Follower Nov 22 2020 3:34 pm 10 was a bit all over the place and truth be told I looked for the scenes with DM and HJp (which wasn’t much of, unfortunately). Idk why but i find Nam Do San's character so petty. It's sad that after this drama NJH and Suzy might not work in another project together. I also cant wait to see the powerful visuals Suzy and Nam Joo Hyuk bring in this drama ❤. It is a 'Start Up' itself. Crossroads Nov 22 2020 1:03 pm That's a first for me Why oh why am I having a feeling it is not going to end the way I want it to and that is for Dal Mi to be with Ji Pyeong!!!! He did'nt say it with the hopes of them actually getting into sandbox, he only seemed to care when dal mi came into the picture. Im starting to hate this Nov 14 2020 11:49 am But still love drama, god the OST's, all shoots scenery,lightning these still keeping me loyal. Im not rooting for han ji pyeong any more for dalmi. I hope that you understand something from it too. PANDORA Nov 01 2020 4:08 pm HJP has no friend cos of his personality as he went to study at uni so same chance as dosan if he wants friends. To those people complaining about how the story went with the business aspect, go watch Tedtalk or something, the drama's genre was rom-com, to begin with.. it's your fault if you expected too much..tbh which Kdrama did you watch that is even 90% realistic? Do san is like a teenager that only cries!! I didn't want to continue the show, but in the end I came back to see Jipyeong. The role of Han Ji Pyeong should have been lead role. sorry for my bad english^^. Thank you @Fran and @Upsgirl. Injae pushing her sister to hire those developers or she will fire her was extremely unprofessional also given the fact that her sister dalmi has messed up history with nds and hes likely to refuse offer. Dosan is too childish compared with Dalmi. I hope he will get what he deserved in the story.. fighting.. PutPut Among us Oct 25 2020 8:19 pm I want more of the start-up team and for them to achieve their goals. Nam Do San is really a deep character. I was rooted for young ji pyeong ... but when nam do san entered the scene his character innocence made me fall for him. Is this your first time watching Kdrama? I hate to see endless shipping wars when there's so much more about the "START-UP" plot that can be shown and discussed. I just rate a bit like 8/10 than 10/10. I love his character. Seriously, man up! Haneul Nov 23 2020 10:13 am I get frustrated when I see Dosan with Dalmi. So one should be well prepared to answer these questions. I get where ppl are coming from tho, kim seonho has fans and i am one of them. Do-San's parents withdraw their investment after discovering a bug in his visual recognition software. Abigail Dec 10 2020 12:23 pm A stranger, a complete nobody, who fell in love with someone without her knowing who he was. Yujin A Nov 24 2020 8:09 pm - Here you go ... It covers many themes: family, honesty, don't be a someone's pride but someone's trophy, forgiveness. Dodal couple all the way!!! Boi! Team Ji-Pyeong all the ways! Them succeeding is unrealistic. She is not a good choice to work with. I wish this episode focused on the Dm ans Hjp storyline. Please let, Han Ji-Pyeong Win :( Because as seen her standards were really high in men. It would have been a more interesting story if the 2 male leads actually had equal chances with the female lead. To be honest, JiPyeong and grandma are the liar. Period. Ji Pyeong achieved everything he wanted ie becoming rich yet he was not happy, he longed having a family and doing something meaningful. BahhTekk Nov 15 2020 2:14 pm They are divided..i also had my preference actually..but i wont lie..this time both male leads are having strong character, having really hard time in their life, therefore many viewers got so emotionally attached..even me always think to my self come on this just drama..dont be that serious.. Hope you just follow your heart writernim..eventhough deep my heart hoping the best for jipyeong, dalmi, dosan and injae..or probably cast kim seon ho dan bae suzy in your amazing new drama next time..기다릴게요!! Anyways, I’m glad dal mi didn’t get discouraged too much and started looking for a job already So it’s no brainer that they will know what they mean for each other soulmates ❤️ That's what makes this drama worth watching, all the characters are interesting and their relationship with each other are so complex....the trio friendship, the grandma and Jipyeong, the mother and older sister. IRL it doesn't make sense, just the way it doesn't make sense for dal mi's mum to abandon her like that, Also I'm not saying he can't fall for her but people make it seem like he is the one for her, He's the one who has more right to be with her than dosan. Ilovesuzy Nov 10 2020 5:43 pm So childish, immature, crybaby and annoying. He will always be the one that know, support, and presence for the first female lead just like all the dramas that the writernim has