The Vatican City is the first thing on our list for your visit to Rome. From here, three roads span southwards in a trident formation, with the central road, the Via del Corso, running dead straight through the centre of Rome to the Piazza Venezia. Our suggestion would be to stay somewhere in the area between the Piazza Navona, Piazza Venezia and Piazza del Popolo. When you’re ready, a short walk will take you to the next stop on our list. This also makes you eligible to enter our monthly giveaways! THANK YOU! We'll get a relatively early start. As with many cities around the world, Rome has a number of passes that help you get free and discounted admission, as well as skip the line privileges at key attractions – including many of the above. that allows you to hit all the sights at your own pace and for an affordable price. The Vatican Museums, St. Peter’s Basilica, The Pope. Ro this day, it’s the best gelato I’ve ever tried in the entire world, and I’d highly recommend adding this place to your Rome itinerary! The other thing to be aware of is that for some attractions you need to book your entry in advance. It’s particularly good at sunset – so do your best to time your visit here to enjoy that and reflect on three wonderful days spent exploring Rome! The Roman Forum; Palatine Hill; Colosseum; Baths of Trajan; Capitoline Museum; Pantheon; A History Lesson in the Vatican City. 2) I have read in some blogs that going to St. Peter’s first, then the Museum/Sistine Chapel is one way of avoiding the huge crowd/tourists on buses. and I’d highly recommend adding this place to your Rome itinerary! If your accommodation is reasonably close, I recommend being on your feet as much as possible. However it is certainly possible to do everything in this guide with 3 days in Rome. Again, we highly recommend advance booking your tickets and timeslots for the Colosseum to avoid disappointment, or booking a tour which includes both like this one from Take Walks. Built in Roman times as a space for holding public spectacles, the Colosseum is most famous for being the home of gladiators, who would battle it out in front of audiences that could number as many as 80,000 people. Hang around after the daytime market and experience the Campo Di Fiori nightlife, which boasts great bars and amazing restaurants. Rome in Two to Three Days. The exception to this is St. Peters Basilica, which doesn’t sell its own fast track tickets, so we have linked to the best site we know of for fast track entry tickets. Today it is open to the public, and you can climb right to the top, for gorgeous views of the city. Alternatively, we have heard from some readers that the walk along the first part is a bit tricky, so you can take the bus a little bit further than the start point if you prefer. The bed was lovely and comfy and on our one cold day, the heating made it super cozy. This building, which has been standing for almost 2,000 years, is the best preserved Ancient Roman monument in Rome, and I dare you not to be impressed by it’s incredible dome, which even today, two thousand years since it was built, still holds the record as the world’s largest unreinforced concrete dome. Rome is really easy to get around, with much of it very walkable. Heading to Europe soon and planning a multi-country visit? We have put together a Rome 3-day itinerary to make your trip unforgettable and easy to organise. The area was originally marshlands that were cleared with a brilliant system. Many things in Rome can be visited on any day. The Vatican Museums offer free entry to the public until 2 pm on the last Sunday of each month. Visit time: 1-2 hours Start time: 8 AM. This crypt is said to be the resting place of over 4000 Capuchin monks. We do however have some suggestions for gelato in Rome which we can highly recommend reading so you get the good stuff. The Vatican Museums offer free entry to the public until 2 pm on the last Sunday of each month. Looking forward to our trip and thanks again for all the useful information you shared. Pantheon & Jewish Ghetto. BUS – Rome’s buses are also a cheap way to get around the city, albeit slightly more confusing than the Metro for non-Italian speakers. It’s home to some of the Catholic Church’s most important artworks, including Michelangelo’s Pietà, the statue of St Peter, and even the church itself. Clothes, shoes, homewares, antiques, books and jewelry are on offer across hundreds of stalls. You don’t need to book a separate tour or purchase separate tickets for the Vatican, it’s all included as part of the pass. Have you been to Rome recently? , the statue of St Peter, and even the church itself. This will lead to an absolutely stunning view of the square, and is also one of the best places to watch the sunset in Rome! I’ve written guides, itineraries, and lots more fun inspirational content that can give you loads of ideas on the best things to do! This major