Mission and Vision. Homeland Security. Homeland Security Division. Citation: AFGE NL#918, The Protective Investigations Program was established in early 2004, to ensure the safety of DHS and FPS protectees and facilities. FPS special agents investigated threats delivered in person, via telephone, e-mail and U.S. FPS plays a leading role in the protection of our nation's critical infrastructure, with lead responsibility for ensuring a safe and secure working environment for federal workers and visitors in approximately 9,000 federal facilities nationwide. - US Department of Homeland Security To report suspicious activity: Dial 9-1-1 Call 1-866-4-SAFE-NJ or 2-1-1 Fax: 609-530-3650 or Call your Local Police Department Lakewood Police 732-363-0200 ext. Prior to formal establishment of Washington & the District of Columbia, commissioners hired six night watchmen to protect designated buildings the government was intended to occupy. Homeland Security: Police and Profiling Essay Psychological profiling is the process of identifying certain psychological traits and specific behaviors in criminals and terrorists. The Homeland Security Department oversees several law enforcement bodies including the Secret Service, the point agency for security for the White House and the US president. 50 Security Homeland Security Police jobs available on Indeed.com. Defund Homeland Security: Creating a massive federal police apparatus was always a mistake We built and funded a federal secret-police agency, and now it's being used against us. The Department of Homeland Security continues gobbling up local police departments through millions of dollars in grants. FPS law enforcement employees undergo rigorous training (including dealing with weapons of mass destruction, hazardous materials response and canine handling) at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco, Georgia. An increased police presence at the Maine State House is a direct response … (A) enforce Federal laws and regulations for the protection of persons and property; (C) make arrests without a warrant for any offense against the United States committed in the presence of the officer or agent or for any felony cognizable under the laws of the United States if the officer or agent has reasonable grounds to believe that the person to be arrested has committed or is committing a felony; (D) serve warrants and subpoenas issued under the authority of the United States; (E) conduct investigations, on and off the property in question, of offenses that may have been committed against property owned or occupied by the Federal Government or persons on the property; and, (F) carry out such other activities for the promotion of homeland security as the Secretary may prescribe. This may be called “Tools” or use an icon like the cog or menu bars ; If the United States is a police state, then the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is its national police force, with all the brutality, ineptitude and corruption such a role implies. The program integrates the following aspects of the FPS mission: the initial patrol response by FPS uniformed police officers; full investigation by FPS special agents; prosecution by the U.S. Attorney's Office or State Prosecutor's Office; physical security enhancements and countermeasures; security briefings and workplace violence seminars administered by FPS law enforcement personnel; suspicious surveillance detection initiatives designed to detect pre-incident indicators of threats to federal employees, facilities and protectees; a monthly Operations Security Bulletin; and protection details for high-ranking officials within DHS. This webinar is open to candidates eligible for non-competitive appointments. The missions of the DHS include: 1. Eleanor Holmes Norton, chair of the responsible House of Representatives subcommittee, said, "We're seeing the near collapse of the Federal Protective Service". Identifies and assesses the capabilities and activities of cybersecurity criminals or foreign intelligence entities; produces findings to help initialize or support law enforcement and counterintelligence investigations or activities. Develop(s) an investigative plan(s) to investigate alleged crime(s), violation, or suspicious activity utilizing computers and the Internet.