If you can filter the milk and get it cold quickly, and store in a fridge less than 38 degrees, you’ll get sweeter tasting milk. If you are raising goats for meat, you may have trouble deciding which breeds are best. read more Deciding on the right goat for your homestead may take some time, so be patient! Their hair is black and they’re smaller in stature than most goats. Please try again. The Top 25 BEST GIFTS for Work-At-Home Moms, Gifts For Homesteaders, The 25 BEST Gifts For ANY Homestead, How to Sell at a Farmers Market and Make More Money, Best Mosquito Trap to Buy or DIY: 2019 Buying Guide. Animal Assisted Therapy: Can Your Animals Help Others? You may be wondering, why not get a milk cow if you want milk? However, if you are certain that your goat is not dealing with a health problem and you are still experiencing off tasting milk then keep reading! Some breeds products more buttermilk which can be vital if you do anything with the milk such as cheese, but also makes it a big selling point. Pick a quality feed grain designed for meat goats. Add more grass hay. By leaving the bucks with the does they will be getting that nasty stench on your does, which greatly increases the odds of it ending up in the milk! Milk that isn’t pasteurized can contain bacteria. This dairy goat breed is one of the best for milk production with up to 2 gallons a day. Goat milk that is left at room temperature too long will result in an off flavor. Mastitis, the swelling of the mammary glands, creates a chemical reaction in the milk making it goaty. Dairy goats need grain, hay, and water. This breed grew as farmers learned to appreciate its ability to produce lots of meat. If you find that your goat milk has an off flavor, the first thing to check is the goat’s health. Plastic can easily hold bacteria which can then get into the milk. Your email address will not be published. Ok, this last tip is, I think, the most important when it comes to flavor! So this is definitely something you need to consider when trying to determine why your goat milk tastes off. Today, we are going to dig into some facts about dairy goats, their milk and the best dairy goats for milk production! Goats milk is high in lactic acid, a natural acid good for your gut. We all know that bucks stink during the rut! Goat milk from the grocery store has a goaty taste. It has a pretty bitter flavor. The World’s Best Goat’s Milk Soap is affordable Our competitors, many of whom package detergent to look like soap, price their bars well above our prices. Naturally, you’ll want to know what the best goats for milk are. 3 Tips For the Best-Tasting Goat’s Milk Take the yuck out of goat’s milk: These tips for milking your backyard goats will help keep your homegrown milk safe and delicious. Please click here for more information about cookies collected and our privacy policy. How you store your goat milk is also a critical factor in goat milk flavor. The Black Bengal goat meat is the best tasting goat meat in the world. Native dairy goats are more resistant to native parasites and diseases. What your goats eat is extremely important. I have also attached another link that details the difference between human, goat and cow milk. In my experience if the goats are fed more than 60percent of fresh/wet green grass the milk becomes poor in taste, Your email address will not be published. From food, nutrition, the weather and just what mood she’s in, your dairy goat may produce a lot of milk one day and not as much the next. Kiko goats are hardy and tolerate all kinds of climates. Ok, the next step to getting the best tasting goat milk is to be sure that your environment that you are going to milk in is clean. Best Tasting Goat Milk. Originally from Bangladesh, this meat goat lives in West Bengal, Bihar, and India. Also, remember that goats are pack animals, so having some milk and meat breeds together could be a great solution to keep each other occupied and have both types of goats at the same time! Bucks have wide sweeping horns that twist at the tips. Originally from South Africa, this goat breed is popular for its meat. As I mention when discussing Goat Milking Supplies, milking in stainless steel is crucial. Goats milk can taste great but what you feed the goat and how you handle the milk can make a big difference on how the milk tastes. Dairy goats are easy animals to raise, plus they produce delicious milk. Or they sell for less but reduce the size of the bar, so that by weight and cost per use their soap actually ends up costing a lot more. Today, they’re found all over the world. This goat is one of the largest of the dairy breeds. Because Toggenburgs are so friendly and gentle, they’re sometimes adopted as pets. However, just like cats and dogs, there are different breeds of goats. In fact, in my experience fresh goat milk tastes better than any cow milk bought at the store! Here are five of the best milking goat breeds: LaManchas are a medium-sized goat. I’m interested in the spiced warm milk. Their milk is around 4% buttermilk which gives the milk a nice, rich flavor. Milk Quantity: up to 1.5 to 2 liters of milk per day on average Butterfat Content: Around 6 % Protein: 4.4 % The Nigerian Dwarf goat is a very cute miniature milk producing or rather dairy goat. Today, 90% of the goat meat eaten comes from Rangeland goats. I mean, it’s nasty! Trust me, even the biggest skeptics will become goat milk fans after tasting your goat milk! One of the pros to keeping them apart is the flavor of your milk. January 18, 2016. S, they’re known to be hardy, a parasite