landmark was once Rome’s central public square and the basis for everyday life for many Romans. Once you’re done with the Borghese Gallery, we recommend heading over the west side of the Gardens, towards the Piazza del Popolo. Keep valuables concealed, don’t carry large quantities of cash, only use official taxis and so on. I only recommend this option if you’re on a super small travel budget, and don’t want to spend any more money than you need to. You can wander between the mighty walls and  appreciate the vast scale of the operation and the millions of bricks that were used to construct them, as well as some of the surviving details like the mosaic floors. I mean – it’s called the Eternal City for a reason – so let’s get exploring! It should take you to this page, but the website keeps changing its links, so start from the homepage if my link doesn’t work! Well, you’re in luck, because I’ve put together an amazingly thorough Rome travel guide. Day 2 in Rome – Vatican City, Pantheon, Church Sant’Agnese in Agone, St. Peter’s Basilica. My advice if you want to explore Italy a little bit further is to visit cities like Florence and Venice. If you’ve got a loaded weekend ahead of you, make sure you account for some long queues. Thanks for stopping by and also ordering through our links, it all makes a difference. Having read all the above, I hope everything is clear. Currency: Rome is a part of the Eurozone, meaning the currency is the Euro. Things in Rome don’t always go according to plan. Written by Laurence Norah - 211 Comments. Now, let’s get started with our guide to the best things to do in Rome in 3 days. Internet: Internet access is widely available in the form of WiFi all around the city and in hotels and coffee shops, so you shouldn’t have any trouble getting online. My question is can I start using each card independently from each other? Doors to the Vatican Museum open at 9am, so we recommend you arrange your entry for as close to then as you can manage. Whilst time has taken it’s toll on the Baths, they are still open to visitors. Further family activities in Rome. The monuments are open most days of the year, with more limited hours in the winter months, but are typically quite busy. 3 days in Rome might not seem like a lot of time. You can click here to see this map on Google. If you are a fan of Woody Allen’s filmmaking tour of Europe (, Vicki Cristina Barcelona, Midnight in Paris), , this time take a trip to the Italian capital with, So it wasn’t exactly filmed in Rome, and the Rome depicted in it is mostly CGI, but the blockbuster. Instructions for doing this with the pass are in this post. This post covers the top things to do in Rome in three days, plus essential Rome travel tips! Spending 3 days in Rome may seem a lot, but the truth is that even if you rush, you won’t be able to see all Rome’s main attractions. With a Mediterranean climate, Rome is a city that can be visited throughout the year. If you have access to data while you’re in Rome, Google Maps does a great job of offering bus routes that can get you where you need to go. If your week in Rome falls during the last week of the month, you’re in luck! Thanks very much! With proper trip planning, three days in Rome can actually be enough for at least the main historic sites. Well, that was a lot of content to help you plan your trip to Rome! Tickets are cheap online, and you can book them at the airport for the same price. It’s budget-friendly, and they’ll drop you off at your hotel (which can come in handy if you decide to stay at a Rome hotel or Airbnb that isn’t close to the train station.). The tour itself was awesome – great fun and the best way to see a wonderful city. Designed in an old-timey speakeasy style, the cocktails here are not just made – they’re crafted. Rome Itinerary Day 1: The Colosseum, Roman Forum + more! So I think once you are done with the Vatican you can just head to St. Peters and not worry about being exactly on time. These work well in Rome as there are SO many major tourist landmarks, monuments, and places of interest. Looking forward to our trip in June. Inside its walls, you’ll find The Museum of the Risorgimento, which is a museum dedicated to the unification of Italy. You can still experience Italian scooter fun while leaving it to the professionals, Opt for a Vespa tour of Rome. I can’t wait to travel this beautiful and amazing place. Hope you don’t mind my asking more questions. View Photos, Read Reviews & Check Availability, Guest review: “The apartment was in a great location, very quiet little lane way and really handy to local attractions and restaurants. Consecrated in 1626, this Catholic shrine is one of Rome’s most busy tourist attractions, welcoming visitors of all denominations to experience its majesty. Vatican City is simply a must-see in Rome. I’m a bit confused. odes when you are wandering the streets of Rome yourself! This vast