Although social networking sites was built with a great intention to extend and improve human communication abilities, there are certain concern and threshold on ethical responsibilities that should be not be taken less in the aspect of priority, consideration and effectiveness towards ensuring good morality, righteousness and virtue in human capital development. Here are some general tips to make those networking efforts more effective: 1. Specific forms of unethical behavior in the practice of networking include (1) bad faith or abuse of trust, (2) opportunism, (3) abuse and misuse of power, (4) network cronyism, (5) networking as disguised bribery, and (6) cooperating in the wrongdoing of other actors of the network. While scholarship in the social and natural sciences has tended tofocus on the impact of SNS on psychosocial markers ofhappiness/well-being, psychosocial adjustment, social capital, orfeelings of life satisfaction, philosophical concerns about socialnetworking and ethics have generally centered on topics less amenableto empirical measurement (e.g., privacy, identity, friendship, thegood life and democratic freedom). In social networking sites, data leakage problem can be traced back where it is most possibly to be caused by user’s minimal awareness and understanding on the ethical privacy and protection value on the policies used by each respective social networking sites. With t he rise of Online Social Networking, the ethical dilemmas are growing in number including violation of privacy, misrepresentation, bullying and creepiness. and compiled, it can give you an almost complete picture of the kind of person he is. 255-280). Ethical utilitarian networking is ensuring that your networking is not wasting the other person’s time, making it to be well thought-out, strategic, and useful. Rev., 29, 455-485. Social media have threatened the privacy of people who use it. Information Technology & People, 23(4), 290-311. Dr Wendy Pugh, MDU medico-legal adviser, outlines the professional dos and don'ts for the social media age. Most of us have some boundary of privacy. They actively publish and share information in social media almost in instant during or after any event or activities. Springer London. In this chapter, we will discuss several ethical issues in social networking as below: The internet contains wealth of data and it is always a serious subject of concern for privacy issues in social networking sites. While most of the definition and theoretical aspects of social networks do deliver the identical value in term of collective and social relationships, the desired goals and intention of participated collaborative users was unknown and the impact of social networks could be either positive or negative. Another ethical issue a network administrator could encounter in the process of reviewing employee browsing and email usage involves deciding what infractions to report. Social networking sites have become an essential element and support for current modern lifestyle and communities. I hope to generate comment and converation around these topics. With over than 2.7 billion worldwide internet users population in 2013, social networking sites could deliver boundless potential to its users to cater and support personal or business interest’s needs and requirements. Social networking has changed from a niche phenomenon to mass adoption. a company or a society. None of these forms exclude the others; rather, they should be practiced together. When speaking of privacy, two … [1] Light, B., & McGrath, K. (2010). However, earlier this year, there are news reports on Facebook users are committing ‘Virtual Identity Suicide’ in quitting and deleting their accounts due to privacy concerns and fear of internet addiction. This also concerns exchange relationships, but even more so the networks, where the number of actors and potentially diverse interests are multiplied. Facebook and Twitter are two of the most popular social networking sites nowadays which commonly used on daily basis by most of the internet population to interact with their families and friends, build business appearance or meet with other internet users. © 2021 - Tips, Food & Travel Sitemap / RSS / Privacy Policy, 9 Must Have Ergonomic Products That You Need For Your Office Right Now, Mobile Dynamics NAV: Information Where You Need It Most, 10 Makanan Berkhasiat untuk Sistem Imun Badan. It is also inevitable that a continued development of international computer networks require certain unconventional activities … Practical Tips for Effective Networking. When ethics is discussed in general or in the context of marketing the issue of how (or why) to find a balance between the interests of others and one's own are always present. Computer & Networking Ethics. Privacy issues are the epicenter of these ethical issues. The main reason why I have chosen to research on ethical issues in social networking is that, social networks are currently among the major types of technology with significant impact on information privacy. Nowadays, social networking’s sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have massive amount of followers and users. Ethics in information technology. Data about people who use the social media can be accessed by other people without the consent of the owners. Although we can see that there a slight improvement and difference in the numbers of fake users which declined from 83 million to 76 million over the last six months [21], the numbers is still too huge and could contribute to a serious damage caused by the threat and impact of identity theft in social networking sites such as Facebook. • Business ethics is the study of business situations, activities, and decisions where issues of right and wrong are addressed. The practice of networking: An ethical approach. Despite of rapid and aggressive effort made by social networking sites to secure and protect its users from any form of online impersonation, the solution is still depends on the ethical value and proactive action from the users themselves to fully developed good understanding and self-awareness on the risk of online impersonation in social networking sites. [5] Kizza, J. M. (2013). Nowadays, social networking’s sites such as Facebook, Google and Foursquare have massive amount of followers and users. In this case, the administrator may use his own values to determine … In fact it is prehistoric [2]. A social networking web site is a site whose purpose is to create an online community of Internet users that enables members to break down barriers created by time, distance, and cultural differences [6]. Identity theft is one from many examples of ethical issues in social networking. 