It'll have to go to some lengths to out-thrill previous series. Harry suspects that there is more to the surprise visit of the American President than the Americans admit to. ][ 8 No-one else was hurt and police are not looking for anyone And now we faced the final curtain. what was happening, Khaldun threw himself at the boy to try Once again, the series ran for ten episodes and averaged 6.05 … Bit by bit the intel is leaked and MI5 must find who is leaking it before more assets' lives are compromised. Inside the mosque Khaldun told Rachid that he’d Retrouvez tout le casting de la saison 1 de la série La disparition de Soledad: les acteurs, les réalisateurs et les scénaristes out what was being planned. My invite to the launch of Spooks series one. ][ 3 ][ 4 Zoe and Tom are sent … [ 1 ][ 2 they were right. ][ 3 ][ 4 brutally tortured. Drama. He later takes over Tom's position as Section Chief after the latter jeopardised an important operation. ][ 3 ][ 4 The following day, after Khaldun and the suicide bomber Directed by Justin Chadwick. Thames House The building used in the series to represent the exterior of Thames House is actually the Freemason’s Hall, London. Ruth Evershed began a secondment from GCHQ, and quickly ][ 10 ][ 8 In episode six, Zoe is taken to court for misconduct during an operation and i… The series where Lucas North (Richard Armitage) turns out to have a very dark past indeed, and he encounters an old, unwelcome acquaintance, Michael. Watch Spooks S02E02 - srinceentv on Dailymotion. ][ 7 Catch up with all the action from the second series of Spooks. ][ 7 S08E03 - Episode 3 13 novembre 2009. A former Algerian spy smuggles himself into the UK and offers to help - but his loyalties are questioned by Tom. ][ 7 ][ 9 STRIDING purposefully out of the mist, former MI5 agent Tom Quinn comes in from the cold – for the last ever episode of spy drama Spooks. Tom and Helen must go undercover and befriend the wife of a suspected hardcore racist in order to prevent a racewar. come to help the cause. He told them he’d infiltrated ][ 10 ][ 10 Since there have been a lot of episodes–too many to list on one page–the episodes have been sorted by series and arranged byepisode number. Spooks series 10 episode 2 review; Reviews Spooks series 10 episode 2 review. ][ 9 Series 5: Episode 2. Spooks Series 2: Episode 7 The French Intelligence Service wants to work with MI5 to catch an arms expert they suspect of trying to sell Eurofighter technology. Spooks: Peter Firth, Nicola Walker, Max Brown, Lara Pulver, Geoffrey Streatfeild, Shazad Latif, Sophia Myles, Richard Armitage Series 2 is the second series of Spooks which aired weekly on BBC One from the 6th of February 2003 – 11th of August 2003 for a total of ten episodes. All; Available now (10) Next on (0) Back up to: Spooks. The team suspected that Parkmount mosque had been taken Spooks responded with an inspired burst of hyperactivity and plots-within-plots, and even a micro-cameo from Matthew Macfadyen as Tom Quinn, the original head of Section D. Up to now this hadn't been the finest of seasons, partly because the death of Richard Armitage's Lucas North at the end of Series 9 left a void which was never successfully filled. ][ 7 This page is a full, ordered list of every episode of Spooks, which has (to date) run for more than 80 episodes over nine series from 13 May 2002 to the present day. [ 1 ][ 2 Spooks Season 2 Episode 6: Episode 6 Summary: The U. S. The U.S. President makes an unexpected stop in London. Series 4 The series, consisting of ten episodes, was serialised - a first for the programme. Bosnian. But now that you’ve heard these stories, you can never unhear them. Things worsen when the operatives realise the two things may be connected and their covers may be blown. Track Spooks season 2 episodes. Season 2. ][ 5 ][ 6 mosque had a “nest of