With a combined effort from both the teaching and non-teaching staff, Maplewood Academy aims to continue building children with a hunger for knowledge. Let them know that school will now be conducted via lessons by their teachers, over the internet. Find out more about IGCSE/International GCSE, GCE O Level, International AS/A Levels and AS/A Levels. Therefore, students can take all the time they need to learn and develop their ability. Singapore; Malaysia | Log In; Sign Up; Search for: Finding a Tutor is Simple . The 70 subjects are inclusive of 30 languages. The GCSE subjects you choose can help you find your future career. Let them clean their room or other areas of the house you’re comfortable with. It was estimated that in 2019, between 90,000 to 130,000 kids were homeschooled in the UK, and homeschooling contributes about 3.4% (over 2 million students) to the education of students in the United States of America. Students of Malaysia who are enrolled in private homeschooling centres or international schools which offer the Cambridge International Curriculum will sit for the IGCSE examinations in their final year of secondary school. News / By Amanda Kaffah. In other countries like the UK and the US, homeschooling is more of a family thing where the child is educated at home by his or her parents without the help or assistance of an external tutor. Because of the compulsory project work, experienced teachers, productive extra-curricular activities, and other educational programs included in the curriculum, private homeschools help the students to adapt better to university or college curriculum. UPSR | PT3 | SPM | STPM | IGCSE | O-Level | A-Level | Pre-U | U. We have more than 5000+ IGCSE tuition centre teachers/ private home tutors available around Malaysia. Elective subjects: ICT, Geography, and History Cambridge IGCSE / Cambridge A Level Past Exam Papers, Cambridge A Level Past Year Papers. In public secondary schools, the medium of instruction is Bahasa Melayu, while the English Language is taught as a second language. To pursue an American Degree Program (ADP) after IGCSE/ SPM, you’ll need a minimum of 5 credits and a pass in English. When it comes to subjects, IGCSE offers students more flexibility as compared to SPM. On the other hand, if your goal is to enter a local private university/college, or even overseas, IGCSE is your best choice. On the days when work activities aren’t intense or tedious, and your kids aren’t involved in any online learning activity, you can allow them into your work area. Elective subjects: ICT, Geography, and History The Cambridge IGCSE focuses on application of knowledge, critical thinking, adaptability, good English language skills and cultural awareness. This gives the teacher the freedom to use different teaching methods to meet each student’s individual learning needs. If you have more doubts, don’t hesitate to make an appointment with us at https://www.maplewood.com.my/contact-us/. News / By Jamie Song. They can also help out in the kitchen with what they can do easily. The two examination boards who offer IGCSE are Pearson and Cambridge Assessment International Education. Other countries could also deploy their national language if their curriculum permits. There are also many resources available on the internet — if you choose to add to your child’s knowledge away from schoolwork. – The learning environment is created to suit the needs of individual kids. Furthermore, the IGCSE homeschools in Malaysia provides classes for students who are preparing for the IGCSE examinations. Homeschools in Selangor, Malaysia, such as Maplewood, ensure that your kids are constantly learning even if they’re away from school while affording you the time you need to concentrate on your job. When it comes to subjects, IGCSE offers students more flexibility as compared to SPM. The results of SPM examination will determine if a student qualifies for further studies after secondary school, such as matriculation, foundation, certificate or diploma programmes (with specialization). For parents who will be working from home during this period, here are some useful tips and tricks to effectively work and take care of your kids. Homeschooling is an approach for a student to receive an education beyond the formal setting of an academic institution. Stick to the already prepared resources the homeschool provides for your kids. IGCSE was first introduced by the Cambridge Examination Board in 1985, which is equivalent to O level. In this section Choosing your exam board . The results are usually issued in August and January. The students are usually between the ages of 14 to 16 years old. Apart from the fact that kids who are homeschooled usually perform better, another reason why more parents are choosing IGCSE homeschools is that they might be dissatisfied with the traditional public schools believing that the school does not offer the kids a conducive learning environment. Optional GCSE Subjects. Although students in public schools can sit for IGCSE, they are far less equipped for the exams due to many factors — from inexperienced teachers to unfavorable learning environments, overcrowded classrooms and poor student-teacher ratio. IGCSE Malaysia concentrates on developing the student’s understanding, skill, and knowledge in the areas below: The IGCSE curriculum is fast becoming an increasingly popular choice for homeschools due to its high-quality syllabus. After that, students can concentrate better on the subjects taken. In Malaysia, the Ministry of Education has the sole responsibility of providing education at the pre-tertiary level of education, which includes pre-school, primary, secondary, and post-secondary levels. Keep in mind that online lessons during this time are to help keep them acquainted with school activities and also progress their learning instead of just staying