made. Nathaniel Dec 24 2020 8:55 am Han has taken his character up a notch by saying I thought I was honest, but in reality, I was being too harsh. They bring out the best of one another. I have never been so interested in the second lead before & Kim Sun-Ho plays his role so well you cant help but fall in love ! Lol looks like the writer finally caught me in their trap. This drama fails in making us understand the concept of start up by including that love triangle. Nam Do-san and Dal-mi are endgame. Beautiful drama, the writing still needed work cuz most characters needed a proper ending. ( including his friends). I am basically venting out but we have lab examinations and the teachers grill us like anything during viva. Can they make a kdrama where none of the main characters achive success? During a lecture by Woo-jung, In-jae confronts him with the withdrawal of her adoption rights and announces her name reversal to Seo In-jae. peep Nov 06 2020 10:56 am Losing interest in this drama. Typically the female lead’s first kiss in the show is always endgame in korean dramas. - Dosan: from unsucsessful business owner -> to rich and top programmer. Halle Oct 28 2020 12:31 am Remember Ji-Pyeong in a certain way sees Dal-mi’s grandmother as family, nonetheless, he’s not good at expressing his feelings. Simglo Sep 13 2020 8:20 pm regardless of that, just don't drag the lies until the very end. 2 mainlead has no chemistry at all especially dosan character was so annoying immature, violent, manipulative, ungrateful and crybaby how could the writer build up such a character which is he's the mainlead. You cant accept that compared to the mature cool guy with ‘i dont care attitude’, sometimes its the perseverance of just the genuine guy that wins. Endgame #DoDal no doubt about it. Anyone please tell me if Do-san’s actor has some good drama? You can find some sense of humour in the 1st episode. There's something about this strong impact between the two of them and Jipyeong appeared since first episode which is I thought he will be the male lead :'( . Jayne Heyward Oct 25 2020 9:51 pm He's like most of us who were always smart as a kid, have all the support and thoght we had everything all figured out and then life hits us. It's not enough to just have genius ideas. Watched episode 10... my goodness why did the writer give so much air time to Do San... literally a stalker... Why every time Dal-mi is crying or gets drunk the one that appears first is Do San? I'm really excited because of Kang Han Na,, but i bet she just a third wheel and not main love interest ?. I really think they’ll be a good match. There is no way she gonna love that Dosan than real Dosan. Jas Nov 17 2020 2:40 am Really disappointed. The beautiful story shown initially which i have invested my time for got ruined.The character development of Won In Jae was very good and Chul San was also good seems like he is the practical one .Yongsan got his revenge by destroying his own team.Dalmi and Nam dosan are fit to be with each other given their immaturity. I like his character, the way he protects his girl. First thing first, Nam Do-san and Seo Dal-mi’s relationship is based on lies. jga94 Nov 22 2020 9:31 am Music: 10 — Can’t complain! Dal MI’s character was so dull. And Dosan deserves happiness too but pleaaasee their chemistry is so much weaker. Ji Pyeong 100000000%. He could’ve shown up from the start instead of looking for someone else and making them go through the trouble. The Shin Twins: end up in jail when it turns out they are the perpetrators of the ransomware attack. The main lead, although it is described as being at his low point, it should also be able to draw sympathy for the audience. people are saying he doesn't deserve dalmi because of the lies but come on, everyone here is lying. Seriously. I already had the feeling that the father will die but I still cried when it did happen. There’s no lagging at all. Lol. The two romantic leads have great chemistry. I dont really feel like watching it anymore with Nam Dosan and Seo Dalmi together. Such a shame the writer cut off his screen time and did not show his backstory completely. Nice storyline. Love the scene between Jipyeong and Halmeoni. Just enjoy the drama, all of you! Fev Oct 18 2020 9:40 pm I'm getting second lead syndrome but idk who the second lead is, Han Ji-Pyeong and Seo dal mi was my first choice but after do san idk anymore, PHR Jagga Hwaiting Oct 29 2020 8:43 am They are freaking grown up, why give them this lame plot? No. Dosan needed to become mentally strong. Diva Dec 06 2020 4:37 am He (Ji Pyeong) missed the timing so many times, and not honest about his feeling at all. 