Queen Nefertiti apparently hid in a tomb in Turkey while running from her husband's enemies. Goddess Queen Nefertiti’s Tomb: Nicholas Reeves’s Theory And to show that Queen Nefertiti came back with a group of followers fleeing from her husband’s fate that was in the hands of the corrupt  Amun Priesthood. The long lost tomb of the Egyptian Queen Nefertiti may have been found, located in the burial chamber of Tutankhamun, or 'King Tut', according to an analysis of high-resolution images which reportedly reveal the presence of two secret, sealed-off doorways hidden in the tomb's painted walls. Dr. Boulter’s involvement in this discovery lends credibility to the find, along with the rigorous scientific testing that has revealed a mind-boggling date for these objects, as being 12,000 years old! Nefertiti is best known for her painted sandstone bust, which was rediscovered in 1913 and became a global icon of feminine beauty and power. https://archaeology-world.com/the-unique-architectural-heritage-of-icelandic-turf-houses-that-hidden-in-the-landscape/, #Manchester #Victorian baths uncovered under the car park December 2016, All Discovering the ancient tombs is really a great treat. Queen Nefertiti treasure trove in Turkey. 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Mind Virus Unique images provided in this event to demonstrate that the claim causes this Dark Journalist event more essential so far and represents an earthquake to our understanding of the early years ago, rewriting history! Reeves has suggested that Nefertiti, who died around 1331 B.C., is buried in a most unexpected place—a chamber within “tomb KV 62” in the Valley of the Kings, better known as King Tutankhamun’s tomb! Inside the Turkish tomb was an Egyptian sarcophagus remarkably resembling King Tut along with various gold plated figurines. A fresh attempt to discover more secrets in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings offers a tantalizing reward—the tomb of one of history’s most beguiling female monarch. The hype over the empty tomb was nothing compared to the Nefertiti-mania that swept the media in 2003. It seems that the age of these artifacts is about 10,000 years. Current Events Media March 2017 These royals include Nefertiti, Akhenaton, Amenhotep, Hatshepsut, and Tutankhamen. Psychology Symbols and signs pointing towards Queen Nefertiti all baffled experts as they research the tomb more and more in hopes of getting to the bottom of this mystery. Deep in the mountains researchers uncovered an ancient tomb. May 2017 Required fields are marked *, The Unique Architectural Heritage Of Icelandic #TurfHouses that Hidden In The Landscape Oracles Disclosure Ascension The list of ancient Egyptian kings, as we know it today, is a work in progress—a compilation made by modern scholars and based on found fragments. ... it was established that the Younger Lady was wife of a mummy found in another tomb (who is generally, but not universally, believed to be Akhenaten). A New Tomb From 10,000 BC Discovered in Turkey – Amazing Connection With Queen Nefertiti 4 weeks ago 100,586 views This discovery can be very interesting and revelatory, at least in … All that was found, when the tomb was rediscovered in 1904, were the mummified knees of Nefertari. But, the shocking thing is finding them in places where they shouldn’t be in. Smart News Keeping you current 3-D Scans of the Bust of Nefertiti Are Now Available Online A German museum released the digital data to artist Cosmo Wenman after a hoax heist and lengthy legal battle But there are more mysteries. Nov 27, 2019 - This discovery can be very interesting and revelatory, at least in terms of history. Within this shocking episode full of historical and changing revelations. Mundi Ghosts April 2017 Some believe there are two ghost chambers and one may hold Nefertiti A researcher claims to have found a 'ghost' doorway hiding beneath the plaster on the wall of the burial chamber, which he believes leads to the tomb of the ruler's supposed mother, Queen Nefertiti. Visionary Fiction There are many essential questions concerning our ancient inheritance and it strongly implies that this strange lineage of Amarna may have already been a blood inheritance displaced by the Royal Atlantis and may be related to the spiritual understanding of the high level and the incredible psychic abilities. Radar equipment will test a British archaeologist's theory that the Egyptian pharaoh queen Nefertiti could be buried in King Tutankhamun's tomb. And has an abundance of Egyptian treasures along with realistic sculptures of this heretic pharaoh Akhenaton and exotic antiquities from the Amarna period. These artifact tests show statistics showing that carbon has made aging these artifacts to around 10,000 BC, which sheds new light on the age of the imperial lineage of their ruling Amarna family. Only because of this simple fact of being situated in Turkey … High resolution scans of Tutankhamun's tomb have revealed hidden chambers where archaeologist Nicholas Reeves believes Queen Nefertiti's remains could be. Slavery This site has a significant amount of Egyptian treasures, among which and statues with faces supposed to be similar to the life of this Pharaoh Akhenaten, including antiquities dating back to the time of the Amarna imperial family. It is located in Turkey, and apparently Queen Nefertiti got there together with a group of followers while she was escaping her husband’s fate