idle or playing all through the MCO period. As an example, the calculation of points for diploma programmes at public HEIs is done on a 120-point scale that is based on 8 subjects, that is, 5 out of 6 core subjects (90 points) plus three of the remaining best subjects (30 points). On the contrary, in SPM, students have to sit for and pass Bahasa Malaysia and Sejarah (History) in order to get their certificate. IGCSE home schooling educators are choosing IGCSE opposing the regular Malaysian high school curriculums as it is one more year advanced than the regular course of the Malaysian high school. This doesn’t come as a surprise — as kids who are homeschooled receive more personal attention and generally tend to perform better. CIE IGCSE; EDEXCEL IGCSE; A LEVEL. The subjects fall into the following categories: Students may choose other subjects, such as: After a successful examination, the students are awarded the IGCSE certificate for each Science Elective subjects: Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Additional Mathematics IGCSE Malaysia Homeschool develops competitive students in later studies as well as in the workplace. Malaysia; Singapore; Indonesia; Programs & Curriculum IGCSE Subjects Information. Founder and tutor in this IGCSE tuition Malaysia with experience of over 8 years tutoring students for Cambridge IGCSE / A-Levels including other Diploma & Degree subjects. The classes are taught using the IGCSE syllabus and are taught in English. Unlike other countries, Malaysia has homeschooling centres explicitly built to educate kids. Sometimes, each class can have more than one instructor — the primary instructor and his or her assistant. The Cambridge IGCSE focuses on the application of knowledge, critical thinking, adaptability, excellent English Language skills, and cultural awareness. The homeschooling system in Malaysia is different from other countries, as it mostly depends on what the education board of each nation or the homeschool management proposes. Cambridge primary progression test is a test series from 3 to…, Why You need to Prepare Cambridge A Level AQA test? The primary education phase is separated into two parts – Phase I (Standard 1 to 3) and Phase II (Standard 4 to 6). Sharing is caring :) Have you ever thought about applying for a scholarship before? Both IGCSE and SPM are examinations of equivalent level. Therefore, it is crucial to discuss with your kids about why everyone will be at home during this time, and what the new routine will look like. Most homeschool centres have a small number of students. Cambridge Assessment International Education prepares and marks all exam papers in the UK. Even though the homeschools stick to the government regulations in their respective states, tutors can still tailor the homeschool environment to meet the needs of individual students by using specific methods of teaching that are most suitable for the kids. It is the equivalent to the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) in England, Wales and Northern Ireland; Nationals 4/5 in Scotland; and GCE Ordinary Level in the Commonwealth of Nations. The examination is recognized in many countries, although all examination papers (except the English paper) are written in Bahasa Malaysia. In this section . Here is your IGCSE guide to help you decide! The first examination for IGCSE First Language, Malay, is expected to be carried out in June 2021. Therefore, the IGCSE graduates can quickly apply for … Unlike SPM, which requires a passing in Bahasa Malaysia and History for students to be awarded a certificate, candidates of IGCSE will be awarded a certificate stating the subjects and corresponding grades obtained. Students sit for SPM when they complete 11 years of education. Core subjects: English, Science, and Mathematics IGCSE homeschool Malaysia is generally held in learning centres. The same is also true for O Level exams in terms of teaching the core subjects and electives. From primary school, the child moves onto secondary school. When students finish this course, they take an assessment. With this syllabus, the student can feel confident in sitting for the IGCSE examinations, knowing he is well-equipped with the required knowledge needed to ace his papers. In 2018, the country has recorded over 8,000 IGCSE examination candidates. Below are the core and elective subjects offered by Maplewood Academy homeschool — for both primary and secondary students. The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is internationally recognized and offers many opportunities for students who want to study locally or overseas. Subjects. These subjects will be decided upon at the end of Year 9 following sessions to offer advice and guidance on the best subject choices for your child. Arabic - First Language (9-1) - 7184 New. The secondary level of education focuses on the general development of students. On the contrary, in SPM, students have to sit for and pass Bahasa Malaysia and Sejarah (History) in order to get their certificate. The Cambridge Assessment International Education has added IGCSE First Language Malay to their list of subjects. However, if your plan is to enter a public university or join a Matrikulasi, SPM is the way to go. Second languages: Malay and Mandarin, Core subjects: English, Science, and Mathematics Scholarships for SPM, UEC, and IGCSE Students in Malaysia 2020. Cambridge Checkpoint Past Year Papers Kuala Lumpur Free From Its Official, Finding the Qualified CIE A Level Home Tutor Kuala Lumpur, Prepare the Top Grade of A Level by Edexcel A Level Topical Past Year Papers, Knowing More about CIE A Level Topical Past Year Papers, Stop The Debate! Over the years, the school has produced well-rounded students, including providing quality education that enhances the character and instils leadership qualities that prepare them for the future.