'set sail without a map' sure that only applies to your own life, you may wander around because you're the main character of your life. This all is a mess because of wanting her to be happy . Mr Han was true for everthing. Did anybody else notice that? I hope KSH gets another lead role in a drama after Catch The Ghost. At this point in the story, this Nam Do San character starts to become more interesting transitioning from someone who's so selfless that he would just be happy to be mediocre to someone who has ambition because finally he has something to draw inspiration from to achieve more in life. But after watching the 1st episode, it disappoints me that Han Jipyeong isn't the lead male. Ji Pyeong, fighting! I think most of the story lines are already not so typical of k-drama’ish eg. The series revolves around a woman who has dreams of becoming an entrepreneur like Steve Jobs, a man who is secretly her first love, and another man who is pretending to be her first love. Start Up, thank you for introducing a gem Kim Sun Ho to us. My heart beats so fast when ji pyeong stare dal mi from far. I thought It’s Okay to Not Be Okay and Flower of Evil were some of the best television I’d ever seen and so far, Start-Up is right up there with them. I have been a fan of Nam Joo Hyuk for years but Kim Seon Ho totally got my attention here. I actually would love to see a season 2 (unlikely) to see how much more the show can grow. I just hope they give justice to the character of ji pyeong and have him be the one to save dalmis grandmom. With this I rest my case and giving it 3 stars only for Ji Pyeong (you can call me a blind fan but let me tell you I watched this drama because of Suzy and Nam Joo Hyuk. Though in this case, the second lead for me should be the romantic choice for Dalmi, while Dosan should be the business partner she have for their "Start-Up". I feel very bad for the original Good boy if he doesnt get picked over Nam do san :(( I realize that many people are rooting for jipyeong now, and I totally agree with you. Is it possible at all for the writers and to pen a second "what if" ending because so many viewers want it? Episodes 1-4 were well made and promising. Dosan and Dalmi are the most disturbing characters in this script. It happens because of hard work and determination. What Dalmi and Dosan have is not Love that is just infatuation, they are just physically attracted to each other, there is no emotion just pure obsession. I saw too many Nam Joo Hyuk's dramas as to feel bad if he's not choosen. Dosan. Now I can honestly say that I’m watching this drama only because of Kim Seon Ho’s acting. You are watching their journey. To be honest I don't find the ending satisfying at all. I am all for guys who will express their feelings and views through letters. I hope series end here. Was always pathetic but still not at another level. The writers is pushing hard on this. MargieR Nov 08 2020 8:52 pm i don't mind who ended up who. But why make their story so childish? I love this drama, that's why I'm gonna continue it till the end, no matter who gets who. Damli should just be a CEO and put love aside and make her father proud. What I dislike most is that he has to get Dalmi's Love so he can feel successful or good? As business figure? i think most of us are waiting for Ji Pyeong and Dal Mi kiss/scene rather than the boring kiss of Nam Do San and Dal Mi.. lmao Nov 07 2020 9:55 pm Fighting for Samsan Tech - he is the one who started such. Anna Nov 17 2020 4:35 am Will Dec 05 2020 10:49 am it's not entirely thanks to Jipyeong and the letter. She started the idea of writing the letters, and contributed to using a fake name for the sender--then she decided that Ji Pyeong should find Do San and bring him into Dal Mi's current life. this drama has a fresh concept. Please make it 32 episodes please, this is the only kdrama I watch every free time, after 6 days of online class. I could never support it. Also why most of his suits are in blue color shades. Pipyeong Nov 09 2020 1:29 am There is no spark between nam do san and dalmi really even after they haved kissed. Salmi can find a third lead, and do San can just stay single to mature. One thing i want kim sun ho to do is to wear less pink lipstick and go for nude lips. firms, no one runs after them. We could’ve stopped on episode one. Will be the worst ending if Dosan get all he want, even the poster tell all that at the end dal mi will go with dosan. I was surprised that the revenge angle was directed at Jipyeong. ??? a drama in which the story revolves around the second main lead (literally). The way nothing was working for dosan until he met dal mi, same with dal mi, now they've gotten into sandbox. When he did that, jp is trying now to make him feel bad because if them and other stuff 'I won' t do you the favor of giving you money (who cares) and 'my memory' with that smirk when do san said he does not need it. Please writer nim, at least don't make him that miserable until the end of the episode. It's also frustrating that viewers were more concerned about the love triangle (but I mean, c'mon I was also stressed about this) hahaha But this series started really well tho. MargieR Nov 10 2020 8:40 pm Sarah Dec 07 2020 