Enforcement.— It shall be the primary duty of the Board and the PRC to effectively enforce the provisions of this Act. An Act Amending Certain Provisions of R.A. No. Pharmaceutical products classified as antimicrobials, including anti-TB medicines and other classifications of medicines, as may be prescribed by the FDA, shall not be given or distributed as physician’s samples. Section 16. It shall be open for inspection by the representatives of the Board or the FDA, or both, at any time of the day, when the pharmacy is open, and must be kept for a period of not less than two (2) years after the last entry. Data: Most pharmacists in the Philippines agree with lowering CPD requirements. Transitory Provisions.— The incumbent Chairperson and members of the Board shall, in an interim capacity, continue to function as such until the Chairperson and members of the new Board, created under this Act, shall have been appointed and qualified. can only receive a transfer from an accredited Canadian pharmacy. Rosa has been working as a pharmacist for many years, and she recently got promoted to an administrative and supervisory position within her hospital. The required information provided by the transferring pharmacy has been recorded. Oath of Profession.— All successful candidates in the licensure examination shall take their oath of profession before any member of the Board, officer of the PRC, or any person authorized by law to administer oaths, prior to entering the practice of the pharmacy profession. When employed in establishments under Category B, as defined in Section 31 of this Act, the duplicate copy of the pharmacist’s COR shall also be displayed therein. Additional Requirements: – Location Plan / Site (size, location, immediate environment, type of building) – Floor Plan with dimensions (Lay-out of the premises) Changes in Circumstances: – Official letter re: Change of Address / Owner / Business Name and/or etc. Section 20. (o) Being found guilty of immoral, unprofessional, or dishonorable conduct by the Board. To be appointed a member of the Board of Pharmacy, a person shall be: Be a natural born citizen of the Philippines; A duly registered pharmacist and has been in the practice of pharmacy for at least ten years; Of good moral character and of recognized standing in the pharmaceutical profession; 5921, as amended, is hereby repealed. It shall be unlawful to remove, erase, deface or mark the original labels of samples. Report of Rating.— The Board shall submit to the PRC the ratings obtained by each candidate within three (3) working days after the last day of the examination, unless extended for just cause.Upon the release of the results of the examination, the PRC shall send by mail the rating obtained by each examinee at the given address using the mailing envelope submitted during the examination. Statement of Policy.—The State recognizes the vital role of pharmacists in the delivery of quality health care services through the provision of safe, effective, and quality pharmaceutical products, pharmaceutical care, drug information, patient medication counseling, and health promotion. Grounds for Non-registration.— The Board shall not register any successful examinee who has been: (a) Convicted of an offense involving moral turpitude by a court of competent jurisdiction; (b) Summarily adjudged by the Board as guilty for misrepresentation or falsification of documents in connection with the application for examination or for violation of the General Instructions to Examinees; (c) Found guilty of immoral or dishonorable conduct by the Board; (d) Medically proven to be addicted to any drug or alcohol by a medical or drug testing facility accredited by the government; and. It is presented in dosage forms or in small unit doses such as capsules, tablets, powder, liquids and it shall not include any sterile preparations (i.e. – Surrender original / old License to Operate and COC / CTR Requirements for the Opening and Operation of Retail Pharmaceutical Outlet or Establishment.— The opening of a retail pharmaceutical outlet or establishment shall be subject to requirements provided for in this Act and the rules and regulations prescribed by the FDA. Qualifications of the Chairperson and Members of the Board.— The Chairperson and members of the Board, at the time of nomination, must: (a) Be a citizen of the Philippines and a resident for at least five (5) years; (b) Be a duly registered and licensed pharmacist in the Philippines, preferably a holder of a masteral degree in Pharmacy, or its equivalent; (c) Have been in the active practice of pharmacy for the past ten (10) years; (d) Have not been convicted of a crime involving moral turpitude; (e) Be a member in good standing of the APO for at least five (5) years, but not an officer or trustee thereof; and. Display of Certificate of Registration.— It shall be the duty of every pharmacist engaged in the practice, whether in private or under the employ of another, to display the original copy of one’s COR in a prominent and conspicuous place in the drug establishment in which one is employed in a professional capacity as pharmacist. The practice of pharmacy within the hospital under the supervision of a professional pharmacist is known as hospital pharmacy. Republic Act 4226 – Hospital Licensure Act requires all hospital to be licensed before it can operative; Republic Act 5181 – Act prescribing permanent residence and reciprocity as qualifications for any examination or registration for the practice of any profession in the Philippines; Republic Act 5821 – The Pharmacy … Requirements for the Receiving Pharmacy. In cases of pharmaceutical products sold in their original package, the seal of which has not been broken or tampered with, the liability that may arise because of their quality and purity rests upon the manufacturer or importer, the distributor, representative, or dealer who is responsible for their distribution or sale. Section 51. 9165, and other applicable laws and issuances; (l) Committing acts in violation of Section 6 of Presidential Decree No. Section 26. 6675, as amended, otherwise known as the “Generics Act of 1988”, and other pertinent laws and regulations. Term of Office of the Members of the Board.— The Chairperson and members of the Board shall hold office for a term of three (3) years from the date of appointment or until their successors shall have been qualified and appointed. Section 10. Search 521 Pharmacy Pharmacy jobs now available in Laval, QC on Indeed.com, the world's largest job site. There are a number of key aspects of regulation relevant to the delivery of hospital pharmacy services. