Barnett Institute; Course work includes analysis of papers, problem sets, and a substantial term project. Northeastern University is a great institution nationwide, and historically known for its Business major and academia. 3 Hours. May be repeated up to two times. CS 5964. Covers foundational as well as contemporary topics of interest in data visualization to enable the effective representation of data across disciplines, including examples drawn from computer science, physical sciences, biomedical sciences, humanities, and economics. 0 Hours. Through a technically challenging curriculum, hands-on learning, and industry co-op placements, students have an opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of the algorithms, sensors, control systems, and mechanisms used in robotics to help them stand out in the field and make a transformative impact on society. Introduces the fundamental problems, theories, and algorithms of the artificial intelligence field. The Master of Science in Computer Science, offered by Northeastern's Khoury College of Computer Science, ... A graduate degree or certificate from Northeastern—a top-50 university—can accelerate your career through rigorous academic coursework and hands-on professional experience in … CS 9000. Students must earn a minimum of 60 Northeastern University semester hours in order to receive a bachelor’s degree. 4 Hours. Object-Oriented Design. Covers software and system modeling (how to formally describe the behavior of software and systems); specification (how to formally state the properties that the system should have); verification (how to check whether—and ultimately prove—that a system satisfies its specification); and synthesis (how to automatically generate software and systems that are "correct-by-construction"). in Computer Science, then you've come to the right place! May be repeated up to two times. Artificial Intelligence for Human-Computer Interaction. Provides a small-group discussion format to cover material in CS 5001. Northeastern University is an equal opportunity employer, seeking to recruit and support a broadly diverse community of faculty and staff. Offers a broad view of models and algorithms for supervised decision making. Data Mining Techniques. Covers data management and processing—definition and background; data transformation; data import; data cleaning; data modeling; relational and analytic databases; basics of SQL; programming in R and/or Python; MapReduce fundamentals and distributed data management; data processing pipelines, connecting multiple data management and analysis components; interaction between the capabilities and requirements of data analysis methods (data structures, algorithms, memory requirements) and the choice of data storage and management tools; and repeatable and reproducible data analysis. 4 Hours. CS 5100. Privacy, Security, and Usability. 4 Hours. Introduces the mathematical structures and methods that form the foundation of computer science. Earning a graduate degree in computer science can lead to positions in research institutions, government agencies, technology companies and colleges and universities. Course work includes both the creation and implementation of original user interface designs, and the evaluation of user interfaces created by others. Special Topics in Data Science. 0 Hours. Principles of Programming Language. Explores the use of data-driven software design. As a CS Align student, you’ll take advantage of rigorous academic bridge courses that … Discusses the practical issues and techniques for data importing, tidying, transforming, and modeling. Privacy and Security of User Accounts: Patterns and Best Practices. Introduces approaches for authentication (ensuring you know who someone is) and authorization (ensuring they have access to a given resource or service). CS 6130 and PSYC 6130 are cross-listed. CS 7430. Programming Design Paradigm. Requires students to complete several individual assignments in these areas to apply the concepts covered in class. The computer science elective is not required if the student has completed the computer science capstone (above).