Once kids are born they can be housed separately. Barbari goat is a small-sized meat goat breed mostly found in the north-western arid and semi-arid regions of India. All Rights Reserved. Gender: male. For example, the PPR vaccination is done every 3 years and if you do it after a year then the antibodies already in blood will react with the antigen, that is an organism and will be destroyed thus the outbreak of the disease. Watch Queue Queue Barbari Breed features. GST No. To my mind, Barbari goat in northern India is the most suitable goat for early returns. Loading... Close. our range. Pages Liked by This Page. [8] The world population is estimated at about 2.4 million, of which almost all are in Pakistan. The Barbari Goat is a breed of goat that originates from the Northwest of india and pakistan. The Barbari Goat is one of the 20 classified breeds of goats found in India. The Sirohi goat matures in 18 months of time and it gives only one kid per year. The coat is short and is most commonly white spotted with brownish red; solid colours also occur. The lung, stomach and intestinal worm need femindazole (Panacur) in pregnancy the kid every month and in adult every 3 months especially before and after rain. So it is a good idea to introduce goat with Kadaknath. Kid need milk 10 to 20% of their body weight per day do not overfeed. Review full breed profile of barbari goat in the chart below. HS and BQ  vaccine is given once in a year. Beetal male 2 teeth fresh 1 year old white eyes weight approx 45 kg ... for sale.. Rate: 26000.Negotiable. If the mother is vaccinated then you can vaccinate the kid at 2 month age otherwise vaccinate at 1 month of age. White & Brown spotted Male, age range between 13 - 24 months Barbari buck of 2 teeth and weighing around 24 KG [Goat code: 249] Tags: Barbari, Elite / Premium Goats, Breeding Purpose, You can find a goat in no bound area to the hot desert area. The kiddies of stomach worms so they should be de-wormed every month. They are thriving well in Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Punjab. Their kid is allowed to suck milk 5 times a day. Barbari Goat Performance Small animals with compact body. Now get Barbari Male Goat At 500 rupees per kg. Place salt lick and freshwater, in winters, give warm water. The Barbari goat is a prolific breeder it gives 4 kids in one year time. It is a meat-type goat, like Sirhoi Goat. Recent Post by Page. This will save from infection. Hall, D. Phillip Sponenberg (2016). Goat farm Kerala. And for external parasite on goat use tactic. Call Now Get Best Price. After 3 months of age, the Rumen has developed so they will start feeding on forage the leaves and hay. [citation needed] They have become common in a limited region of southeastern Spain, since … If the goat is purchased from the authentic farm then take vaccination record. There should be a feed store, medicine room, and a place for an office. Whereas this goat though small in size but produces over 6 kg milk per day it is kid once a year and the lactation length is long 250  days. December 29, 2020 at 11:13 AM . So give de-wormer once then after 21 days then after 6 months. As well as in Jhelum and Sargodha districts in Punjab Province, Pakistan. But, if we introduce Barbari Goat keeping with this then returns are immediate in the form of milk. Barbari goat has a good feed to meat conversion ratio. I am writing about Barbari goat because farmers have already asked me that whether they can couple Kadaknath keeping with goat keeping. Alnoor Goat Farm & Suppliar. The length of the year is an indication of the area of the goat. Goats are sold 300 rupees per kg, So 30kg Barbari goat will cost 9,000 whereas 60 kg Sirohi goat will cost around 18,000, so the initial investment in Barbari goat is low. The Sirohi goat is native of Ajmer and it does not tolerate high humidity and wet climate. Barbari is a beautiful small range goat breed. White Sojat Goat, Weight: 20 kg. Both bucks and does mature early and are resistant to common goat diseases. The whole physiology of temperate goat and the tropical goat is so different that they fail to grow and reproduce once they are shifted from the temperate zone to tropical zone or from the tropical zone to temperate zones. Call 08043048718 55% Response Rate. Today the breed is well adapted for Indian conditions and gaining popularity as meat goats. However, these live resources have a general mortality … Along with being good milk producers, the barbari goats are also a good milker and is highly prolific. Thank you. Keep the proper record of a vaccinated goat. Male White Barbari Goat Kids, Meat, Kurbani. The coat color is mainly Brown Spots on a white coat and White spots on Brown coat. The FMD, PPR and Pox are viral diseases, so no antibiotic is effective but the bacterial disease like HS, BQ and anthrax can be treated by the antibiotic. Tellicherry/Malabari Goat Farm Palakkad. They are well suited for stall feeding. It is also reported from Mauritius, nepal and Vietnam. Barbari Goats(male,female), Sirohi