The state secretariat like any other secretariat is a repository of authority of state government. Chap. Governor, who is appointed by him under Article 239 of the Constitution. 4. Cabinet Secretariat Functions in India The cabinet Secretariat of the central government of India plays a very important role in Indian administrative system. The SCO Secretariat is headed by Secretary General. population.State laws may regulate even the kinds of taxes that local communities may levy. Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON) is assigned specific functions under the section 4 of the Act which includes, inter alia, the duty; 1. to compile an inventory of products requiring standardization, and Nigerian standards specification; 2. to organize tests and do everything necessary to ensure that companies/ manufacturing firms comply with standards designed and approved by the Council; 3. to register and regulate standards… 473 The Legacy of British Rule The Free India inherited governmental machinery ... Unit-7 Central Secretariat- Organisation and Functions.pdf. Store Layout 5. All four do not exist in every state, and their powers vary from state to state. Monitoring of quality of Drugs & Cosmetics, manufactured by respective state units and those marketed in the state. CHAPTER 3: THE ROLE AND FUNCTIONS OF GOVERNMENT . They are the broad principles of personnel policy for the guidance of the DirectorGeneral in the staffing and administration of - the Secretariat. 13 pages. Unit-7 Central Secretariat: Organisation and Functions Unit-6 Constitutional Framework. 1. Table 2: 2004 Division of Personnel Functions (Kim: 2004 Presentation on Civil Service Commission). Functions of a Store-keeper 3. 3.2 Functions of National Youth Service Corps 52 3.3 National Youth Service Corps State governing Board 53 ... 3.4 State Secretariat 54 . Though the final decision is taken by the minister of the department or ministry the paperwork is done by the secretary. SECRETARIAL ORGANISATION, FUNCTIONS OF SECRETARIAT OFFICERS AND COMMON CATEGORIES OF GROUP ‘B’ AND ‘C’ (MINISTERIAL) AND ‘D’ STAFF. I.— SOCIAL INSTITUTIONS Man and Tools — Rise of Social Organisation — The Gens — The Basis of the Gens —Justice — The Growth of the Family — ... clearly shows the functions they perform. PAUL. Educational Administration: Structure, Functions and Processes at State Government Level 1. The It also acts “as a memory and a clearing house, preparatory to certain types of decisions and as a general supervisor of executive action”. State Secretariat Organisation and Functions State Administration Inter alia. 4. Each state of the country is governed by the state … He is Nominated by the Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs and approved by the Heads of State Council. Your answer should include the following points: Origin of the term Secretariat in India during pre-Independence era, when. The Secretariat assists the ministers in preparing drafts of legislations to, An important element of continuity provided by the office, which has. c����L(����2^�JꔱE�%���aʼ�3��N�\����4��qplE`��O%2�����.�\�3h�#s�e����ִ~�訋��;�ސ�Ӗ{v����ئ#x���֦���0{c��3=��fY+Kc^�k>G}{S˪�k�z�`��Nƚ�j�6oݍ�[�?��軜㐾�^���~iV����.hX�h��S?eϿ�eq]�UO�Z���4}a�����P�I��,lX^��-)�1&���fa�%��� �{A�o]��ڣ�gc��x��L̵��)��u��xͳ�_1���;|�-��P$����P���1�׼�Ç�D}����b�“ԗ�1;�b*j�Yۀ���s9Su>~ �3�~�~0�L#V_`�fb�M�(�NUt�Y߮=��Z`+�g,�Y��%��x��Sw�c�HY�.�Do�����^cw��}��b�v��݇�������Y��a�!����C��yS�f��>�L�#����X˿�/�X�"�ܔ��G���g_~)��~�>t7��U?a�@�.�z�����3����E9�L|7�h� �� The Secretariat, one of the main organs of the UN, is organized along departmental lines, with each department or office having a distinct area of action and responsibility. under the supervision of the head of the Secretariat Department. h�mbI��l���U�w�L��ը;�"�����2u7�Sod���45�\�������7�o����üJ��)w��ʛ,C��+�Yʥl�r �wYя��?U�k6P��F*�,[���)g����g�GX����E��gF,b�X�"��E,b�X���Z��̈E,b�X�"��E,b�X�"��l��F�X�"��E,b�X�"��E,b���)�l�di@���8���g4����0��@0���5���g���E,b�X�"��E,b�ij)��7��rӱ����h=P¢YO��&�z��ma�ٮ�|O�g����g���%. function of the executive department is that of policy execution.