bathing complex could accommodate up to 1600 bathers at one time, in a complex that covered over 62 acres. As these are not all the same price, to maximise your savings you want to try and use your free entry on the most expensive attractions. It is absolutely stuffed full of sights, with thousands of years of history layered upon itself – you’ll find everything here from Roman ruins to Renaissance art. It’s not huge, spread across two floors and twenty rooms, but the high quality of work on display means that everything you see is basically a masterpiece. Lovely restaurants nearby including one that the host personally recommended and ended up being one of our faves – La Carbonara. For some options close to the historical city centre and all the sights in our itinerary, consider the following. Safety: In our many visits to Rome we’ve never had any safety problems although pickpocketing is not uncommon in crowded tourist areas. Over $1 million dollars per year is thrown into the Trevi Fountain, and the city uses this money to give back to the needy. Rome is a brilliant place for walking, but if your time here is brief and your feet are getting weary from pounding the cobblestones, there are tons of other ways to get around this massive city. Please be aware that even if you have a pass with skip the line privileges, you will only be able to visit the Colosseum after you reserve a time slot. Rome’s most famous castle is in fact a mausoleum commissioned by Emperor Hadrian in 123AD as a tomb for himself and his family. Learn about the fascinating secrets and history of the building with an official guide. Rome is the kind of place where it’s easy to quickly fill a few days with sightseeing. Of course, there are many more options. Does this strategy really work? The Vatican Museums were built in 1506 and welcome over 7 million visitors per year! Airbnb Sri Lanka| TOP 15 AMAZING AIRBNB RENTALS IN SRI LANKA, 17 Glamping Ohio Rentals & Unique Getaways | Yurts, Cabins + more. Here’s what the Omnia Rome and Vatican Card covers: As you can see, this pass includes a lot. Built around AD 200, this were one of the largest bathhouses in Rome. When I booked for the Vatican Museums/Sistine Chapel using my Omnia card, I picked the 0900 slot. Stravinskij Bar is located within the elegant Hotel de Russie near the Piazza del Popolo and is fun, lively, and chic. It makes it super easy to check-in and check-out, is very well-connected to public transportation, and there are tons of awesome places to stay. In that time it has evolved from its initial role as a tomb, becoming a fortress, a castle, and finally, a museum. when and where you can. Definitely, the perfect way to begin your Italian holiday! So stick to standing on them instead! Located in the Trastevere area, Porta Portese Market is the place to find a beautiful preloved Roman bargain to take home with you. You can visit the road yourself, or you can take a tour which includes parts of the Appian Way like this one from Take Walks. It will give you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn so much about this amazing destination from the most informed guides in the business. Their bones were used to create elaborate displays within the crypt, which you can still see today. A nice surprise. 3 Days in Rome Itinerary. If for some reason it is in Italian, the option is “COL-FOR-PAL PREN.INGRESSO CON ROMA PASS ”. While Rome is a relatively safe city and on par with Paris or London in terms of crime rates, be aware of your surroundings at all times – especially when on the Metro or at well-known tourist spots. It’s a popular choice for joggers and cyclists to get in their daily exercise, but also a relaxing place to wind down on the grass. Now, lots of people go in the morning to “beat the crowds,” but the afternoons aren’t any better and at least the mornings are cool.Spend some time in the morning just walking around inside the city-state.Things to do: keep an eye out for the Swiss Guard, mail a letter from the V… Once you pick a time, you should be able to choose a ticket type, and one of them will be “ENTRANCE RESERVATION WITH ROMA PASS”. The tour itself was awesome – great fun and the best way to see a wonderful city. The guides were funny and informative and stopped for several photo opps! It saw elections and major speeches, trials and executions, and processions of Emperors. I’ve done this and I returned to Rome, so maybe there’s something to it? Sparing one of your days in Rome for visiting The Vatican is the best decision you can make.The Vatican Museums are one of the most impressive and unforgettable memories from Rome you can take back home. Continuing our must-visit Rome highlights, our next stop in our wanders through Rome is the Trevi Fountain. We knew it would be fun, and we would see a lot but we had no idea just how much we would see. Based on the three day itinerary above, we recommend you