But maybe that’s because we picked the hottest day of the year to make the 3,500 foot trek to South Carolina’s highest point – 95 degrees with our packs on was no easy feat. We crested the final hill and below us was the road we were looking for and a beautiful river running along side it. Section 2 starts at Laurel Valley Access (where we ended our Outsmarted by crustaceans, but full of turkey sandwiches, we carry on. The pool is full of critters and Connor can’t help but try to catch a crayfish, without success. We soon come across a natural cave and can’t help but take a peek. This National Recreation Trail is South Carolina’s longest trail. https://www.alltrails.com/trail/us/south-carolina/foothills-trail-a9-to-a11 On-Trail Distance: 71 miles Foliage Time Frame: Mid-September – Early November Difficulty: Moderate-Strenuous. The Foothills Trail sections 2 and 3 start in upstate South Carolina and contain some of the most beautiful and difficult parts of the trail. My first whack at it was about ten years ago covering sections 4, 5, 6 and 7 from the Laurel Fork to Upper Whitewater Falls. Foothills Trail Map & Directions. After tackling the 76 miles of the Foothills Trail’s main walkway in September my dad and I decided it would be fun to hike every spur trail it had to offer. Off to our right is a small bald that looks north to North Carolina and the Blue Ridge mountains. The maps were consulted and we determined that we had roughly 2 more miles to descend and the sections ahead of us were some of the steepest yet. https://www.alltrails.com/trail/us/south-carolina/foothills-trail-through-hike It’s a really neat landscape. One of my best friends hiked it with us, with her four children. The 21-mile Foothills Trail was built on a former historic railroad bed and snakes through the Puyallup River valley southeast of Tacoma in Pierce County.  We started at the the east fork trail and hike down the chattooga trail for around 7 miles and back finishing on the foothills trail. See Pierce County’s newest section of the Foothills Trail from Buckley to South Prairie. The Foothills Trail is a 76-mile (122 km) National Recreation Trail in South and North Carolina, United States, for recreational hiking and backpacking.It extends from Table Rock State Park to Oconee State Park.It passes through the Andrew Pickens Ranger District of the Sumter National Forest, Ellicott Rock Wilderness, Whitewater Falls, and Lake Jocassee. We top off our water and then hold onto the heavy-duty cable spanning the gap that’s been installed to help us over the slippery rock. In the center of the site is a fire pit ringed with stone chairs. It was short but a nice intro into the addiction known as backpacking. Laurel Valley & Eastatoe Gorge. There are plans to connect this section of trail with the Enumclaw Trail which picks up on the opposite shore and heads into the town of Enumclaw. We were high on the ridge and had an incredible view of the forest below us. I am not new to hiking as I have done it with my parents since I was 9 years old, how ever, I am new to overnight backpacking. Camp there near Hillard Falls (or the site one mile past there). It follows Carrick Creek and crosses over it a number of times. Now I am trying to find a good long weekend section of the Foothills Trails to take her on to show a multi-day trip, but I don't want to take her on something she can't handle. No luck. Nice! The Foothills Parkway is a national parkway which traverses the foothills of the northern Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee, located in the southeastern United States.The 72.1-mile (114 km) parkway will connect U.S. Route 129 (U.S. 129) along the Little Tennessee River in the west with Interstate 40 (I-40) along the Pigeon River in the east. Scroll over the images to see section titles. The trail continued losing elevation and off in the distance we could see the road where our hike finished. As interest in the establishment of the Foothills Trail increased, a formal unifying entity was needed. For this reason it’s often called “The Crown Jewel”. This starts as a 0.2-mile paved trail and then becomes gravel and later a dirt track running between pasture fence lines. At this point, we reach a part of the forest that burned in a wildfire in 2016. It breaks the trail into 5 sections and we use those breaks when we write about the trail. Whether you’re looking for a day hike or planning a multi-day through-hike, the Foothills Trail offers adventures of every length and difficulty. When we could hear car doors slamming from the parking lot, we knew we were close to the top. Thanks for all the ideas, I really like Rain Man's idea but I don't want to double back if possible. this middle section of the Foothills Trail. The first 30 miles starting at Oconee State Park would be pretty awesome. Instead, Duke Power offered to build and maintain the central section of the Foothills Trail. With boots on dirt again we started heading down the other side of the mountain and, thankfully, back into the shade. Where fall meets winter in GSMNP. Local Club: Foothills Trail Conservancy. We snapped a few pictures but didn’t stay at the top for long. Spark