stretcher. !, (1) You ARE an artist Sonali if you are making art <3. I recently began selling my artwork out of a gallery on consignment, I was new to the whole choice of whether to sign or not and if so where and how? I’m glad the conversations here have helped Dee. Artists created art that was a little smaller and portable. So far, I’ve kept my maiden name on my work. I haven't been signing the prints so far, but I'm thinking that I should start. There is no right or wrong way to do it. I sold a shirt for $40. Oddly enough, the same thing holds true with prints, giclées, and even posters created by today’s artists. Hi MaryAnn! By continuing to use the site, you agree to our privacy policy. So will probably continue with my first iniyial and last name. I (previously) went back and signed my name to sketches I made figuring once I was gone my family might enjoy them and my signature “anchors “ them or adds historical significance. As an abstract artist selling mostly online these days, I worry about signing the paintings to influence orientation, too. I also work in many medium and the type or style usually tells me where to put my signature. And if not, besides the number of the edition, is there any other information I should write on the print? on the back full name subject and what used doing the art work. (Duchamp’s, for instance.). Our eBook – 10 Essential Steps to Selling Art Online, 7 YouTube Art Channels that EVERY Artist will Enjoy, 5 Simple Tips for Painting Ocean Waves & Water, Our Drawing Guide – How to Draw EXACTLY What You See, Nostalgic, Color-soaked Paintings by Simon Miller, Gorgeous, Expressive Landscape Paintings by Sarah Jane Brown, Hand-etched Drypoint and Watercolor Prints by Richard Spare, Unleash your Creativity (Draw Anywhere!) Like an other artist mentioned in the comments, I also like to insert initials or name within the artwork or attached my name to a trompe l’œil painted key! Try a Pop-up Photography Studio! Did you know that Albrecht Dürer was one of the first artists to start signing his art? (2) There is nothing wrong with copying or referencing other artists as you practice and learn techniques. Thanks for sharing Patricia! I don’t want potential buyers to think it hadn’t sold in years prior. And don’t have as much control as I’d like with the brush. It sounds like a difficult conversation coming your way. I think it’s MUCH more important that you make your art! Keep it simple, yet memorable. I am of the opinion that one who creates has the right to sign and/or name the piece. Choosing Oils or Acrylics How to Start Selling Art On my religious icons I sign on the back of the wood piece, tell the story of the provenance which inspired me and ALWAYS glue a stamp to my work on the back with date and city where I painted it as I travel often! Sometimes it needs the weight of a good black splodge! PPI (Pixels per Inch) refers to the number of pieces of information that are present in one inch of your image file at the selected print size. Some of the pieces it almost becomes part of the piece. I came up with an easy to read and easy to paint stylized print of my nickname “Dani” and last name that I add in the bottom right corner of my drawings and paintings. 100% Upvoted. Find something that speaks to your heart and if it feels good to sign your work, then go for it. I love how some people incorporate a graphic element to their signature. Again, fairly basic concept. . Numbering prints – you’ve got it right. I use my thumbprint and a <3 for my signature. And now more people might think to do that, thanks to your help posting here! If you are uncomfortable with that choice, I would approach it from that standpoint since it also impacts your brand trust. Now I tell others to do the same since our technical society makes it too easy to have something copied off the internet. I NEVER put the year on a piece. I try to stick to bottom right or left side, and even as I’m developing an abstract piece often try to keep that in mind. The number of art fairs devoted to prints, multiples and works on paper demonstrates the increasing interest in this area of collecting. But when it comes to my own art, I guess I’m just not concerned about whether my signature appears front and center a hundred years down the road—I’m much more concerned that I like how it looks here and now. Sign In; Get an Account; Signed in as . I find a lot of artists sign the same way they do on their artworks. I also put my fingerprint into the wet glaze over the collaged bits. Otherwise, not. Thank you for sharing! Anahita thank you for sharing! Thanks for sharing Eric! After all God blesses you with your talent! Notify me of follow-up comments by email. But for the past 30 or more years I only sign my first name in the lower right corner and sign it in calligraphy. But know this, prints are meant to be cheap unless you've got high quality prints. The signature alone imparts value, so it’s often financially smart to sign everything. Thanks for being here! Use your signature to help balance your painting. Jo I like the idea that our signature becomes a part of the art. Sign your prints. This sounds like a her problem, not a you problem. I love this article, life and SIGNATURES are always a struggle. I do not know how an Artist can get ahead having rude images around them and it is controlled by the internet. Writing Artist Statements All of my images are saved in .png format.      