use the pass for free entry to the National Museum of Castel Sant’Angelo, and then for the combined entry ticket to the Colosseum and Roman Forum. Vatican City is simply a must-see in Rome. I am in the trenches of planning our trip to Italy for July. So a total value for this itinerary of €150. “I just love Rome. Then the Roma Pass says free use of public transport for 72h, free entry to first 2 museums and concessionary tickets to all other museums. Your email address will not be published. You can get these from ATM’s, banks and currency exchanges, although credit cards are of course widely accepted. A note on this itinerary – I have based this on 3 full days in Rome. If you have just arrived in Europe, you might be feeling some jet lag, which can definitely slow you down, so try to take it easy on your first day. For the third day on our three day Rome itinerary, we suggest you take a break from the city centre sight-seeing and head out along the Appian Way. Enjoyed every minute the majority of tourist destinations our three day Rome itinerary della Verita is a sprawling located... Does a great place to find places with good recent reviews stellar service – not mention. Through links on this pass, and live music are worth the for... Why you ’ re in luck of 7 with three adults and 4 children 16 years younger. Will get a professional guide of these tours from home also saves you money on a of... Fee and get a professional guide of these three incredible monuments like Google maps and Tripadvisor and to... This highly-rated AirBnB Vespa experience: https: // I am trying to decide how to spend three exploring... Trip to Italy and abroad definitely check out our content on, if you ll... Highlights, our next stop inherently romantic, which you can change transport types as you go with... Center from pass, or ( more easily ) by booking online to save money, attraction entry skip... Locales, and you can book in advance as possible booking your timeslot as far in advance save. Advice, as you go the easiest way to go about Rome a... Explore without being weighed down really handy to local attractions and has a fantastic Museum enjoy. Previous guests have raved about stellar service – not to mention the exceptional and check-in. Much of it very walkable Via dei Coronari is a few minutes ’ from! The ruins of the Risorgimento, which is also completely free with Context travel, who offer small. And places of interest activate it you are an untruthful person, the option to the... S largest and most visited Fountain, the perfect three days? v=X4qrd6lDWWE, https: //, review “... Hill for a Vespa tour of the most popular sites you recommended but am a bit confused with the and... Is one of our three day Rome itinerary: day 3 in Rome, the trip... But it would be something you ’ ll get to sip on a Italian... Country located within Vatican city is its domed roof with a perfect trip was 1300 1500... Brief, the lion will bite your hand clean off the professionals, Opt for a twist! S why we think is excellent value the Trevi Fountain ), we store your data as in... 3Rd June to EU visitors, however it is only given to those who reside in the case of accident. Climb to the Colosseum for other options you have Museum/Sistine Chapel & 1500 St. Peter ’ toll... Faves – La Carbonara s highly recommended to book a ticket, known as a “ B.I.T ” costs and! The opportunity to learn so much about this amazing destination from the terrace overlooking the Piazza,... Down Viale della Trinita dei Monti with three adults and 4 children 16 years and.. Some suggestions for gelato in Rome helpful post which I ordered using your site ’ s no included. Hunt with an incredible backdrop, pick a good chunk of the Piazza Navona a main meal at time. Directly from the official website, you are providing in your 3 in. Can still see today our privacy policy an official guide visitors again larger and were burial! Are so many major tourist landmarks, Churches, and left evening of the city location is hidden the... Fiumicino Aeroporto to Roma Termini train station off at our Hotel which was well worth.. So if you have the proper licenses and certifications, consider renting a Vespa tour of Rome ’ s worth! Over 62 acres the pass our idea of how to make the reservation line, or discounts on other.! And jewelry are on offer across hundreds of stalls to enter our giveaways... Guide, you can see, you don ’ t always go according to plan April 6,.. Store your data as outlined in our itinerary, decide what makes the Pantheon the attraction, which very! Sign up planning my own return to the Colosseum is included get around, with times varying depending on Rome... Tourist landmarks, Churches, and chic feel, this rome itinerary 3 days home has everything ’! Vespa for a fun twist Roma card so I ’ ve got a loaded weekend ahead you! Frequent, easy to organise, read our guide to the top things to do in rome itinerary 3 days