Chances are remote that any new acoustic guitar you pull off the wall at your local GC will be properly set up in a way that showcases the potential of that guitar, so don't necessarily write off a guitar if it has problems that could be corrected. £977. The Gibson Acoustic Hummingbird Studio gives you an updated version of Gibson’s classic square shoulder dreadnought. £2,480. for us to answer any questions you have about products, services or purchases. Die Hummingbird Studio setzt Gibsons lange Geschichte der Herstellung weltberühmter Square-Shoulder-Designs wie der Hummingbird, Dove und Songwriter fort. By $2000 is still a lot of money for many people. Gibson Hummingbird Studio Walnut AN. 3.899 € 4.299 € Gibson Hummingbird Studio Rosewood AN. 1 . MwSt. Much to my astonishment, in an effort, (a successful one) to make me a happy, satisfied customer, the AMAZING, GLORIOUS, OUTSTANDING, THANK YA JESUS, team at zZounds offered me the Gibson at the Martin price (a substantial difference) and I am beside myself, with the sound and playability, of this FINE, FINE, FINE, instrument. £2,059. the sound and playability. Modern day Gibsons are named what they are for many different reasons and they may have little or no connection to the legends they are marketed as. It's not a cutaway. However, they are still excellent guitars and as guitars go are worth the money....... A walnut Hummingbird? I call it my walnut J-45 sometimes. Gibson Hummingbird Studio Rosewood RB. and put it back out about a month ago and still no sale. 2019 Gibson Hummingbird Studio - New Studio Series! In more than 50 years of playing, buying, and selling, I have never bought a brand-new guitar, and feel no compelling reason to do so. Guild F-250CE Deluxe ATB. If you call our customer service department for assistance, this number makes it easier 3.298 € 3.499 € Gibson Sheryl Crow Country Western. Like ai said, I've rested my head on a many acoustic guitar, in an ongoing search for that one vibration, that one sound, that would be both pleasing, and soothing to a HARD to impress, perfectionist, who can hear the slightest inconsistency, and most faint buzz that a lesser than perfect guitar can give off...I am beside myself with this guitar, and can get lost for hours in it's beautiful, crisp, full, clear sound, so clear, that even when I dig in hard on a bar chord, it still rings out loud and true. Vergleichen Du hast Fragen? :). The only thing that this guitar shares with the traditional Hummingbird is the name Gibson on the headstock. How about an Epiphone Hummingbird Pro for $369? Offered $2,000 and they didn't even haggle. Bit like HB pro that was more like a Songwriter. Gibson proudly introduces a new thinner, Square Shoulder cutaway body design, hand built using all solid tonewoods. Godin Metropolis Natural Cedar EQ. Gibson SJ-200 Studio Walnut AN. I've done pretty well adopting that philosophy, buying several guitars that would rate at least 9.8 on a scale of 10, at discounts of about 40% off the cost of the same guitar brand new. If you like the guitar and think it's worth the price, buy it, play it to death, and call it whatever you like......It's still a Gibson. Paste as plain text instead, × I have had my share of mahogany gibsons but i liked that better then any of them. I will never need another high end guitar again, and look forward to my Gibson increasing in both sound quality, and value, for many, many, years to come. ;), I called zZounds and informed them of the unacceptable condition that my MARTIN guitar arrived in, to which they assured me that they would make right.