resistant breed of goat. You can beat the loneliness aspect of having just one or two goats by getting several different breeds of dairy and/or meat breeds. You do not want to let your goat eat strong flavored plants such as garlic or wild onions. Oberhasli, called the “Swiss Alpine,”  originated from the mountains of Switzerland. They’re easily identified because they don’t have the floppy ears you normally see on a goat. Because they are so easygoing, many people keep them as pets. Also, if you are planning on getting your own goats to milk be sure to check out my Goat Care Section! Give the doe a dry period every year around the same time she’s bred. Because it’s high in lactic acid if it’s stored in a fridge that is higher than 38 degrees, the lactic acid increases. So always milk in stainless steel and never let your milk come in contact with plastic! Goat’s milk has a specific taste and smell, and not everyone has the stomach for it. You can recognize an Alpine goat by its colorful coat — from white and gray to brown and black. This dairy goat breed first came to the U.S. in the early 1900s where they bred it with other goat breeds and lost its purebred status. Feed your dairy goat 2 to 3 pounds of corn, oats, soybeans or meal every day. You will also want to read about the Goat Milking Supplies and 9 Tips for the Best Tasting Goat Milk that you will need in order to get the delicious milk … Alpines come in a range of colors-white, fawn, gray, brown, black or a combination of colors. If your doe has recently kidded, maybe just give her some more time and then try again. But the butterfat content of cow milk from the “better-tasting” milk breeds (like Jerseys, Guernseys, or Ayrshires) is around 6 – 8% butterfat. These can also affect the health of your dairy goat and her ability to produce good-tasting milk. Not only is it important for the health of your goat, but it’s also important for the flavor of your goat milk. Let’s dig into what effects how much she might produce. Keep in mind that they produce more milk, though, so this all evens out! Never allow her to stand in feces, this spreads parasites and worms. If the dairy goats are grass-fed, their raw milk will have natural antibiotic qualities that can protect it from harmful bacteria. I have one doe that by the time two weeks rolls around her milk tastes perfect. You can start your young kids on this diet right away. They weigh anywhere from 50 to 200 pounds. Black Bengal Goat. Goat milk also has no lactose, so if you’re lactose intolerant, goat milk can allow you to still enjoy the milk without worry of getting sick. But milk production is what they do best. Make sure you like the milk before you purchase the goat. Goats are pack animals and therefore love to have “friends”! Deworm your goats several times in the spring or late fall. Its ears are on top of its head and small to medium sized horns. Let her owner milk her first to show you that she stands still and does not … There was an error submitting your subscription. She is an expert with all things goat milk! Rangelands are best identified by their mid-sized hanging ears and a black, brown or white coat. The most common breeds found in the U.S. are used for meat and milk. French Alpine goats originated in the Alps, when they arrived in the US, they were popular because of their size and ability to produce milk. If you are raising dairy goats for a living, milk production is important. I know, I know—you’ve heard that goat’s milk tastes nasty. Learning to handle your goat milk the correct way is the key to fresh and wonderful tasting milk. From Spain, they were imported to Mexico then later brought to the United States. This means their milk isn’t the best for cheese or yogurt making, so keep that in mind when picking your breed. A healthy goat, a balanced diet, clean utensils and proper handling of the milk all play important roles in great tasting milk. But the Spanish goat exists as a purebred. In my post, Should Bucks and Does be Separated I talk about the many pros and cons to keeping your bucks in a separate pen from your does. Keep it chilled at 39 degrees Fahrenheit to keep it from spoiling. They also like legumes like clover or perennial peanut. Grains such as corn, oats, and soybeans are best. In conclusion, dairy goats can be an excellent source of milk for your homestead or business. Nubians are a medium-sized dairy goat, and maybe one of the most popular choices for dairy goats on homesteads. If you don’t have a lot of land, you may decide to go with a Nubian whereas if you want the highest possible milk supply and don’t have a limit on your land you probably will choose a Sannen. Its color can vary from light tan to dark brown. This is the best way that I have found to get the milk cold as quickly as possible! If goat’s milk is stored at a temperature higher than 38 degrees (most fridges hang out around 45 degrees), then the lactic acid has the advantage. You doe should also be fed  2 to 3 pounds of grain every day. Meyenburg is the best. The choice of dairy-free alternatives is just amazing and compared to a few years ago quite affordable, too. A not-so-good goat might only produce for a couple of months before going dry. Remove grain from your doe’s diet during the dry period. These cute, friendly animals are much easier to raise than cows, making them the best animal to raise for a small-scale farmer or homesteader.. While raw goat milk may be available in some stores, most often goat milk from the store has been pasteurized, a process in which live enzymes, bacteria, and nutrients are killed by heating the milk to certain temperatures. Follow these steps and you will be a lover of goat milk and your goat milk taste before you know it. By keeping them together you can end up with a very strong flavored milk. This meat goat has big ears, that lay horizontal on their heads. Spanish goats range in colors and patterns. Now check your email to confirm your subscription. People confuse Spanish goats with the word “Spanish” which is used to describe a crossbred and indistinguishable breed of goat in the Southwest. The only thing you need to watch out for when putting the milk in the freezer is that you don’t forget about it! Goat milk does not have to taste bad! I’ll be sure to … Follow each of these steps and you are sure to have delicious tasting milk that everyone will love! Alpine. 