856-988-7773. Have you been told you need a Root Canal? Holistic Dentistry is an approach to dental treatment, primarily caring for patient's health and safety from both a conventional as well as an "alternative healthcare" point of view. treat it successfully, Uses non-surgical alternatives for the treatment of gum disease, Uses nutrition as a key element in a complete, holistic approach to overall den. The result? Specialty areas include: Restorative Dentistry withBiocompatible Materials, Solutions for Sleep Apnea and Other Breathing Disorders, Safe Removal of Mercury (Silver Amalgam) Fillings. The Holistic Dentistry NJ offer Dental Services like Safe Amalgam Removal, Holistic Pediatric Dentistry, Root Canal Alternative, and Natural Gum Disease Tr Covid-19 (908) 464-9144 dr.memoli@systemicdentistry.org Dr. Steinberg is a practicing biological dentist in West New York, New Jersey. Most assume that finding one outside of the 8 … ... Dr. Steinberg is a practicing biological dentist in West New York, New Jersey. Come see me (Dr. Jamie Greear-Schmidt and staff) at Holistic Life Dentistry today!! Millburn New Jersey dentist Vladimir Gashinsky is a holistic dentist specializing in non-toxic, mercury-free dentistry including mercury tooth colored-fillings, low Biological Dentists of NJ offers cosmetic, holistic and biologically compatible methods in South Jersey and Northern New Jersey. Junction Family Dental Care was formed with the guiding principle: A Wholistic Approach to Dentistry. Patient Forms . Talk with Dr. Philip Memoli to see what your options are. In holistic dentistry there is an effort to find biocompatible materials to use to reduce toxicity for … New Jersey. a specially-designed protocol that minimizes mercury exposure during removal, Prefers to utilize non-toxic alternative methods for controlling pain or infections, Will recommend root canal alternatives; will diagnose the cause of the pain in order to With a healthier, safer approach to dental cleanings, a holistic dentistry teeth cleaning stands apart from a “regular” teeth cleaning for several reasons. It is not entirely uncommon to stumble across a patient who refuses to use fluoridated toothpastes. that patients need to be tested for their reaction to different filling materials, Sees no need to remove existing mercury-amalgam fillings, Prescribes medications (antibiotics, painkillers, etc.) Dental emergencies are incredibly stressful, and it can be hard to find the help you need in a crisis. An iodine irrigation system helps prevent the introduction of harmful bacteria into the gums. a course of treatment, Treats the patient’s overall health and wellness, as well as their specific dental problems, Does not use mercury-amalgam fillings, instead preferring to use non-amalgam alternatives, invasive and gentle approaches to solve dental problems. Dr. MacFarlane is an aesthetic focused dentist, and has been dedicated for almost 33 years now, to brightening thousands of smiles. He seeks to improve his patients’ quality of life through holistic dental care that respects and honors the body. There are an increasing number of dental practices that use the words “holistic”, “natural”, “biological” or the like. I highly recommend Dr. Lehnes and his assistant Sara. Advanced Cosmetic and General Dentistry • Providing South New Jersey with World-Class Dentistry. adhering to IAOMT protocols for To search by state, please enter the the full name of the state or the state’s abbreviation. using biocompatibility testing for safe filling selection, Is open to the removal of mercury-amalgam fillings at the request of the patient and utilizes Unfortunately, patients often discover that these terms are merely labels to attract alternative-minded patients…, Safe Amalgam Removal If you have been diagnosed with mercury toxicity or you have been thinking about having your mercury (amalgam) fillings removed, you’ll find everything…, For years, researchers have pointed to a systemic theory of decay, flying in the face of the “acid theory” of tooth decay. L. Dawn Christian, DDS 71 Valley Street , Ste. Dr. Philip Memoli is the founder of the Center For Systemic Dentistry, and has nearly 30 years of experience in systemic (holistic) dentistry, acupuncture/acupressure, homeopathy, and nutrition, which, along with traditional dental methods, form the basis of his dental practice. Read articles and find relevant links.. Mercury Free, Biological, Holistic Dentists. Holistic Dentistry, Holistic Pediatric Dentistry, Natural Gum Disease Treatment Berkeley Heights, New Jersey, United States 9084649144 View Profile » Takes the most conservative approach to your dental treatment, preferring to first try less There are many factors to consider when choosing a dentist in general, but when the decision is whether to choose a conventional or holistic dentist, careful consideration is suggested. Why should your teeth be any different! The Holistic Dental Association is pleased to offer visitors a searchable database of our professional membership. Copyright © 2014-2020, holisticdentistrynj.com, All Rights Reserved. Some relationships can kill you. Asha Pandya-Sharpe discusses holistic dentistry, what it involves and what conventional dentists should be aware of. We believe that oral health impacts your overall (systemic) health and … List of mercury-free dentist, healthcare and service provider in New Jersey . No anesthesia. Biological dentists recognize the impact of toxic materials and the profound connections between dental/oral and systemic (physical) health.