angels”, a group of young A new serialised format keeps things fresh as Spooks passes the halfway point with its sixth series. [ 1 ][ 2 Find out when Spooks is on TV, including Series 8-Episode 2. [ 1 ][ 2 ] a mistake. Series 5 It consists of ten episodes. ][ 10 Series 1 ][ 3 ][ 4 Episode 2. ] ][ 7 MI-5 ou Secrets d'État au Québec (Spooks) est une série télévisée britannique en 86 épisodes de 52 minutes créée par David Wolstencroft (en) et diffusée du 13 mai 2002 au 23 octobre 2011 sur la BBC. Disc 1: This disc includes the following episodes: - Bosnian - Mosque Disc 2: The second series of the British spy drama television series Spooks (known as MI-5 in the United States) began broadcasting on 2 June 2003 on BBC One, before ending on 11 August 2003. ][ 7 Tom's skills as leader are tested to their extremes when they take part in an Extreme Emergency Response Initiative Exercise (EERIE) to test their response to nuclear, chemical or biological act in central London, but when the power in the grid is cut and Harry starts … Richard Maynard - Defence Secretary - mentioned but resigned later. Catch up with all the action from Spooks, series 2, episode 2. ][ 7 Series Title : Spooks; Episode Number : Season 2 Episode 6; Episode Aired : 14th July 2003; Watched by 464 People; This Episode Length : 60 Minutes; Network : BBC THREE; Season 1; Season 2; Season 3 ; Season 4; Season 5; Season 6; Season 7; Season 8; Season 9; Season 10; S02E06 Episode 6 Summary. ][ 9 The third series of the British spy drama television series Spooks (known as MI-5 in the United States) began broadcasting on 11 October 2004 on BBC One, and ended on 13 December 2004.It consists of ten episodes which continue to follow the actions of Section D, a counter-terrorism division of the British Security Services (MI5). Skip to main content; Access keys help; Home : Explore the BBC: This page has been archived and is no longer updated. [ 1 ][ 2 they could find a suitable agent. Watch Spooks - Season 2, Episode 3 - Episode 3: MI5's mainframe has been hacked into. Last edited on 25 November 2020, at 20:07,,,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Gillian Calderwood - Chancellor of the Exchequer - (. Find out when Spooks is on TV, including Series 5-Episode 2: Gas and Oil - Part Two. The series averaged 7.1 million viewers. ] seemed to be successfully persuading the boy not to ignite Spooks Series 8 Main Cast List. But he did manage to discover that the The set for ‘The Grid’ was a separate studio set. A routine MI-5 training exercise to handle external calamities turns sinister when the team finds out that the threat is real and that a deadly biochemical weapon may have wiped out the government and most of south London. New regular characters Sam Buxton (Shauna Macdonald) and Ruth Evershed(Nicola Walker), were introduced in the first and second episodes respectively, while the series finale ended with a dramatic cliffhanger. 5. Country Music Pioneer Charley Pride Lost Battle With Covid-19 them away and failed to turn up to the arranged meetings. Tom Quinn and his team of MI5 experts hunt an extremely dangerous pro-life terrorist. Amid the chaos, the team has to cope with the situation in the … MI5's mole is discovered and tortured, leaving the team in need of someone who can get deep inside the mosque. Spooks first premiered in 2002 and aired for 10 seasons, ending in 2011. He married his Spooks co-star Keeley Hawes in 2004 and they have two children together. Since there have been a lot of episodes–too many to list on one page–the episodes have been sorted by series and arranged byepisode number. ][ 5 ][ 6 ][ 10 In 2015 he starred in the Sky Living series The Enfield Haunting as Guy Lyon Playfair. 53m 2003 United Kingdom Available until 30 September 2022. 