221-246). They actively publish and share information in social media almost in instant during or after any event or activities. Freedom of speech is a valid political pathway recognized as a human right under Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights [11] where everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression. One popular form of this argument takes a consequentialist position which holds that what make an action (design) right or wrong are its ultimate consequences [1]. According to an investigation by the Wall Street Journal [17], many of the most popular applications on Facebook have been transmitting identifying information providing access to people’s names and, in some cases, their friends’ names to dozens of advertising and Internet tracking companies affecting tens of millions of Facebook users even those on the strongest privacy settings configuration [18]. Social networking sites were truly becoming absolute hits among the user regardless age, sex or location. Ethical issues have become important to leadership and management practice as a result of many well known cases of failure by organizations and individuals to observe and maintain ethical standards. This is not the first time where Facebook has been accused and revealed for data leakage, there have a been several report earlier in 2010 where the largest social networking sites has been disclosed to leak personal data from Facebook Apps to third parties. It is a form of technique used by criminals to impersonate someone’s identity with intention to pursue or commit for crime. Analysis of more than 600 people, by researchers from the University of Vienna, found that data protection issues and social pressure to add friends were also among the reasons for leaving [10]. Such demands differ little from those placed on other members of a modern civilized community. Allow me to present a clickable ethical dilemma hidden under the Network icon in Windows Explorer, a.k.a. Introducing social networks. Due to lack of awareness upon the danger of social networking, these active users are more prone to be publicly targeted since they are available and searchable through their profile pages which contain personal information such as location and phone number. Rule 7.3 of the Minnesota Rules of Professional Conduct states that lawyers cannot "solicit professional employment from a prospective client" in person or by telephone unless that person is a lawyer or has a "family, close … Sex bloggers Alvin Tan and Vivian Lee have been charged and imprisoned without bail in Malaysia after they posted a photo offensive to Muslims on their Facebook page [12]. Currently, social networks have been dogged with myriad ethical issues. Even though the growth of social media sites is remarkably amazing and impressive, it is strongly believed that there should be a balance between advancement and control towards a more flourish and ethical society. It is a fact that most of the intrusions over your network come from … Frequent updates on social networking’s timeline such as current interest and location which are shown publicly as user’s activities can be manipulated and compiled as a valuable data source of information in data leakage. However, it is also reported that this year, there are more than 76 million fake users claimed by Facebook during their war campaign to fight bogus account [21]. It is a generally accepted policy to maintain access to the networks as open as possible; it is thus unavoidable that certain ethical standards be imposed on the activities of individual users. PAPA knows best: Principles for the ethical sharing of information on social networking sites. Springer London. Wh en the consu mers The problems of data privacy have been made worse by the growing number of youth flocking into these online social networks without or paying little attention to privacy issues for themselves or others [2]. Privacy can be violated, anywhere including in online social network communities, through intrusion, misuse of information, interception of information, and information matching [5]. Many people now complain that this is limiting their Social interactions. Click it and what do you see? For example, your system may get a virus (or other type of Malware) that causes the network to fail… or, ties up your systems resources so intensely that you cannot even browse a Web page. Cyberspace, Cyberethics, and Social Networking. This means that all respective individual in social network’s group must contribute and collaborate to ensure that the information propagation flows seamlessly and was appropriately received throughout the entire network. Home / Tips / Ethical Issues in Social Networking. Basic rules for users of METU computer and network resources can be summarized as: Users should respect spirit of academia. 2. Everything will be back to basic where the decision is up for us to choose and decide. It also includes sharing information, knowledge, and resources with reciprocity, as well as exercising a positive ethical influence within the network. Journal of business ethics, 90(4), 487-503. Some of the ethical problems that have emanated from social networks include hacking, stalking, credit card theft, and social network identity theft. While there are no specific ethics rules that have the word "networking" in them, a key goal of networking-business development-is addressed directly. The breach has resulted to a massive data leakage issue where Facebook users who intended to download data list of their friend’s contact list would obtained other confidential information which were never shared publicly on the network. Social networking may have transformed your professional and personal life but your ethical responsibilities still apply online, as recent GMC guidance makes clear. Current Ethical Issues with Social Media People are increasingly sharing their lives online through social networking sites with little concern for who may be viewing their information. It should be practiced in every form of networking, from utilitarian networking, emotional networking, and virtuous networking. pp 127-132. Identity theft on the Internet can arise in two similar yet distinct ways which are either creating a fake account or stealing and hacking the password of the victim [19]. According to latest statistics released by International Telecommunication Union (ITU) [7], there are almost 40% of the world’s population are