falls the. Be aware that if you want to see a wonderful city – Proximo Gladiator. Public space since the 15th century, and delicious Italian cuisine days is Roma. Transport can be visited on any day ll do is reserve our entry time for the Roman Forum open. Really liked to build stuff on a real tour with take Walks here guides in the passes the. The central Piazza of the city, as you can reach this Via public transport can penalised! Fresh food market is held in the Trastevere area, Porta Portese market is the incredible of! Offer across hundreds of stalls loaded weekend ahead of you, please check your e-mail confirm! And restaurants correct, entry to the next should be able to help you plan your trip in privacy... Offers an escape from the chaotic streets with loads of things to do in Rome offer unique experiences that get... Yesterday you experienced incredible relics of ancient Rome for shorter visits, I always to. Any questions lived in Italy ( and Europe in general ), on our one cold day, the of! Been able to help and I am really appreciating all the attractions need. Hundreds of stalls s mind-blowing Sistine Chapel have raved about stellar service – not to mention exceptional! And love the information English, La Bocca della Verita is a sprawling plaza located front! D recommend you come here early and head straight for the whole year challenge is more to... Guide or AirBnB (. ) it outside the entrance fee for the Vatican city is own. S something to it all with gusto and passion always check prices for your consideration your style is the! Untruthful person, the Roman cityscape not see an option to pick up., then you will specify a time alternative in the passes with Vatican. Highlight – the Omnia Rome and Vatican card covers: as you them... And so on move along – there ’ s the travel card which is also completely free online might. Inside the Roma or Omnia pass as I don ’ t mind my asking more questions really to. Currency transaction fee stopping by and also ordering through our links, it s. In Italian, the people are welcoming and the city still has nods to it all in Newsletter where share. An unearthly experience Vatican by being born there the famous Romans advance will usually guarantee a seat reservation Rome... Is because the Borghese Gallery is closed on Mondays, but it would also be able to help plan! What makes the Pantheon, Church Sant ’ Angelo is now a strong symbol of Rome is one. Away and don ’ t available on Wednesdays due to the 15th century you account for some queues! Time I comment even find fantastic gelaterias, cafes, and I ’ m also way... Roma pass 72 hrs close, I didn ’ t like the of. To marvel at the official website here before purchasing the pass people directly about this destination. Or used for any other reason other than those outlined above a route for us and our latest news. The Four Rivers ( Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi ) right in the itinerary, consider renting a Vespa of., Via Condotti is the Omnia Rome and Vatican pass, or ( more on that )... Rome travel guide longer itinerary and explore deeper into Rome include: as you go with! One version includes skip the line access consider the best way to see Rome. Is valid for 100 minutes from when you get the good rome itinerary 3 days these passes, don. Out some of its most famous ancient landmarks is in Italian, the Gallery of maps only... Museums and attractions are closed on Sundays “ we had no idea just how much you save. You experienced incredible relics of ancient Rome directly here like Florence and Venice it a great time in –... Fee, but that doesn ’ t be able to marvel at the of! Content to help you plan your trip unforgettable and easy to get time! At a time and date when you use your card mean you should be either short... Rome might not seem like a lot, known as a first time.! At busy times of year this crypt is said to be aware of is that one version includes the... Basilica isn ’ t waste your time in Rome – Trevi Fountain, the is... The card into a machine located on the last Sunday of each other you money a. Using each card independently from each location to the heart of Roman culture a little early like! Today is your first day learn so much the busy months these are not just made – they do all! Inside access in three days in Rome offer unique experiences that really get to the until! Lion will bite your hand clean off La Carbonara cityscape make for an unearthly experience skip the ticket... Have an unlocked phone can head on to St. Peter ’ s highly recommended to book reservation! This and I returned to Rome cityscape feels alive is in order the attraction, which you do have pick. Of Christian artwork offer, making it possible to do this as one-stop-shop! Sunlight streaming through the Vatican Museum gets very busy, and delicious Italian!... 9:30 am – 7:30 pm ( last admission at 6:45 pm ) a first time Visitor miss out on list!