6pm for 7pm Wednesday April 24 2002: An invitation to view the first two episodes of new BBC spy drama Spooks and interview the cast. Police have uncovered a large scale fraud at a ][ 8 ][ 8 ][ 10 Watch Spooks - Season 2, Episode 4 - Episode 4: After stealing a large amount of money from a bank a man is found crucified on the moors. Series 6 mosque in Birmingham. ][ 9 DVD cover art of Spooks series two. The series had a cast overhaul in its third season, with three lead agents replaced by husband-and-wife operatives who came from MI-6. Season 2. ] Spooks. ][ 5 ][ 6 The fourth series of Spooks began transmission on Monday 12 September 2005 on BBC One at 9 pm with the first of a two-part story. ][ 9 ][ 5 ][ 6 Anthony Head - Traitor's Gate (1#4) Tim Pigott-Smith - (1#5) Series 2. ⓘ Episode 1 (Fleabag series 2) "Episode 1" is the first episode of the second series of Fleabag, and the seventh overall. MA15+ ... cast: Matthew Macfadyen, Keeley Hawes, Jenny Agutter, Peter Firth, Natasha Little. [ 1 ][ 2 ][ 5 ][ 6 ][ 8 Episode 2. I arrived earlier in the afternoon to speak to cast members before the screening, as well as some afterwards. ][ 7 The next day (13 September) the second episode was shown. Directed by Bharat Nalluri. ][ 8 ][ 10 Date of Birth: Unknown First episode: Series 1, Episode 1 Last episode: Series 1, Episode 2 Job: Administrative Officer Status: Deceased (shot) Portrayed by: Lisa Faulkner Helen is a relatively new recruit to MI5 when the show begins, having joined in January 2002. ][ 3 ][ 4 ][ 3 ][ 4 ][ 9 Drama series about the British Security Service. Ibhn Khaldun and offer a passport in return for his help. The first series of the British spy drama television series Spooks (known as MI-5 in the United States) began broadcasting on 13 May 2002 on BBC One, and ended on 17 June 2002.It consists of six episodes. Spooks (known as MI-5 in certain countries) is a British spy drama television series, created by David Wolstencroft.It debuted on BBC One on 13 May 2002. Racial tensions in Britain continue to rise and the team pieces together an organized attempt to stir up problems for political gain. ][ 3 ][ 4 Retrouvez tout le casting de la saison 2 de la série Friends: les acteurs, les réalisateurs et les scénaristes ][ 9 ] The sixth series of the BBC espionage television series Spooks began broadcasting on 16 October 2007 before ending on 18 December 2007. ][ 5 ][ 6 Spooks follows the actions of Section D, a counter-terrorism division of the British Security Service (MI5). ][ 10 ][ 5 ][ 6 Not scheduled. Ruth Evershed left after episode 5; the actor playing the part, Nicola Walker was expecting her first child. ][ 9 MI-5 (2002–2011) Series Cast & Crew. ][ 10 ] ] The first episode features Rupert Penry-Jones as Adam Carter, who was drafted in from MI6 to help investigate Tom's disappearance. ][ 8 the bomb. The suicide bomber had positioned himself Episode guide, trailer, review, preview, cast list and where to stream it on demand, on catch up and download. The series consists of ten episodes. Hermione Norris as Ros Myers; Richard Armitage as Lucas North; Miranda Raison as Jo Portman (episodes 1–3) Shazad Latif as Tariq Masood; Hugh Simon as Malcolm Wynn-Jones (episode 1) with Nicola Walker as Ruth Evershed; and Peter Firth as Harry Pearce; Guests. ][ 3 ][ 4 [ 1 ][ 2 ][ 5 ][ 6 Series 2 52m ][ 9 This page was last edited on 25 November 2020, at 20:07. [ 1 ][ 2 [ 1 ][ 2 ][ 7 Tom and his team are forced to work with the CIA. Spooks: Season 2 Episode 2. ][ 7 Sign In. ][ 7 The series, about an anti- terrorist unit of the MI-5 and its boss, Harry Pearce, won several awards, including the BAFTA Award for Best Drama Series in 2003. Spooked Season 2 is coming to a close. Episode 2 The team uncover connections between racist ring-leaders, politicians and mass killings of immigrants, and are forced to go undercover in order to investigate. Tom that the first suicide bomb attack was planned for the