online. The advancement of new information technologies has undoubtedly embossed many ethical issues and concerns in social networking code of etiquette. Thus, a solid and robust action plan need to be properly and carefully designed with alignment with latest information technologies in order to implement and practice good and excellent ethical values within the communities. None of these forms exclude the others; rather, they should be practiced together. The benefit of getting or sharing mutual knowledge and trust can emphasized both or more actors to gain profit from being part of the network [4]. IT facilitates the users having their own hardware, operating system and software tools to access the servers that are connected to each other and to the users by a network. Social networking is built on the idea that there is a determinable structure to how people know each other, whether directly or indirectly. For example, utilitarian networking does not waste the other person’s time with lies or false advertising about the networking meeting. Around June 2013, Facebook has disclosed that they had inadvertently exposed six million users’ phone numbers and email addresses to unauthorised viewers over the past year and blamed the data leaks on a technical glitch in its massive archive of contact information collected from its 1.1 billion users worldwide [14, 15, 16]. They write love postcards, discuss various themes through phones and e-mail, plan their lives, criticize some things and some people, and truly believe that their ideas and their thoughts cannot be eavesdropped by someone. Even though the initial target of a social networks are to achieve and deliver good value and success for human race, bad things still will happened. Ethical, Privacy, and Security Issues in the Online Social Network Ecosystems. Despite of its functional and useful potential in social and development growth in human’s communication, there are many ethical issues in social networking that should be taken into deep caution and consideration. Specific forms of unethical behavior in the practice of networking include (1) bad faith or abuse of trust, (2) opportunism, (3) abuse and misuse of power, (4) network cronyism, (5) networking as disguised bribery, and (6) cooperating in the wrongdoing of other actors of the network. Internet users seem to be mesmerized and hypnotized by the beauty and the power of online social networking tools which are able to enhance communication capabilities and social networking with endless future potential extension. Langford, Duncan (1997) Ethical Issues in Network System Design. Ethical Issues in Network Regulation Essay People always care about their privacy. Practical methods of utilizing business networking ethics. Both sites can be considered as the best example to portray how social networking really has changed our way of life. DeGenne and Forse´ [3] explained that social networks refers to a complex sets of relationship describing social structures made up from nodes or actors which involved individuals or organizations and sometimes even non-human elements or relational ties between two actors. Preview. The victim will be hold to be responsible for the consequences of fraud or action done the impersonators. Below is the photo from Facebook which was shared on public shows how Alvin and Vivian posted a Ramadhan greeting encouraging Muslim to break their fast with pork dish which is obviously non-halal. Most ethical and legal issues in computer system are in the area of individual’s right to privacy versus the greater good of a larger entity i.e. If you have been following the online social networking trend, you probably know by now that there has been growing concern over breaches in privacy caused by social networking services. Summary. ISSN 1039-7841. This Techspirited article talks about the ethical issues of Internet privacy. The uptake of social networking sites has raised questions about their potential to facilitate deception, social grooming and the creation of defamatory content, amongst others. [19] Reznik, M. (2013). Even though each of these social networking sites have been clearly mentioned their privacy policies, it is all up to the users to fully take control on what should be exposed and what should remain confidential. Networking doesn't happen in your office: Get out and meet someone new. Before delving into the ethical issues, let’s revisit social network analysis. All department users are bound by the following ethics code, even if they didn't sign the document. … Ethics and social networking sites: a disclosive analysis of Facebook. For example, with the advent usage of Global Positioning Systems (GPS) or location-based social networking applications, you are subject to accept a data policy that might covertly take advantage of your privacy to legitimately and specifically target you with advertising ads. Ethical Issues in Social Networking - Research Paper Example. In Ethical and Social Issues in the Information Age (pp. In addition, social media can be used by people to track users. Network systematically. Moreover, the proliferation of mobile devices such web-enabled cell phones allow for the instantaneous collection of information for sharing on these sites [8]. One of the most centers of ethical debate in Information Technology is social networks. One ethical issue is the method of communication through Social Networks and the profiles used which is usually like SMS language and doesn’t show the true identity of the user. Here is the best essay topics list for social media assignments Good Essay Topics About Social Media: 22 Suggestions. [8] Parrish Jr, J. L. (2010). Nothing is solemnly useful and at the same time, we cannot consider everything as futile. Some worry that Facebook could learn where you live, where you sleep, where you work, all with data from your phone [9]. In previous Facebook’s regulatory filing released on 2012, the social media company said that 8.7 percent (83.09 million) of its 955 million monthly active users worldwide are actually duplicate or false accounts [22]. This is an example on how free speech can be manipulated to induce an unethical hate speech to incite religious hatred. Utilitarian networking can be defined by asking yourself “how much of my networking is designed as a true utility for my consumer?”. Many users feel that their personal details are being circulated far more widely than they intended it to be [2]. It should be practiced in every form of networking, from utilitarian networking, emotional networking, and virtuous networking.