that was in the hands of the Amun Priesthood. February 2017 June 2017 Dr Reeves suggests that it was built as an extension to another tomb perhaps belonging to Queen Nefertiti. New Tomb From 10,000 BC Discovered in Turkey – Amazing Connection With Queen Nefertiti 29/11/2019 29/11/2019 Mysterio Komentáre vypnuté na Mysterious tombs! Nefertiti’s tomb may have finally been found Archaeologist says Egyptian queen’s final resting place may be hidden behind a wall in the grave of King Tut By … Space Program Mind Time Soul This predates Ancient Egypt by 8,000 years! https://archaeology-world.com/haunting-pictures-show-a-mass-grave-of-113-ancient-human-remains-buried-in-clay-pots-in-china/. Did Nefertiti, wife of Pharaoh Akhenaton, flee Egypt and arrive in Turkey with a treasure trove of of beautiful Egyptian possessions, relating to a history going back to Ancient Atlantis?That is the suggestion of Dr. Carmen Boulter. Newly discovered tomb in Turkey housed Queen Nefertiti when she was hiding from her husband's persecutors. The gold figurines shown above, and a sarcophagus, remarkably like that of the one used for Tutankhamen, have been found in an undisclosed location in Turkey. Your email address will not be published. A New Tomb From 10,000 BC Discovered in turkey – Amazing connection with queen Nefertiti. © 2018-2020 ARCHAEOLOGY WORLD | All Rights Reserved. On the walls of the tomb are brilliantly colored pictures of Nefertari. Also, the place she is talking about in the ring of fire, could be what we call MU or Lemuria. In this tomb, there are a lot of artifacts that have been carbon-dated to estimate their age. It was July of last year when British Egyptologist Nicholas Reeves announced his hypothesis that stunned scholars of the ancient world. The Akhenaten relics excavated in Turkey were found inside a tomb concealed in a mountainside. The recent discovery of a Tomb From 10,000 BC in Turkeys, which has an Amazing Connection With Queen Nefertiti suggests that we are living in a false reality and that everything, or at least a good part, of what we know as history, is false. These are now in the Egyptian Museum. We may have to re-write history due to discoveries here. New scans could reveal secret burial chambers hidden for 3,300 years. Murray Morison is a novelist living in Crete, August 2017 If the body of Nefertiti, who died around 1340 B.C., rests behind the plaster walls of King Tut’s tomb, it would solve one of Egyptology’s greatest mysteries. Turkey holds many secrets and was the location for another amazing discovery. Wisdom Tales. Science Frontiers The Tomb of Nefertiti. This was the first impression of the team that was able to find the 12,000 year old tomb which is related to the one of Queen Nefertiti in Turkey. The Queen’s tomb has never been discovered but Dr Hawass suggested in 2019 Nefertiti’s body may have already been found. Though Nefertiti was a powerful and influential Egyptian queen with one of the most recognizable profiles in history, archaeologists have never found her tomb. This is a tomb recently discovered in Turkey. Daniel Liszt and the pyramid expert Dr. Carmen Boulter discuss the shocking discovery of a hidden site located in Turkey of an Egyptian room that broadcasts a Strong resemblance to the tomb of King Tut. Reeves’s astonishing hypothesis was that Queen Nefertiti’s tomb—long sought after but never found—is hidden within King Tutankhamun’s tomb, concealed for more than 3,000 years in a secret room behind a wall of Tutankhamun’s burial chamber. Fill 2 Copy 11 Created with Sketch. It seems that Queen Nefertiti ran away with a group of followers to escape from Amun’s hands. Only because of this simple fact of being situated in Turkey can this discovery seem historical and remarkable. It gives the impression of being an antechamber, rather than a tomb fit for a king. July 2017 Hi, I can also vouch for the idea from my inner visions and other research that there were various groups that split off when Atlantis was sinking to go and build other cultures around the world. However, there are more secrets to reveal in this historical discovery. An English archaeologist claims Egypt's Queen Nefertiti may be buried behind bricked-up passageways in King Tutankhamun's tomb. Tradition Novels https://archaeology-world.com/manchester-victorian-baths-uncovered-under-the-car-park/, Haunting pictures show a mass grave of 113 ancient human remains buried in clay pots in China Your email address will not be published. Dream University of York archaeologist Joann Fletcher studied three mummies that had been found … January 2017 These show her position in the eyes of her husband and how beloved she was. Revelation Mind Gym Does King Tutankhamun's tomb hold Queen Nefertiti's remains? Intuition The shocking discovery of a long-hidden site in Turkey, consisting of an Egyptian room with air very similar to the tomb of King Tut. The mere fact that it was discovered in Turkey of all places makes this finding incredibly rare and interesting, to say the least. When a teenage priestess, living 5,000 years ago in Ancient Egypt, connects with Rhory, an English schoolboy visiting the British Museum, she puts herself and him in grave danger. Suppressed History This strange new ancient tomb was recently uncovered in Turkey which already makes this quite rare already, but what really stood out to the experts here is the fact that it points towards this all being dedicated to Queen Nefertiti.