North and East African flavors, exotic fruits and herbs, Korean staples and spices from Southeast Asia are some of the latest trends emerging in the market. Creative twists on classics, brand new flavors, and imaginatively innovative candy fillings are imminent. 15 Jun 2020 --- For many consumers, this summer will be mostly spent at home. With COVID restrictions, consumers miss experiences and flavors from travel and other activities they are missing out on in social distancing. “Raspberry has been having a phenomenal run in snacking over the last couple of years,” she said. -Aged, oaked, malted, effervescent, and even piney, as in the case of gin — these are some of the flavor profiles of beers, wines and spirits that food and beverage formulators try to capture and apply to non-alcoholic products (read more). Lime flavored applications are also often infused with strawberry, raspberry, mango, watermelon, fresh mint and coconut (, -In the beverage segment, flavor remains a key differentiator and the increasing popularity of plant-based diets and ingredients is introducing bolder flavor notes to the category with earthy flavors and botanical-based beverages taking off including turmeric, saffron, rose and dragonfruit. There are so many summery desserts on the blog. Consumers are seeking bold flavors from around the world that allow them to experience new flavor sensations, and restaurants can leverage this trend by creating signature sauces and condiments with a spicy kick. In the US, bakery-inspired notes are particularly popular (full article). Hiyashi Chuka is another popular Japanese summer dish that you would like to have in a hot humid day. -For the second half of 2019…more kiwi fruit and pairings with flavors such as strawberry, lime and cucumber….other popular flavors that will continue to be trending this summer are coconut and pineapple, both paired together and separate flavor options. Flavors are key to build up a complete and diversified product range. The summer months are known for vibrancy, boldness and, most of all, fun. -As globalization and connectivity increase, the “flavor melting pot” is expected to continue to influence NPD. Flavors are key to build up a complete and diversified product range. 5. | Food Ingredients First, South African soft drink brand taps into global health trend | How we made it in Africa, Runamok Maple Has A New Line Of Maple Cocktail Syrups And Bitters | The Whiskey Wash, Experts Weighed In On 2021’s Spice Flavor Trends, And The Predictions Are Mind-Blowing | The Travel, Hot honey is set to be the flavour trend of 2021 | MyLondon, Flavorchem identifies food, beverage and flavor trends for 2021 | Bakemag, Pepsi Releases New Winter Drink Inspired by Hot Cocoa |, Pladis adds four flavours to best-selling McVitie’s brands | Retail Times, Galaxy’s New Flavours Include A Caramelised White Chocolate | Delish, Hot honey is set to be the flavour trend of 2021 | Wales Online, 2021 Food Flavor Trend Predictions | Better Homes & Gardens, We Asked: Why Does Oreo Keep Releasing New Flavors? BPT Some flavors simply shout “summer.” The zing of fresh jalapeno peppers, tangy barbecue sauce, and pickles so crisp they make your mouth tingle are all flavors … The boundaries are increasingly blurring and new and unusual flavours are appearing across most sectors of the off-trade (read more). Top coffee flavors include espresso, mocha, macchiato and peppermint mocha, and top alcohol flavors are whiskey, bourbon, rum, mojito, piña colada and stout (, 3. consumers are continuing to seek indulgent and premium ingredients. Top Topics: Fresh, Fruit, Summer, Sweet, Delicious, Top Topics: S’mores, Toasted, Summer, Sweet, Graham Cracker. Examples: Rose, bergamot, pine, ginger, juniper, “blossoms”, beetroot, yuzu, Persian lime, lavender + lemon, oak extract, cocoa extract, pink peppercorn, Sevillian orange peel Himalayan coriander, elder flower, turmeric, citrus blossoms (pomelo, lemon, Persian lime & grapefruit), calamansi, lavender black pepper, herbal cola, apricots + honey & pepper, basil + strawberry &/or watermelon, ginger + mango or passion fruit, rosemary limonade, clove + orange & pear, cinnamon + banana + cherry, juniper + lemon + cranberry, orange + fennel, blueberry + mint, traditional root beer, orris root + raspberry, strawberry + lime + black pepper, pineapple + sage. Product developers have done so by highlighting refreshing and fun fruit flavors or summer classics staples such as ice cream, marshmallows, and beer. Filed Under: Flavors of Summer, Manifesto Cookies & Bars Pair frozen desserts with other luscious treats to heat up sales. Jalapeno, chili & cayenne & chipotle are have become accepted, but there is a curiousness for other varieties of peppers & specific spice blends originating from various geographical locations. Geneva, IL 60134 -Authenticity defines Ethnicity. The burger joint created a box featuring six camp experiences to keep families engaged and active all summer. Corn Consumers’ desire for clean, natural and real ingredients has fueled the use of floral flavor applications in the food and beverage industry. Juicy and plump, fresh tomatoes are another reason why we appreciate summertime. Flavors are key to build up a complete and diversified product range. In every case, the consumer preference is for natural flavors and the definition of natural is evolving to meet that expectation…in the present market, global consumers are looking for authenticity in recipes and to be offered a “new experience” when tasting new and unfamiliar foods for the first time. -As social media and travel continue to shrink the world and blur borders, American consumers are gaining glimpses into different regional kitchens, an insight which has prompted them to seek to recreate ethnic cuisines in their own homes. Let’s mesh the complexities of flavor with your brand development, technical requirements and regulatory needs to deliver a complete taste solution. Vive la différence (unique, creative & interesting flavour profiles), 9. Still, Baby Boomers continue to have the most buying power and therefore represent an audience that should be targeted with more traditional flavor options (, -As the American consumer base becomes more diverse with increasing Hispanic and Asian populations, the demand for new flavors is continually increasing. Coupled with the fact that Hispanic and Asian populations are growing and changing United States demographics, it’s no wonder that one-third of Americans eat ethnic food at least once a week, according to Technomic. There’s a case for saying that pink was the catalyst for the flavour revival in alcohol. Both bold and refreshing fruit flavors and indulgent flavors such as marshmallows, chocolate and peanut butter and birthday cake rose to North America’s Summer top flavor list. Also in demand are pairings such as raspberry rose, watermelon hibiscus, strawberry cherry blossom, blueberry lavender or blackberry elderberry, all of which make new taste experiences possible (read more). Now I think the whole cuisine is ready for prime time. -Particularly the younger generations – are exposing themselves to authentic ethnic cuisines as there is a growing interest in new and exotic eating experiences and cuisines introduce consumers to regional spices, herbs, fruits or vegetables. Whoever took notes from the kids at lemonade stands is a genius. Tamarind is hugely popular in Haiti and while the tanginess can make this flavor divisive, it has some very loyal fans. (read more). Seasonal sellers featured comforting flavors and bold fruit flavors. As expected, refreshing flavors like berry and pineapple remain popular while classics like marshmallow have shown growth. In mature markets, consumers are willing to go further regarding taste innovation.