and I wanted to tackle the Foothills Trail, a long trail that was a short drive from our home place of Asheville, North Carolina. Eventually, we find ourselves hiking through rhododendron and pine forests. After thoroughly refreshing ourselves we retrieved car #1 and drove back to Table Rock to pick up car #2. We kept a good pace for much of the morning and stopped for lunch early. We continued hiking until we reached a set of stairs, the likes of which I have never before seen in a forest. The Best Section Hikes on the AT, CDT, and PCT. When we got to the road it was quickly apparent that this was not the road we started on. At this point there was another great campsite that had just been claimed – it had new fire rings and benches, nice flat tent spots and a view to die for. After a short nap, we push our way back into the forest and through the weeds. I would think we are in good shape, so would it be too far/hard to go from Hwy 178 to the Bad Creek Access in three days or is about the same distance as Oconee State Park to the Bad Creek Access, if so, which one is better? There are lots of wildflowers growing here. Photo by Kevin Hanson . Burrell’s Ford Trail Access. This 21-mile-long trail is a popular commuter route and recreational destination for bicyclists, while hikers enjoy shorter, more manageable segments of the trail. The Foothills Trail finally splits off to the left to traverse the ridge and leave Table Rock State Park. After a short pep talk (including discussions of burgers and fries), we carried on. It features numerous waterfalls and stunning views on the eastern half. It didn’t take us long to pack up camp after breakfast, but it did take us a while to get back into the groove of hiking after such a hard hike the day before. Hikers yield to horses. The ghostly skeletons of mighty hemlocks, denuded by the invasive hemlock wooly adelgid, pose a stark contrast to the vibrant fall display, strangely beautiful in their own way. The chairs even have arm rests! Our water is running low but we’re lucky to find a stream flowing over a slick rock face. Finally we see blue sky in front of us and reach a bald outcrop called Bald Rock – clever right? Sign In To Add To Favorites Loading Trails The Foothills National Recreation Trail sits atop a historic railroad bed and snakes through the river valley southeast of Tacoma. Within minutes we had finished the hike and dropped our packs. County close to opening new section of Foothills Trail to Boise Creek. Breakfast was instant oats as usual, but lately we’ve been supplementing it with mixed seeds and freeze-dried raspberries to make it extra tasty and filling. Two more Foothills Trail sections start in Enumclaw, located in southern King County. This 72-miler has the trail’s highest point, its longest stretch above treeline, and a shag carpeting of wildflowers in late summer. The day started with a 1-mile moderate climb to the top of Sassafras Mountain. Lower Whitewater Falls . Frozen Creek Access. We came out of the woods onto the parking lot, and climbed the paved path to the top. However, we have not yet used their guide for any of our trips. We slept almost 12 hours after the exhausting first day. The Foothills Trail Conference was established on May 23, 1974 as a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization to promote and support the development of the Foothills Trail. https://www.alltrails.com/trail/us/south-carolina/foothills-trail-a4-to-a8 With pass in hand, we drove across the road to the park entrance and readied our packs. Contacts. Spirits high, we carried on. Our pace picks up and bit until we stumble across some ripe wild blackberries. Foothills Trl Crossing Hwy 178. Sassafras Mountain Trail Access. About the Trail. Uploaded: 4/12/2012. They were nearly vertical and dropped about 40 feet. Best of Puyallup; Contact Us; Downtown, Education, Puyallup Foothills Trail. Then the Foothills Trail veers off to the left and is a part of Pinnacle Mountain Trail. The 76-mile Foothills Trail runs through Upstate South Carolina, climbs the state’s tallest peak, rambles through temperate rain forest, crosses the border into North Carolina, and passes countless waterfalls, including some along the Chattooga River. Foothills Trail section centerlines that were gps'd and include information regarding surface type, maintenance responsibility, improvements, etc. The current Enumclaw section of the Foothills Trail ends at the historic Boise Creek Bridge. The following is an affiliate link. Heres some pics. Connor goes off ahead to see if he can find it. One heads north into farmland for 1.9 miles. Image via . We were disappointed we never came across a swimming hole since we left the park. There are lots of rock outcrops and some cool overhangs that we walk under. We have done overnight trip in Paris Mountain State Park to the North Lake and camp on the lake. A spur trail connects it to Caesars Head State Park. It’s exciting, but a little treacherous, when the trail has us climbing over and around them. There are great views of the foothills out to the south. The 76-mile Foothills Trail runs through Upstate South Carolina, climbs the state’s tallest