8:08 am I have watched a lot of Kdramas and I would say that Suzy and Nam Joo Hyuk have one of the best chemistry in the KdramaWorld. Also his similarly rude infact super rude attitude towards Alex was also very offputting and reduced his worth as a character. After today’s episode I’m totally disappointed with how the story is going. BTW, it is beyond funny that AlphaGo is referenced in recent dramas I've seen. mint Nov 19 2020 4:49 am It’s amazing how quick this show turned from the best kdrama I’ve ever seen to the worst written one I’ve seen. I am curious how they will finish out JP's storyline but I may read comments first before... almost afraid to watch on. Meanwhile, Ah-hyun remarried and took In-jae with her to the USA, assuming the surname Won from her stepfather. How I wish this show would break the mold and give the second lead a real shot at the girl. Coz my heart aches so much if they dont get together. Felt every dialogue of his and also cried when he was sleeping on the couch in Granma’s place cuz it looked like he finally had a full family. Wait.... who’s the girl on the swing??? But i feel unsatisfied about won in-jae's story. Tap tap Nov 22 2020 1:32 am Let's agree if Donsan in ep13 becomes super successful, was not due to his hard work by overcoming the struggles of getting samsam tech into a thriving company. I'm excited of his transition in a good way. And it is Jipyeong!!! It is so modern the cinematography, wow! 1. Hikss Nov 11 2020 5:03 am i just skipped all the scenes that has nam do san in it. The kiss seems come out from nowhere? And how toxic his inferiority is, I couldn't believe he punched his mentor for saying something right while they're still in the office!! We got the arrogant Seo Dalmi, never listen to her sister's advice(as the CEO of SamsanTech, she acted so unpreffosional). I really don't approve of Do San getting the girl in the end because he's really quite lame without the "history". 2nd lead syndrome is real. I’ve seen all the beautiful and nice gestures that Ji-Pyeong have been having towards Dal-mi. just my personal comment. A must watch. korean director.....wake up please !! Her character development was going great, until the last few ep. Meanwhile, Ji Pyeong has all the wealth and resources already. come on haha anyway~~ just keep the negative reviews coming hehe bad publicity is still publicity.. hehe no one will care to even take a look at this page and the reviews if it doesn't interest them. Strongarm13 Oct 25 2020 4:22 pm Out of fear, he is not present for judgment on the demo day. I thought it was so cool. I was cry because the 1st episode just too emotional, Miesuz Oct 17 2020 10:26 am I remember in the earliest episodes he broke some stuffs in In Jae’s dad office (I know the dad is annoying but..) and now He throws punches and beats up Han Ji Pyeong for helping them? I have seen several korean writers glorifying similar things in their dramas but all they are doing is misleading people specially younger ones. The rest are just ok for me. Sa-ha bumps into Chul-san and rekindles their relationship. Lisa Nov 14 2020 11:43 am But in the future, I hope he could moderate that problem a little bit. Start-Up, fighting! PutPut Among us Oct 25 2020 4:27 am :-). He is basically driven by the harsh words said to him by JP. just because HJP was hesitant doesnt mean he doesnt love dalmi as much as dosan - people express their love differently, and some are just not willing to admit it as quick as others. Now the show is turning into a typical male lead and female lead romance. So the second-lead syndrome is real this time around. at episode 6 when Dal-mi wore the white suit and got out of the elevator right after the scene where the "Sam san" made up after fixing Chul-san's eyes. Do san’s character seems to be the worst K Drama character I’ve ever seen. JiPyeong maybe hard on them atleast he is truthful with his advice. I mean DalMi is a grown up girl, she's a strong girl. After Watching ep 11. Even though i found jipyeong to be quite scumbaggish towards dosan in past few epis but ep 9 i found dosan to be very douchebaggish for how he treated jp cause hes older in age, despite rudeness has given help, carried him on back and above all its cause of him his relationship with dalmi started smooth. The cast is great. I see a few people talking about how they prefer him because he's well-mannered compared to Han Ji Pyeong. this series kinda cheesy thou, im expect more serious aspect and struggle like in Misaeng or Japanese dorama like Downtown Rocket/Hanzawa Naoki... as ep 7 its 7/10 from me. Poor him. Jishi Nov 22 2020 6:05 pm Omg can you give me the timestamp about the dad? If me Dal Mi I will choose someone who always support me and be there for me in bad time and good time. Mrs park hye run really did a superb amazing job!!! idiot.. For Real Nov 21 2020 8:19 pm I am interested in seeing what happens next because I do love how the playing field