Some goats may produce 2qts day but have a short lived lactation period. I am milking her through at least one year, maybe two. Bingo grew so well she is the youngest doe we have ever bred. Her dam is our very loved Millie, a NOA doe. Gopher ear. Another breeding in her future will be evaluated. Int Kids- 4th ring 1  & 7th ring 2 out of 13. Very powerful with strong dairy character. Rose's first show. Strawberry's daughter naturally would be named "Shortcake". Currently many of our members have family members--sons, daughters, husbands, wives, grandchildren and even moms and dads--who are serving or have served in the US Military. Love her to the moon and back! Due to her incredible capacity she will be bred for a yearling FF to kid in 2021. She is a hardy eater with a real hardiness for such a young goat. ~A solid miniature breeding program takes years to develop. ~Our PRIORITY is a solid correct udder, high escutcheon, proper leg placement, teat placement, and the  dairy characteristics. Lovely FF udder! This line is a heavy milk line that lends itself to extended lacation. We were even more impressed with her as a 2 year old and 2nd freshener. Classic Man Of La Mancha MCA2-10010 Musical LP Circa 1973 X Cond ... LaMancha, Mini LaMancha, Saanen! Fall 2020 V-show she was again RCH. Always doing her own thing. ~Breeding for  quality,  production, and confirmation. She loves being taken out on lead, walking around to show her stuff and always looking for her human "mom". We borrowed back Charlie (. Zephyr (Great Grand Dam PB Lamancha)- Bingo (Grand dam 50/50 1st gen) - Strawberry (Dam 50/50 2nd gen) - Shortcake, SD: Wings & Caprines Bingo ismynameO           (F-1) 50/50. She is no stranger to the house! Spoiled and a "follow" us around goat she was pretty independent. When Charlotte gave us buck/doe twins it was an easy decision to retain Simone'. She has done very well in the show ring, but is a wonderful milker on top of that! Those that cannot be registered are sold as unregistered goats for pet use. One is elf eared, the other has upright. Mini Lamancha Breed Standards: The Mini-LaMancha is well known for their docile, even temperament and a steady production of fairly high butterfat. Aug 21, 2015 #2 OneFineAcre Herd Master. At just under 6 weeks of age Julia went Reserve Champion in Ring 2 and was 1st in her Jr class in Ring 1 in the Spring 2020 V-Show. Both Rondi's doeling and buckling have been retained for our mini program. Very pleased with her mammary. Strawberry's Shortcake just seemed to fit! American Lamancha, or more commonly, simply Lamancha or LaMancha, is a formally recognized breed of dairy goat, first bred in California by Mrs. Eula Fay Frey about 1927. We love how solid and correct she is. I knew then she wasn't going anywhere and would be Josie's girl! ~Breeding those first generations as skillfully and carefully as one would with any other breeding program. Trouble is the reason for our love of Miniature Lamanchas, being our first Mini born on our farm we fell in love with this spunky doe soon after she was born. We have high hopes for this doeling! Unfortunately we were not able to get any FF udder pics due to the 6 month  process of moving and building the barn. In developing  miniatures we believe in the whole package. It took a little bit of talking to get this girl. We had hoped to get a pic of the 4 generations all together. Julia is my baby girl. deerbunnyfarm New Member. An average good Nigie will produce 1+ qt  a day, and lactate for 10 months. Single to her yearling FF dam she sure stole our hearts! The blending of two VERY different types of dairy goats can be challenging. The Lamancha goats have been a well kept secret in the large dairy goat world, however that secret is starting to get out! Very excited about this doe! The face is straight and with the ears being the most distinguishing characteristic of the Mini-LaMancha. Trouble is the reason for our love of Miniature Lamanchas, being our first Mini born on our farm we fell in love with this spunky doe soon after she was born. Some will give 1 qt but have steady consistent lactation. As with any goat, they will reach their output level by 3rd freshening. Beautiful gold eyes with a gorgeous correct head only adds to the overall correctness of this doe! ~Our priority is NOT higher generation, ear type. Millie has had both std lamanchas (registered as rec grade) and mini's (registered grade minis). Each goat has its own special personality. There are two types of LaMancha ears. Her dam is an excellent producer with a beautiful udder and Bingo sure seems like she will follow her wonderful mom.