5 Best Dairy Goat Breeds for the Small Farm . I’ve also heard of some putting their milk in an ice bath in the fridge after straining it into their glass jars. Immediately after miking I put my jars into the freezer for 90 minutes to chill them down quickly. They are reddish-brown with black markings on their bodies and ears. Resume feeding her regularly during her last month’s gestation. Oberhasli ears are black inside and reddish-brown on the outside. If you freeze it, it will last up to five weeks. In my experience each doe is different. They have been known to produce as much as 3 gallons of milk a day per goat. If you are wanting both dairy and meat goats on your farm, you can definitely have both! I may or may not have experienced broken jars due to expanding frozen milk;) But as long as you take them out at the 90 minute mark you won’t have to worry about this. The next thing to consider if your goat milk is tasting “off” is how long you have been milking your doe. As the name suggests, the breed is actually from Bangladesh. If you are looking for some more information about Dairy Goat breeds, visit these resources: © 2014 - 2021 mollygreen.com © All Rights Reserved. Created in New Zealand only 40 years ago, Kiko was a new breed of meat goat. The Black Bengal goat meat is the best tasting goat meat in the world. Goat milk bought in a store often has a very goaty taste and has been processed differently than fresh, raw goat milk. Meat goats can eat a mixture of corn, hay, barley, dry bean screening, dried or wet distillers grains, beet tailings, and cornstalks. Pasteurization kills off harmful bacteria, but also good bacteria and probiotics found in the milk. Required fields are marked *, The Organic Goat Lady is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com, Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress. Rangelands are easy breeders, and often bred with Boers for meat. Since we had a house full of kids we went through a lot of milk. 1. Nigerian Dwarf Goat. The best goat to get is one that you can actually taste her milk to see if you like it. This seems like a lot of work to me and not something that I do. ... Oberhasli produce a sweet-tasting milk with a butterfat content of around 3.5 to 4 percent. This dairy goat is medium-sized with a short to medium-length coat. And, while colostrum is extremely nutritious, it doesn’t taste very good! 2. It's GMO-free and sourced from animals that do not receive growth hormones, and it contains more calcium, potassium and vitamins A and B than its more popular competitors. For a comparison of cow and goat milk, click HERE. To avoid parasites or worms, move your goats to different pastures periodically. They are one of the top goat milk producers with milk production after 4 to 6 weeks of giving birth. In fact, in my experience fresh goat milk tastes better than any cow milk bought at the store! The FDA prohibits the sale of raw milk between states, but individual states can regulate laws for the sale of raw milk. Whether you decide to raise goats for milk, or for meat, goats are a wonderful addition to your homestead that you absolutely must look into! The raw milk must be bottled and stored properly to keep it free of pathogens. You do not want to milk into a plastic container. Depending upon the breed of dairy goat, you’ll get more milk. This makes for stronger, tangy tasting milk. French Alpines are called Alpine dairy goats. Alpine milk gets filtered and chilled after milking the doe. I’m sure the Goat diet is resulting in bad tasting milk… But spicing will help. The best goat to get is one that you can first milk yourself. Ok, so if you’re still with me then you feel pretty confident that you aren’t dealing with an illness and your doe is past the colostrum phase of milk. Goats milk can be great tasting. This is a totally valid question, and one that has a few different answers: At the end of the day, you have to decide if a milk cow or goat is the right choice for you. A dairy goat’s milk production depends on: Good quality grain and hay are essential for lots of milk, The hay should be from legumes with 15-20% protein. You NEED to chill your milk quickly. So be sure to remove these if possible from your goat’s field to prevent having funky tasting milk! 0 Shares-PHOTO: Tessa Zundel. This meat goat is one of the best for commercial goat farming businesses. For centuries people drank milk from their dairy animals without getting sick. So which breed of dairy goat gives the most milk? Store goat’s milk at temperatures higher than 38 degrees (for a point of reference, most refrigerators are programmed to run at 45 degrees) and you’ll find that the lactic acid increases and you will get a stronger tasting goat’s milk. Their hair is … Alpine