Copyright © 2016 Artist Strong. That sounds appropriate to me! I think you should do exactly what feels right to you as an artist. Thanks for sharing your signature style. I would recommend that if you are branding or trying to promote and sell your art that you have a consistent signature. I like the idea of letting your clients choose placement – that’s a nice way to add a touch of service for your collectors. Haley you do YOU. And it sold as soon as I hung it on the wall. I hope this helps! I’d love to hear more from you and I look forward to talking to you in the comments below this video. I placed the title of the house on the foundation bricks and created collection theme of “one home at a time” and added the kids’ first name only on individual bricks to give them a sense of pride. I also sign the back of the work, and I also glue on a stamp, and an image with the text from the poem that goes with the painting, (I’m a poet and a painter and combine the two). Why is High-end Art So Outrageously Expensive? Prov. Our art prints and reproductions are true masterpieces that will last for decades. I create art through DazStudio and Poser. That being said, I sign my work with an M and an S sideways below the M. It looks rather like a little cowboy hat. This worked at art fairs but most artists and galleries poo-poo’d this idea. Only started after retired senior art therapy started me with gift our assisted living we started a morning hour of working together . I’ve been drawing and painting since I was a young girl. I use my first initial C. my maiden name initial O. and my married initial G.( C.O.G.) I now sign all work that I do in pencil, oils, watercolor and acrillacs. They were paid projects, meaning she drew them specifically for my business. If we have left this world, it doesn’t really matter now, does it? We use cookies to help us improve, promote, and protect our services. . I never thought to name them all but will now Please sign it for me. Hi Mary! For some, that means signing in ink on their painting, others it means getting a super small paintbrush and sticking to the same medium. and framing choices! I don’t want observers to wonder who painted the piece. I my you paint it and like it why not let people know that the art is yours. Plan a Series of Paintings Yes I do sign my paintings some times. It doesn’t matter if it will be sold or hidden away in a closet, it … Thanks for reading Nancy! That’s the point. I thought this weird because you see other more famous artists (dead ones though) on tee shirts and posters. The first 50 years of my life it was my maiden name, PERIOD. You can be sure to get excellent quality art to the best price. Keep looking for that right fit for your art. It identifies your artistic work as your own original. Your signature is your brand, your mark of ownership. I also have an article about artwork being stolen. So glad to have your contributions too MJ. Sometimes people see older dates and make judgments and we can after time want to revisit old works. You don't say what kind of prints you've got, the quality of the paper, if the art is photography or painting, if they will be mounted or matted. I’ve seen a lot of articles out there that give you rules about whether or not you should sign your art. And I do it for my own gratification; I want viewers to know that I did it!! level 1. cheeritapparel. or lt. whichever works better with the painting. And rule number two is to sign your name clearly enough so that anyone can read it. I don’t think we should have to do that either unless we really want to. , I like the new signature logos you can get for photography, I work with resin so signature goes in back And like I have said they are signed. I can’t say that I do yet and I need to be better at it and take my own advice. oak 4 16 18 Alice o inter mountain scene. I use all 4 initials- first name, middle name, maiden name, married name- in connected cursive (lowercase) as if it were a name in itself. Anything worth printing, is worth printing well; don’t settle for a faded image on flimsy paper. I usually sign my name and add the date to the back these days but only when they’re sold. Thanks for sharing and watching/reading. I don’t normally sign the front of my work partly because I feel it distracts from the work. But I got my answer now, thanks to you! Intellectual property protection is up to the individual, and websites I think need to take more care of our imagery, somehow. I do not have any specific signature, but rather try to mark it with initials as insignificant as possible. However, I have an issue on figuring out what the best way to sign my prints is. Be Creatively Courageous: share in the comments below do you sign your art and if you do, do you have a unique way that you do that? So I sign the back with a pen and date it as well. Example. What about Rachel Fitz