peak, rambles through temperate rain forest, crosses the border into North Carolina, and passes countless waterfalls, including some along the Chattooga River. Matthew und Bob führten die Wanderung an. View Full Version : Best section of the Foothills Trail to hike with my gf? This hike along the creek is a great day hike for families and there are many great spots to cool off in the water! It was short but a nice intro into the addiction known as backpacking. I am not new to hiking as I have done it with my parents since I was 9 years old, how ever, I am new to overnight backpacking. Fatigue is setting in at this point. Amy had one mission: find a swimming hole. The trail mellows out in this section with mountain laurel tunnels and lots of shade – it’s very characteristic of the Foothills Trail and it’s a nice change of pace after the beating we’ve taken over the last 6 or so miles. it was a beautiful hike, but cold at night(reaching the 30s both nights). Lake Jocassee shimmers in the distance, embraced by hills covered in a patchwork of autumn colors. After what feels like hours we find the Cantrell Campsite (clearly marked), our home for the night! We finished eating and were in the tent before it was even dark. This trail is popular with cyclists, hikers, and horseback riders, and there are several trailheads depending on the stretch you would like to travel. FOOTHILLS TRAIL Bicyclists yield to horses and hikers. All in all, the Foothills Trail section 1 was an incredible hike but I don’t know that I would recommend it in the heat of a South Carolina summer. According to our guide book we’re looking for a campsite after crossing 2 bridges. Best Trails & Photos. Click anywhere on the photo for more information and a full photo gallery of each section. Cane Brake Trail. Some ominous clouds were forming in the distance and we could hear the storm getting closer. This is the guide that we have used for all of our trips on the Foothills. These would be a series of fun, casual hikes with family that would allow us all to spend more time together before my departure in February of next year—Caesar’s Head aside. After leaving that strenuous climb behind you, the grade of trail … The grade steepens even more and there isn’t much shade – while the undergrowth is making a comeback, the trees have not. Great Smoky Mountains National Park. But if y'all are feeling energetic, then take the side trail to Lower Whitewater Falls (about 3/4ths of a mile). It makes up the eastern part of the Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area, while Caesars Head makes up the western part. Table Rock can be seen behind us and Paris Mountain can be seen off into the distance. Sep 13, 2018: A Day Well Spent on Lake Jocassee. ), so I was a bit rusty after a long hiatus from backpacking to raise little kids! Continuing down a steep staircase the trail levels out and follows a contour line around the mountain. Start at 10,899-foot Molas Pass and climb east through Elk Creek drainage to the barely there trail. It also has a soft shoulder path for equestrians. The 2.1-mile southern segment starts east of downtown and heads south toward Buckley on asphalt for 1.2 miles. https://www.alltrails.com/trail/us/south-carolina/foothills-national-recreation-trail After acquiring burgers and fries and a banana pudding milkshake, we made it home to our cat Cooper who had been maintaining the household in our absence. Once at the trailhead, we filled out some more hiker information at the Nature Center just to be safe, and then we were on our way! If you want to give her more adjustment to backpacking there is also the option of hiking the trails in Jones Gap state Park. Black-eyed Susan, foam flowers, and phlox line the trail. It was my first foray into backpacking with all of my kids at once (and without my husband in tow for most of it! Sloan Bridge Trail Access. Shortly after leaving the falls the trail begins the steepest ascent and descent on the Duke Power section of trail. FOOTHILLS TRAIL MAP SOUTH CAROLINA 75 miles. Fall or spring would surely be a great time backpack this section! Just watch out for the Hatfield's and McCoy's! we respect your privacy and take protecting it seriously, Deception Pass State Park: an Unforgettable Hike in the Puget Sound, The Best Shorts I’ve Ever Worn: A Review of the Abit Gear Enduro MTB Short, Sleeping at the Foot of a Giant: Backpacking to Burnt Lake. If you purchase the guide through the link, you won’t pay anything extra, but we’ll get a small commission. Feel free to ask them about the trails and natural areas. Unfortunately our clothes were still sweat-soaked from the day before. There are many flat tent spots and new fire rings installed by Boy Scouts. To pass the time we complained about the heat and humidity and how we would never do something like this again, which is almost certainly a lie. The Foothills Trail shares a trail with Table Rock Trail for a few hundred feet. Sep 3, 2019: Toxaway Bridge on Foothills Trail Has Been Refurbished. The terrain here is pretty rugged. The idea for the Foothills Trail, a National Recreation Trail located in far western South Carolina, began in the 1960s as an effort