milk is low in fat, only 3.4% which is higher than cow’s milk. You do not want that smell getting in your milk. So, what are the best goats for meat? They created this breed to produce meat by breeding the Saanen, Toggenburg and Anglo Nubian goat. And the amount of time that it takes for the milk to be completely colostrum free is different with each goat. Toggenburgs, for example, are said to have a stronger tasting milk, which is why they are preferred for certain types of cheesemaking. In the Tibetan Plateau, where some 95 percent of the world’s yaks live, people drink yak milk and yak butter in teas. A good goat should produce for 9-10 months of the year, although the last part of the lactation (milking period) might only amount to a few cups a day. These can also affect the way goat’s milk tastes. Boer goats have white bodies and brown heads. Honestly, if you don’t tell them it’s from a goat they won’t even know;). Later, in 1936, more purebreds arrived from Switzerland. They also produce more milk. Nubians’ milk is 5% butterfat, the highest fat content of all dairy goats. One unique advantage of this meat goat is that it can be bred offseason. Here we are describing about top 10 meat goat breeds. So clean off your goat and be sure that the surrounding area is clean as well. Certain breeds may have “goatier” milk than others. Stainless steel milking equipment is the best choice for flavor. So, what are the 5 best dairy goats for milk production? They’re short-haired, but bucks have long hair on their spine with a noticeable beard on their chins. That’s right! I created this course with two of my fellow goat ladies and it’s my go to guide for anything that my goats are dealing with. Which milk tastes best -- Nubian or Nigerian milk? Their ears and horns stand erect and they have a long straight face. The good bacteria in raw milk aids indigestion. by Tessa Zundel. As mentioned above, the biggest differentiator in goat milk … We«ve got a big goat and a miniature goat, now it»s time to decide which is the best tasting milk! Some breeds just naturally produce more, but there are other factors, too. I only store my milk in glass containers. They give birth to 2 to 3 kids twice a year. Once a doe has kidded you need to wait at least a couple of weeks before drinking her milk. On average, they produce around 1.5 gallons a day, but their milk is low in butterfat and protein. After 90 minutes I transfer them to the fridge. The milk has been pasteurized, a process where live enzymes, bacteria, and other nutrients are killed when the milk is heated. Are you worried about having bad tasting goat milk? Again, if you’re just starting out then be sure to get the Raising Goats for Beginners Course, it’s a must have for every goat owner! Kikos have a white coat of long hair. Originally from Bangladesh, this meat goat lives in West Bengal, Bihar, and India. Things such as vitamin and protein content. This is a great way to diversify your herd and your business if you are taking your milk and meat to market! You want to be sure to wipe down your goat’s udder to keep any debris from falling into your milk. The goat milk may also lose its fresh flavor because it contains antibiotics, steroids or medications added to it. Their name comes from the Afrikaans word for a farmer. For example, most meat goat species are bred to mature quickly and put on weight, with little emphasis on producing milk. Approx. However, there are many variables that can affect how much milk she might produce. Reply. With their striking looks, they also have plenty of appeal as lovely pets and bramble mowers. You can learn more about this and all of the other supplies that you need to milk your goat in my post about the necessary Goat Milking Supplies. The oldest dairy goat breed, the Toggenburg goat, originated in Switzerland. But I really think the way the milk is handled makes the biggest difference. Does weigh anywhere from 100 to 150 pounds and bucks can pack 250 to 300 pounds on their medium, muscular frame. It’s definitely better to just take it out on time though and not risk it;), And that is nine tips for having the best tasting goat milk! They produce a large amount of milk, almost 1000 gallons a year. It really just depends on how full your jars are and if there is enough room for the milk to expand as it freezes. The feed should include a high amount of protein, at least 14%. If you’ve ever had fresh goat milk that tastes a little bit off, there are a couple different factors that would be playing into the strange tastes. Sannens are white and sweet-natured but due to their larger size, they may need more pasture. Wash the udder before milking. Have you recently taken a look at the 'alternative milk shelf' in your local supermarket. $10) as an alternative. The most effective and the easiest method that I have found is to place your jars or jugs of milk into the freezer for a period of time before transferring them to the fridge. Alpine goats were originally found in the French Alps. She sells it frozen. Unsubscribe at any time. Known for their amazing meat, they’re the star of American meat goat production. Today purebred Oberhasli dairy goats still exist. Home » Homesteading » All Things Animals » 5 Best Dairy Goat Breeds For Milk Production. by The Organic Goat Lady | Goat Care | 2 comments. While any goat breed can be raised for meat, specific types are bred specifically for the virtues most important for producing edible meat. They have distinct white ears with a dark spot in the middle plus white areas on their legs, tail, and face.