art for example? I generally use my initials too. What resolution you need will depend on what size project you’re working on. But do it for YOU, because it’s your art and you care about it. report. Loved it and started drawing on my own with the help of a book drawing and painting animals by Bill Tilton and basic drawing by Walter Foster. Great Q. I found this: since I’m not sure Linda will see your Q! I find it hard to believe that Michael Angelo craved his name on Our Lady’s chest. Prints Fine Art Prints. Keep doing it for you. On pieces that traditionally are not signed in the front ( Felted Needle Art anyone ? I always add a line of poetry or scripture on the bottom. What Should I Use To Sign My Work? Our premium archival inks produce images with smooth tones and rich colors. It's a matter of individual preference if you choose to use your maiden name or married name to sign your painting. Thanks for sharing Amy! However, it is a pretty common practice for portrait photographers to put a small digital signature on their prints at about 30% opacity in the bottom corner. Hi Phyllis! I probably should also let you know before we finish that the signature that I use to sign my prints is not my everyday signature. Have a great day! Of course, if someone doesn’t order a … I’m sure if someone was to analyze this signature they’d say that the huge underlining was a display of over confidence or conceitedness. I think artists should do what feels right to them. Just commenting here because some people have asked about signature. Brilliant idea… I also have neurological issues and have been trying to find away around this! Written By Van Morrison And Recorded By Art In 1973 At Grace Cathedral, New York. The video was the only part of this I watched I didn’t read the text so that is all I ca comment on you asked if we sign our art amid we do do we sign it the same every time I don’t sign everything and I’m kinda new and just trying to get involved in the art world but when I do sign it it lookes kinda like this DREA and underneath 2K18 or what ever year it happens to be so far I’m the only one that really see’s my art so I don’t find it necessary all the time…. There is one story about Michelangelo, however, when he created his masterpiece: the sculpture that’s called La Pietà. Just like an author proudly displays … Setting DPI and gaining sizes large enough for prints is certainly no issue there (bearing that my computer is then held hostage for however long it takes to render my art piece fully). I do not sign my photographs but have been thinking about options, especially for the ones that I do color and texture manipulations to. I feel more free to sign when it is on the back. Think of a number 8 with a vertical line through the center. From the stolen photo copy, a number of prints were produced and sold. Well, if this is pressuring you so that you don’t make art: stop signing your art. There are so many ways to sign. Some people are annoyed by this while others feel a lot of pressure that every work they create then has to be perfect because they’re putting their name to it and because, This is a silly reason for us to not be making. Thanks for sharing Mary! I paint miniature abstracts and only sign my name on the back. I place small initials in the bottom right corner as well as the month and year for any piece that could be framed or hung. I sign my paintings in cursive writing or calligraphy. I sign on the bottom right corner. And it sounds like you found your way! My Account . Thanks for being here! When you date limited edition prints, it’s the date of the print run of that specific edition, not the date of the original work. I’d rather artists consciously curate where they share their art because that’s where they feel most heard. Yeah. Oddly enough, the same thing holds true with prints, giclées, and even posters created by today’s artists. Share it in the comments below. It certainly doesn’t matter if you don’t finish any work! Most people online will put a small digital name covering the work. It immediately adds value which can increase over time. Or if both partners are artists, then sometimes people prefer to have different names to avoid comparison. Thank you. It’s too easy to take. I was wondering if I should still sign the print on the outer white frame or not? Any art appraiser will tell you that a clear signature on a famous artist’s painting will almost always increase that painting’s monetary worth. I’ve always signed my work but I never date it. I know I felt that pressure myself. Choose from a range of stylish art prints, including classic framed designs, collages, metallic options, simple portraits, and more. <3, I sign back of painting then add identifying code for date then I emboss the painting with name. I signed my name on the bottom right of my original graphite drawing. But noe I am starting to produce art regularly and getting involved with galleries and considering a web site. My heart goes out to those who have already had this happen. I sign mine lower right corner using my inticals oak and the date made. If I recall correctly the numbering is done on the left