Goats(male,female) & Black Bengal Goat offered by Goat Farming from Dhanbad, Jharkhand, India The grazing goat suffers more of a parasite than a stall-fed goat. The tropical goat has log years (Jamunapari) because the blood circulation in the year helps in the dissipation of heat. In the snow-covered area and the hot desert at 45°, kills parasites. The adult male body is 40 kg, and the female body weight is 25 kg. Roughly they cost 350 rs/kg so 40 kg animal will cost 40×350=14000 rupees, so for a unit of 5 goats, it will cost 40,000. Valerie Porter, Lawrence Alderson, Stephen J.G. Above all the goat will be protected from rains and water lodging on the ground. The young goat till one month has no capability to produce antibody and antibodies are secreted in first milk then colostrum provided the mother is vaccinated. But the FMD vaccination is needed to be done 4 times a year this is Indian immunological recommendation follow the recommendation given on the particular vaccine. Breed nameOther namesBreed purposeBreed sizeWeight-Buck-DoeHornsClimate toleranceGood for stall-fedRarity, BarbariNoneMainly raised for meat productionSmallAbout 37.85 kg.About 22.56 kg.YesHeatDifferent colour variations. Skip navigation Sign in. It has wide range of coat color but the white color having small light brown color patches is most common. The buck will be purchased 2 months after the kidding. The length of male barbari is approximately 65cm and that of female is approximately 75cm. Black Bengal Goat. Offering you a complete choice of products which include Ajmeri Goat , Barbari Goat, BeetaL goat, Eid male Goat, Gujari goat, Kota goat, Nagfani goat, Sirohi Goat, Sojat Goat, Totapari Goat. The goats on the slatted floor suffer less of the parasite. The same is true for the disease. White & Brown Male, age range between 13 - 24 months Barbari buck of 2 teeth and weighing around 26 KG [Goat code: 224] Tags: Barbari, Bulk Order Goats, Bakra Eid, The adult male has Beared. This goat mature at months of age and start exhibiting heat or estrus. This goat breed is very suitable for commercial meat goat farming business. [3]:361, The Barbari is a dual-purpose breed, reared both for meat and for milk, and is well adapted for Indian conditions. [7] It is distributed in the states of Haryana, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh in India, and in Punjab and Sindh provinces of Pakistan. Also known as pulpy kidney disease caused by Clostridium perfringens type D this is caused by overeating. Both sexes have twisted horns, medium in length and directed upward and backward. The best thing is that you can purchase goats from an authentic source. Barbari goat is completely stall-fed it does not need browsing. So for two kids milk produced by doe is sufficient. beutiful male. The temperate zone has milk goat and the tropical goat has the meat goat. List of breeds documented in the Global Databank for Animal Genetic Resources, "Evaluation of adaptability to different seasons in goat breeds of semi-arid region in India through differential expression pattern of heat shock protein genes", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Barbari_goat&oldid=976721985, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 4 September 2020, at 16:17. Arya Solution Center - Offering Male Barbari Goat in Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh. Agra, Etah and Etawah are the breeding tract of Barbari goat in India. Because of its size, its housing is easy. For external parasite in shed use but-ox. Big goat male weigh 100 kg and need 30 square areas where the Barbari goat needs only 15 square feet and coverage area and the rest open-faced ahead, the length of the shed should be east-west. Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. The Eyes color is brown and horns are twisted in most of the male goats. The de-wormer given kills only the adult worms, not the eggs. But usually white with small light brown patches is the most common colour. The milk yield is approximately 107 l in a lactation of about 150 days. Get Quote. Its vaccine is combined with tit anus vaccine. The goat should be protected from rain and excessive heat and cold. As mentioned in the title these goats can be raised hydro phonic fodder so the concentrate feeding will be less. Sojat Goat. Chotu Goat Farm - Wholesale Trader of barbari goat, jamunapari male & kota male since 2018 in Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh. Barbari goat has a wide variation in coat colour. The Barbari goat is a dwarf meat goat breed that is found in Uttar Pradesh, as well as Gujarat in India and Jhelum and Sargodha districts in Punjab Province Pure Jamunapari Goat Breeding. In the case of the PPR vaccine, you need to give once in 3 years. White & Brown Male, age range between 13 - 24 months Barbari buck of 2 teeth and weighing around 25 KG [Goat code: 204] Tags: Barbari, Bulk Order Goats, Bakra Eid, Zing White Pet Female Goat, 20, 25 Kg Aprox. The Barbari goat is a small size goat weight is about 30-35 kg female, 40 kg male.