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Philippines in Congress assembled: Section 1. They may be reappointed in the same office for another term of three (3) years immediately after the expiry of their term; Provided, That no member of the Board shall hold office for more than two (2) terms or not more than six (6) years; Provided, Further, That the first Board appointed under this Act shall hold these terms cf office: the Chairperson for three (3) years, the first member for two (2) years, and the second member for one (1) year; Provided, Finally, That an appointee to a vacancy shall serve only the unexpired portion of the term of office. Prescription medicines may be dispensed only by a duly registered and licensed pharmacist and only with a valid prescription of a physician, dentist, or veterinarian. These include proteins, nucleic acids, or living microorganisms where the virulence is reduced and are used for therapeutic or for in vivo diagnostic purposes; (e) Brand name refers to the proprietary name given by the manufacturer to distinguish its product from those of competitors; (f) Cipher, Code, or Secret Key refers to a method of secret writing or use of characteristic style or symbol by substituting other letter/s or character/s for the letter/s intended, for the purpose of misleading the consumer; (g) Compounding refers to the sum of processes performed by a pharmacist in drug preparation including the calculations, mixing, assembling, packaging, or labeling of a drug: (i) as the result of a prescription or drug order by a physician, dentist, or veterinarian; or (ii) for the purpose of, or in relation to, research, teaching, or chemical analysis; (h) Continuing professional development (CPD) refers to the inculcation of advanced knowledge, skills, and ethical values in a post-licensure specialized or in an inter- or multidisciplinary field of study for assimilation into professional practice, self-directed research, and/or lifelong learning; (i) Cosmetics refer to a substance or preparation intended to be placed in contact with the various external parts of the human body or with the teeth and the mucous membranes of the oral cavity, with a view exclusively or mainly to cleaning them, perfuming them, changing their appearance and/or correcting body odor, and/or protecting the body or keeping them in good condition, as defined under Republic Act No. The FDA, in coordination with the Board, and the approval of the PRC, may add to, delete, reclassify, or modify the above list of establishments, as the need arises, in order to keep pace with the developments in the pharmacy practice. Credentials of Pharmacist and Responsible Pharmacy Assistant Is the responsible pharmacist identified? Hospital pharmacy license shall mean a pharmacy license issued by the Georgia State Board of Pharmacy to said hospital pharmacies, pursuant to the provisions of O.C.G.A. Title.— This Act shall be known as the “Philippine Pharmacy Act”. Registry of Pharmacists.— The Board and the PRC shall prepare and maintain a registry of the names, residences or office addresses, or both, status of registration and area of practice of all registered pharmacists, which shall be updated annually, in coordination with the APO. Section 21. 6675; (j) Forcing, coercing, or intimidating a duly registered and licensed pharmacist to compound or dispense medical and pharmaceutical products in violation of the provisions of this Act; (k) Preparing and compounding of pharmaceutical products in quantities greatly in excess of single therapeutic doses, without the presence and supervision of a duly registered and licensed pharmacist; (l) Noncompliance with the labeling requirements for dispensed medicines by a pharmaceutical outlet; (m) Manufacturing and selling of pharmaceutical products under fraudulent name or address, or both; (n) Adulterating and misbranding of pharmaceutical products; (o) Manufacturing and selling of unsafe, substandard and counterfeit pharmaceutical products; (p) Operating an unlicensed pharmaceutical outlet such as online pharmacy service or direct selling not authorized by the FDA; (q) Operating a Category A establishment which opens for business without a duly registered and licensed pharmacist; (r) Operating a Category B establishment without the supervision and oversight of a duly registered and licensed pharmacist; (s) Practicing pharmacy with an expired, suspended or revoked license; (t) Filling and refilling of prescription and pharmacist-only OTC pharmaceutical products by a person other than a duly registered and licensed pharmacist without the direct and immediate supervision; (u) Dispensing prescription drugs and pharmacist-only OTC drugs by rural health units without the supervision of a duly registered and licensed pharmacist; and. Section 32. Affixing RPh After a Registered Pharmacist’s Name.— Only duly registered and licensed pharmacists shall have the right to affix to one’s name, the title “Registered Pharmacist” or “RPh”. Prohibition Against the Use of Cipher, Codes, or Unusual Terms in Prescriptions and Prescription Substitution.— Pharmacists shall not compound or dispense prescriptions, recipes, or formulas which are written in ciphers, codes or secret keys or prescriptions of pharmaceutical products with unusual names which differ from those in standard pharmacopeias or formularies. Work is being done to make the system fully compliant with this level. (f) At the time of appointment, must neither be a member of the faculty nor an administrative officer of any school, college or university offering degree programs in pharmacy nor has any direct or indirect pecuniary interest or connection in any review center or similar institution. 9711; (j) Counterfeit pharmaceutical products refer to pharmaceutical products which do not contain the amounts as claimed; with wrong ingredients; without active ingredients; or with insufficient quantity of active ingredients, which result in the reduction of the products’ safety, efficacy, quality, strength, or purity. 8981 and other issuances pertinent thereto: Provided, That any foreign citizen who has gained entry in the Philippines to perform professional services within the scope of the practice of pharmacy, including the following: (a) being a consultant in foreign-funded or assisted projects of the government; (b) being engaged or employed by a Filipino employer or establishment; (c) providing free services in humanitarian missions: and (d) being a visiting faculty member in any field or specialty in pharmacy shall, before assuming such duties, functions and responsibilities, secure an STP from the Board and the PRC, under the following conditions: (1) The person is an internationally renowned pharmacist or expert in a field or specialty of pharmacy; (2) The person is engaged in the provision of a professional service which is determined to be necessary due to lack of Filipino specialist or expert; and.