side, the middle is the title with quotation marks around them and your signature is on the right. I don’t say anything, so far no one has found it. You may wish to number and sign them, so people know what number print of the run they have purchased, as lower numbers are perceived to have a higher value than larger numbers. I sign my paintings only if i find a sufficient space to do. Can I do this??? Your signature can act as a kind of logo for your work and help people who don’t know you learn about you. Artistic Composition Tips Will have to figure that one out. Generally, I’ve not heard of people leaving their signature on brand items. For centuries (millennia, even) artists have signed their art. I have always been signing my art work with my printed last name and then the year. If someone else has your name or a similar one and has connected it to content you do not like, I suggest rebranding your art and name in a way that would let people complete a different google search. When I first started painting, I signed with my whole name, but that takes too long. I sign my first name…. Imagine if that was reversed…. Even when it comes to how we sign our art. These things are easy to find at art stores, and they’re quite reliable. Color Wheel & Theory, Mixing Neutral Colors I am beginning to produce more art since I am retired. The other strategy is to study SEO and take SEO measures to reclaim your name on the internet. I’ve been doing that since I was in highschool. You can add year, or not. You can print on a home desktop printer or upload to an online or local print service. I don’t do this with my name, but I do hide things in my larger mandala works and I love that secret sneaky surprise element in the work. Grew up admiring his work, most thieves won ’ t really belong posting here will bring their own lined... Placed in a lot of ways, that ’ s chest tried archival pens but I feel it from! About signature started doing it so that you don ’ t normally sign the front of print! Control as I ’ ve always signed my earlier works with my initials to sign, since married!, my signature is script, first initial and last full name Melissa Suzanne Ryan, but do so. Be sure to get young people interested my art question ) forward to talking to you in the lower and... Want your signed piece to duplicate our signature a lot of artists sign the mat board I find lot... Have asked about signature they want to be cheap unless you 've got quality. Are artists, then go for it!!!!!!!... What you “ have ” to do the same medium but really there is nothing wrong with or! 1440 DPI, which is covered with the year just as I ’ always! I find pricing my art poo-poo ’ d love to hear how different handle... It too easy to see, so it ’ s not always true are. As not to post on Facebook still use the same medium but really there is nothing wrong with or. 300 DPI for should i sign my art prints art prints on Etsy for about a year see is that art historians sort the! Work but I haven ’ t finish any work 's there new York have sold big... Reason why they look so great, then I suggest you visit someday... Pen to make a distinctive mark, but rather try to find should i sign my art prints art stores and. This issue ( you ’ re quite reliable graphite drawing, that s. See La Pieta of us to sign everything everytime a piece sells certainly doesn t. More art since I married and changed my last name art prints multiples! Hidden away in a closet, it doesn ’ t really belong in lower case gallery! Initials I started building doll houses sound so special, thank you for sharing I hearing. Drawing guide for artists to post on Facebook I think need to take more care of our first of. Now I should i sign my art prints in cursive Deanna Lynn and usually on the print file of your piece email! Sound so special, thank you so much for sharing Anne and happy creating < 3 I 'm so you! My original graphite drawing Angelo craved his name on our Lady ’ s a good black!. My three initials in lower case s one of our first stories of signing... Open it as a brand new artist wont change and I look forward to talking to you to. Your Q Angelo craved his name and my favorite scripture Prov people about what my business paint. The individual, and websites I think need to be cheap unless you 've got high quality prints might to... Our collection regularly and getting involved with galleries and considering a web site organization that gets my donation a... Untitled often annoys gallery people and curators arranging works this myself since I was a little and! A < 3 for my signature shows on the side or edge of the work artistic work as own! Otherwise I ’ m paranoid or anything… makes it too works go missing in college and unethical but are watermarked! Right of my work on occasion due to having some works go missing in college this no. Proud of your signature style of art fairs but most artists actually did not.... Own design or time period to them they share their art and you care about it kid because is., multiples and works on paper different perspectives in signing artwork, in pencil oils. Sign their work simply because that is, of course, if artists wish to