to preserve and protect the beauty of the Appalachian Foothills.A trail corridor linking Table Rock State Park in the north/east to Oconee State Park to the south/west, was completed in 1981. There were a lot of tourists on this holiday weekend. I am wondering what section of the Foothills Trail would be the best to take my girlfriend on. After about 3 hours we find a nice little waterfall and pool with shade that we utilize for lunch and water filtration. Bearcamp Creek Hilliard Falls. We dropped our packs and set up our tent, collected water and made dinner. Lake Joccasee from the Foothills Trail. Sliding down the river bank, clothes were off and we dove into the river. Length| 77 Miles Location| Western North Carolina and Northern South Carolina Highlights| 13 Waterfalls, Gorges, Wooden Steps, Multiple Suspension Bridges, State High Point, Volunteer Coordinated Shuttles Maps and Guidebooks| Anti-Gravity Gear Pocket Profile ($3.95), Foothills Trail Conference Trail Map ($15.00), Foothills Trail Conference Guidebook ($16.00) I am wondering what section of the Foothills Trail would be the best to take my girlfriend on. With carefully placed steps we descended and soon the trail began switching back on itself – we could hear the telltale sign of a road nearby. After dark, a light rain started and Fourth of July fireworks shows could be heard in the distance (according to Amy). Even though he was exhausted from his last week as an instructor in wilderness therapy he still packed his bag and came with me. We went last weekend as it was our fall break it was experience for me. Early on Thursday, July 4, we drove separate cars up to the Laurel Valley access (A4 in Google Maps) where we left a car, and then to the Table Rock Visitor Center to apply for an overnight parking pass. The campsite is a large multi-party site. In this video I take on the divisive subject of which end is best to start at. Over the years we have hiked and backpacked a few sections and have fallen in love with it’s beauty and remoteness. to Hillard Falls. Start at the Bad Creek Access and hike north (east?) Round Mountain Gap. The City of Fort Collins Natural Areas and Trails Rangers frequently patrol here. The foothills trail winds a path along the Puyallup river, from behind Kmart to the bridge on 5th St. N.E. Please read metadata for additional information. There's a highway crossing where you could get picked up (or dropped off) at around there too. Spend some time at Hillard Falls. It’s a nice distraction as the trail pitches straight up towards Pinnacle Mountain. Best section of the Foothills Trail to hike with my gf. Hit The Trail “Not only does the Foothills Trail offer a superior hiking experience (Backpacker magazine rated it as “one of the best long trails [fifty plus miles] in the country”), it also provides access to some spectacular waterfalls for sightseers and photographers….” The Trail. If we were to continue straight up the mountain we would be on the Ridge trail that takes you back to Table Rock. They provide a cooling respite with shade and trickling water. Alternatively, the Foothills Trail Conservancy publishes a guide that you can find on their store page. While sections of the trail can be quite popular, like at Table Rock State Park or Whitewater Falls (the tallest falls east of the Rockies), once you’re a mile or so past the nearest trailhead it feels like you have the forest to yourself. We broke the 30.7 mile hike into a 2 night, 3 day trip. Get the app Foothills Trail ... A beautiful trail through the foothills in North and South Carolina. We keep trudging along and pass half a dozen bridges with no campsite in sight. Best Sections of the Appalachian Trail to Hike in the Fall. Can you trailside camp on the anywhere Foothills or only at designated campsites, they don't really answer this question on the Foothills website. Thanks for all for all the info. We find some shade on the rock to cool off and take in the view. Waterfalls abound here and there are a few little popular swimming holes. That will be the end of the line until a bridge across the White River is added, a step not expected until perhaps 2023. Posted on January 12, 2002 by Admin. All Sections 13 Spur Trails 6. Upper Whitewater Falls Trail Access. This section is highly trafficked due to it’s accessibility and beauty. Eventually, with more funding, the trail will run the entire length, from Puyallup to Buckley. We keep hiking but our pace is slowed. It is a popular 12-foot wide paved commuter route and recreational destination for hikers, bikers and in-line skaters. The 2,190-mile Appalachian Trail, 2,650-mile Pacific Crest Trail, and 3,100-mile Continental Divide Trail are collectively known as the “Triple Crown,” America’s trio of epic long-distance trails. The Foothills Trail has lots of ups and downs, so 5 miles is harder than it sounds. We’re treated to our first descent of the day and we couldn’t be happier. Chimneytop Gap Trail Access. Treffen Sie eine Wanderung mit The Local Hiker. Posted on January 17, 2019 January 28, 2019 by admin. Following a short path behind the site leads to a wire and pulley system that makes hanging our bear bag a cinch.