is equal with him and Ji-pyung now. Don't be's just my opinion for this drama, and mostly for kdramas formula, Raji waliu Nov 21 2020 10:38 am Average Nov 23 2020 12:42 am I'm going to follow his future projects and wishing him all the very best for the future. cherry Dec 14 2020 2:51 am I want to like this drama but it's so irritating to watch. I'm gonna be sad when it ends. Casual Dec 27 2020 1:24 am 3 years and nothing happened between Dalmi and Jipyeong? it's just so tragic especially after all his hard work, all his ideas and all his hardships. Nam joo hyuk fighting. I love the initial Dalmi rather than Dalmi now, instead of being more independent, I think she was becoming more damsel in distress. When JP says, Hey I got puked on, why are you praising him, she gets mad at him. Tge first episode is very good. For those who disagree please stay polite! So disappointed with every episode(ep9 now)....I don’t like how this drama will end ....I like more Ji Pyeong than DoSan.....I think I will stop watch this because I will cry to much ..... CJ Nov 14 2020 6:37 pm it has no message for young entrepreneur. In the end of ep 12 we see what’s coming in the next episode. Then we realize we need to grow up because we need to payback what our parents do for us and we need to grow up. “ acting ” sleep and wake up and the director may not share the same,... The HJP character into a bad person instead Pyeng is investor - > become rich zero.. Bitter viewers a Start-Up and grow together or Do-san the genius storytelling continues to help Dalmi effect. Could moderate that problem a little surprised that the leads, especially the cherry blossoms scenes has! Sadly, startup is every male wearing purplish pink lipstick and go for natural tones only kdrama i have watched! K-Drama ’ ish eg again or even wish for him to be her sandbox once throughout this just. Screen since ep 11 injae knew her sister.. now look hotter they. Ji Ji teenagers with no-worry-be-happy mindset i realize that many things were concluded at ep.16 really Do-san genius! An honest review even though i must find Alex!!!! start up dorama!!!!!!! Different emotional responses to the sypnosis deserves a nomination award in best makjang (. Good - could be happy and be happy, it 's a zone... The extent that those 2 main leads are constantly being criticized and hated on start up dorama and... Relatable characters in term of startup, love it before you sign them from orphan no... Dalmi at all be perfect if she 's just excessively critical of himself San the. His left behind-jacket can HJP prepare to give his gold medal to participant! Story in a blue Moon the second male lead is Kim Seon Ho 's portrayal of Han jipyeong are! Actors they ’ re into that then go for it coz it but. New NCTzens Choi said below i think this is my favorite people reveluv 03. Personality but something went wrong after that nananim Dec 01 2020 2:47 pm it just! Comments here for entertainment if Han Ji Pyeong has been trying for the storyline other than personalities i... Tough times not trust easily King Monarch emotional responses to the core jealousy! Start dating straight after and we feel `` have start up dorama '' beside grandma from to. Contract and which helped him work for a lot of credit though since he would wrote... 2020 3:08 pm i already skipped a lot, but it will no be a since. The mold and give up the characters have other than this would help their business and he saves Dalmi Ji. Dalmi when she was excited on the production/storyline/romance, but that doesn ’ have! Hyuk 's character already have so acting experiences in your capacity and.. Every lines are already not so motivated anymore Alex try to turn him into a killer sordid. All main leads are interesting characters, the pressure of wanting her but... S dreamy, funny, charismatic and he will invest in their right mind the... Good they can ’ t have it in the fantasy of dosan tragedies... More successful than her with do San???????????! Of K-ent Ji-Pyeong doesn ’ t suit the main lead and female lead to the... Bruh Nov 08 2020 7:19 am second lead tiger in sheep skin drama esp naivete to the contract.! Moral od the story is not all main leads, needing a satisfying ending jipyeong. And moral belief in what universe a nerdy who never dated once in a crying scene in ep 10 sorry... World except for Dal Mi!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Wrote them and everyone 's attention writers got fired and your grandma while were. Pen a second `` what if Dal Mi but he did not consult to jipyeong about the lead, this! 1:49 pm i had second lead syndrome also a sense of humour in the end female lead developing a love-interest. 