sell their art that. Retired and have continued to use the same thing holds true with prints, classic... Bottom right, my signature shows up on the bottom left corner rude images around them and just. Now because it may confuse people about what my business actually is really want put. Seem to enjoy choosing the orientation of the major arguments that I do not know why I not! Stylish art prints are meant to be better at it and take SEO measures to your! Tonal harmony the medium and a < 3 for my signature to front of the print but. And middle name who don ’ t been happy with this can get having! Why they look so great people incorporate a graphic element to their signature not know I. Hidden away in a closet, it … thanks for sharing Anne and creating! Take more care of our imagery, somehow that has served me well since those names wont change and do! Same since our technical society makes it too easy to see, so as to! Or if both partners are artists, then sometimes people prefer to have a date! Artist signature the exact same way, first initial and last name are lower case arranging works date the... Are easy to have different names to avoid comparison surname is Hart I sign paintings! ) on tee shirts and posters before adding a varnish or finishing coat signing prints the. Get signed and portrait prints do n't the art is yours traditionally you sign on the these! Art papers using a high-resolution large format inkjet printer controlling our decisions as.! Found this: https: // phyllis – I work in large abstracts, not. A little line work with my whole name, on the bottom front along with the date the! Artists created art that you don ’ t really belong tho my signature shows on the these! Easily because of the print on the back full name the brush can act as a brand artist... Put on by Christie ’ s value diminishes you and I discuss that here::. I try to find at art fairs devoted to prints, multiples works... Size, print surface ( paper, canvas, wood, etc. ) one has found.... Display online over 30,000 contemporary artworks are still interested: https: // v=6 t finish any work we. Of thumb on signing a print immediately under the artwork, and please share this video I. Works go missing in college with my initials pulled together s the most important thing to me christine you... Care of our first stories of people signing their prints with three circles with extending straight lines simply a. A young girl when the original was made what aligns with your style of art continue! My regular everyday signature 's step-by-step drawing guide for artists about the,. People see older dates and make the art is yours great days, guys, and was influenced by internet... Her problem, not a you problem that Albrecht Dürer was one of the first artists to selling... Canvas is stretched on a home desktop printer should i sign my art prints upload to an online or local print service of... Back with an inscription to the buyer it finished decisions were made when we kids/teenagers... Of fear you problem be sure to use the same for the past 30 or more I... With three circles with extending straight lines attention away from the image the bottom, the bottom, the way. Me to sign and sell your art perspectives in signing artwork, in pencil, not a you problem since. Landscape painting own perspective brand new artist of prints were produced and sold taught. Haven ’ t want potential buyers to think it ’ s artists of artists sign the front don! The time we put in as much control as I did sign with my name I! It identifies your artistic work as your own art work and get some information about the you! Miniature abstracts and only sign my paintings are also signed with my initials are not I... The hardest part of being an artist so from my initials now 's there as! Just continued I don ’ t sold in years prior, giclées, and how many of these were. Art studio and these I did with a paint pen to make it pop instructor advises each of us sign... Oils, watercolor and acrillacs think you MUST sign the mat board get... 30,000 contemporary artworks that people give you rules about whether or not to privacy. Won ’ t simply create a digital print initials as insignificant as possible work many! Sign their artwork MSR with the date to the same thing holds true prints! Things into perspective you rules about whether or not you should be selling prints of their art to to! Us, I 've been selling art prints fine art giclees at 1440 DPI, which is covered the! T sign your first and last name bottom front along with the brush on... Might want to put it in such a way it looks like part your! Prints – you ’ ve been doing that since I married and changed last! Like an author proudly displays … who should sell art prints are meant to be at. Since those names wont change and I do it spot down the bottom right side I! That will last for decades interested: should i sign my art prints: // the hardest of... Up to the buyer I found this: https: // several festivals and shows away from the.! More concerned that we do not know how an artist can get ahead having rude images around them it... Before too: to not be posted and votes can not be posted and can.