Room to expand on this estate size and well cared for resident business with beautiful property. The little devils live on the underside of the roof and repel down onto our LSV's cover at night and they get in the boat. 40 acre waterfront resort is located in a prime NW Michigan location on a popular all sports lake. 61 were here. Services are structured monthly from April through September for a complete season of pest prevention. But they don’t do any damage to the lake or the environment, which we think is pretty cool. But trust us, these products work and pest will be gone from your dock and boat. EcoArmour Pest Company offers a unique pest system designed to provide effective spider control at your Marina or Waterfront Restaurant. Vertebrates like birds, fish, dogs, and humans do not have these receptors. This is the place to enjoy your boating life ! This is the most popular choice because it effective for spiders, kills most other insects (eliminating the spiders prey which will help keep new spiders from moving back into the area) and it safe to use around water. In doing so, we’ve created a product that is effective and environmentally-friendly. Here’s how we do it at Abra Kadabra. So how do you get rid of spiders? Best way to reach us is through the direct phone. I'm all about "live and let live.". Let us catch your Pests! Instead of adding extra work to your weekends, let our team at Abra Kadabra keep your boat, dock, and marine equipment free from spiders, pests, and other insects. 586-431-7172 Great Lake to ski, fish or … This article will explore several options for spider control in marine applications. “Certainly along the whole lake, I’m sure we’re talking millions,” Wells said. Every boat owner has experienced the same thing. It seems the spiders like the rope and cleats so these are key areas you can’t miss. Such as ants, spiders, bees, wasps, mice and rats etc. Whether your cabin is in Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec or any other lake-country area the dock spider is a regular and often feared companion at the cottage. First, let's talk about what not to do. Mostly filled with annual RV's that have been parked there for at least 2-3 years. 2642 Commerce Blvd. Just west of Downtown Little Current you will find Spider Bay Marina. Many customers wonder if we’re using a magic potion or something. As such, we’re working to become the first and best pest control company offering said services on Lake Minnetonka and throughout other lakes in the area. While those may be okay solutions around the house, they are not a good idea on your boat. Workers at the marina spray to keep the spiders off the lookout and the visitor center, but the spiders are free to roam everywhere else. I got it at a farm grain and feed store. Add this game to your web page Share on Website PART OF A SERIES: Spiders Arena Spiders Arena 2. We have more than 28 years of experience and are on the Better Business Bureau. All of the products used to clean lake areas are certified-organic and made of essential oils. We compare thousands of stores to give you the best price on millions of products Spiders seem to find their way into every nook and cranny of your hull. One of the most common questions I hear when I visit the marina is "how do you get rid of spiders on your boat?" As such, humans and marine life are not affected by the specific mode of action in our unique, environmentally-friendly oils. There is zero risk to the marine life of the lake, but the results above water will leave you speechless. Here’s how it works: There’s a little bit more to it, but the above offers a general outline of the lakeside pest control services offered by our professional team here at Abra Kadabra. We only have so much lake time in Minnesota. Tetragnathid spiders attracted to Walden Marina by the chironomid midges, besides festooning docks, boats, and surfaces of the water with their extensive webbing, produced large numbers of bright white egg cases that were glued to the hulls of boats, the exposed surfaces of the docks, and everything else their webs came into contact with.Obviously, the need to find a means of eradicating … I went around and sprayed the … No more spiders or pests, but no problems with the marine life. We offer an upgrade from our standard service package to our Midas Gold Service Package. For years now, our professional staff at Abra Kadabra has been providing this service to our customers on the many lakes throughout our great state of Minnesota. By June-August, I only treat 1-2 a month. Workers at the marina spray to keep the spiders off the lookout and the visitor center, but the spiders are free to roam everywhere else. We are a full-service marina with cabin, motel, houseboats, and pontoon rentals on Dale Hollow Lake. Required fields are marked *, Abra Kadabra Environmental Share. We didn’t believe it at first, either. We are passionate about taking care of the environment. Just stick a dryer sheet in your pocket when you're outside. If you and your spouse can live with your spiders, then go for it! Most spider repelling foggers contain harmful chemicals. Despite having so many eyes, many spider species have poor eyesight. It only takes a little bit 9 light misting) and since it goes on dry, you don’t even know the Phantom’s been applied when you do it right. 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