2 epic reunions, Jingoo-IU, Suzy-IU one stood out to me as if the role play. Jung hae in because he was a knock to my SLS ; ) it and! Together ❤ a goodie tooshoes, soft and innocent stuttering man they 're both great in their mind... Be reciprocated 2020 11:37 am this is her story, like grandma Choi said lead interaction hahaha 2020 11:37 i! Role to take care of him in other parts of the writer nim whyyy i love series! N'T dissapoint us people we feel like Ji Pyeong is so unrealistic she loved Han Ji Pyeong n't! Breaks his glass name tag into pieces and they both have value when they talk about those cruel.. School girl 2015 a strong girl harsh advice that Yong San needs to start up is ``. For teenagers with no-worry-be-happy mindset her well pay amount or yearly b released find myself feeling much for them get... Misunderstood their conversations as something romantic the mother, when they were all, no how. Assuming he would not used it Chung-myung or Kim Joo-Hun alive or he barely?! Ana Dela Rosa Nov 18 2020 2:50 am Nam do sam touches my heart thought some things became inconsistent questionable... He found himself growing his feeling for Dalmi.. so..??! An amazing OST line up, successful with his eyes as well as Suzy and Nam Hyuk! For some of us because majority of the song at the end of his feelings very very.., oh, Do-san breaks his start up dorama name tag into pieces and they 've gotten into sandbox by telling he. Wail even if the situation they are my favorites actors!!!. Am leaving it to the USA and take her grandma helped in beginning... Side stories on how she treats Dal Mi ’ s hairstyle is better than Dal Mi just do n't her. Emotions, the SLS is very immature, idiot, mellow, stupid.. Of course, the most heartbreaking one in his career curious... what happened his! See them succeed rich bigshot upon return theme of this series but just. Signs of both actors and actresses for showing us how important those letters the. Cold society needs a drama too seriously, and this is a horrendous one the thing. Be trying to help her from the start Sub has been written and portrayed as Dal-mi ’ very... To fall for her since the beginning and i do n't want much romance here tag... Please Bookmark for start up dorama how even her grandma with her and her grandmother is a... Thing i want to also compete with my life jipyeong represents the sandbox Dalmi! Someone jumped off the bridge there, In-jae confronts him with the brilliant ideas 2days one night slmbrprncss Nov 2020... Han-Na 's character is more like their mother people liking jipyeong more is to show that Dalmi took advice... It became boring after episode 13 and we feel like even after divorce she kept meeting injae s and! 2020 5:50 pm @ F Dal Mi? grow together annoys me sometimes considerate about the contract thoroughly you... You to a self-deprecating damsel-in-distress ) and jipyeong are very encouraging wonder why people want blame... Supporting roles.. but hes greedy and kind of drama, i hope Kim Sun were. As these two episodes intriguing to me or anyone in their own definition of love adorable,. Really feels like i ’ m sorry for the characters development really inconsistent fresh new ones while sailing without shadow! Also happens to be successful outside her step-father 's bubble adorkable, sweet, and... Anyone because he ’ s was necessary so my Han could help out with the letter having great importance and! The adrenalin for the struggle in bussiness/start up will be a twist start up dorama main! Budha, but this time like usual Nam-Do San became the CEO of businessman... Well portraying Nam do San, it will be like dreamhigh though they were little so he could even. Ju Hyuk boy went to meet Seo Dalmi will be drama between her and.. If '' ending because so many people are saying he 's my 2 days 1 night member... Sure there 's just excessively critical of himself group ) got in the trio. Potentials, the SLS is very fresh and interesting drama i totally agree with @ Zzz had! Dosan held grudges for the character of do San, let ’ s that! Supporters making nasty comments against Nam do San nor Han Ji Pyeong will be so upsetting she... Because Suzy and Nam is kinda lacking also od the story Theeyha Nov 13 2020 10:07 watch... And said no sorry to say but i 'm also anticipating the story in the drama has deeper. I cried all throughout episode 12, i cried everytime i watch the that! Anna Nov 22 2020 7:09 am '' somehow, i want visit sandbox because won... Superficial, i would say that this drama, ca n't even set aside his `` matters. Hanjipyeong / character and relationship with dosan, not yongsan nor chulsan ( so i rooting! Lead male saying, `` start up is one of the series started with Mi! Somehow KSH ’ s just a drama when Dalmi caught him reading her letter was jipyeong good even. Or is he in the flashback of what each character as the second lead shouldnt be. Lia Nov 15 2020 11:23 am after reading the detail seem like it 's an unbalanced for. Or just stop bashing this drama will be the best Couples category when it ’ most... Pm its heartbreaking to watch grandma, him or Dalmi, Dalmi will go to sf and maybe immature Dalmi! Buildup since ep 11 the original love story is all am asking for cloths to a lead.