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Star Ocean: Second Evolution ended up being huge. Discover multiple endings and 2 different scenarios. ), and there are around eighty endings—including Welch 's in the remake. Production I.G provided new artwork and animated cutscenes for the game. However, if there are two variants of the same character, they are treated as one. an Evolve Media, LLC company. Some Specialties affect AR values. RELATED: 10 Most Underrated RPGs Of … 12 posts 1; 2; Next; Endings Endings. The Second Story's core combat is fantastic and lends itself nicely to The First Evolution, but the original Star Ocean had a rather unique battle scheme. Meet Claude and Rena. More important, there are lots of new private actions and endings, giving you even more chances to get to know people. More help, hints and discussion forums for on Supercheats. The Adventure Continues is the name and while its an obvious nod to Second Evolution and Claude's story..... but man wouldn't it be awesome if that wasn't teasing Second Evolution R already. See our member submitted walkthroughs and guides for Star Ocean: Second Evolution. The only paired endings involve Fayt, which requires that he have 20+ AR toward any character while the character in question requires 50+ AR toward Fayt. It’s the sole title every person even remotely interested in the series should play: Star Ocean: The Second Story. New animated segments appear, new Special Arts have been fixed, Skills have been added or readjusted, there have been translation changes and updates, Welch Vineyard can be recruited as a party member, the combat system has three-hit combos and cancellation options, and it even had a new opening and song. Will wait for SALE price. If Cyuss has a high enough AR, he will challenge Roddick to a last duel, and winning or losing changes nothing except the dialog. 4,087. Publishing/Publication now produces two books for each character instead of one: each one sets the reader's FP or RP towards the author to 8. If all party members (Ilia, Ronyx, Millie, and the optional characters recruited) have 9+ AR toward Roddick, a special epilogue can be seen after the credits; Roddick does not need 9+ AR toward them, though. An additional ending plays if Relia has sufficient affection for Fidel and a variation of that ending plays if Miki is the one with the highest affection for Fidel. Also, people who are having trouble beating it could pay ¥500 for add-ons that would do things like keep you from using any MP or doubling your attack power. If any of the "optional" party members (Cyuss, Ashlay, Ioshua, Mavelle, Erys, T'nique, Pericci, Phia, Welch) have a high AR toward Roddick, they will say something to Roddick before returning through the Time Gate at the end. However, they can be viewed only if each character has sufficient affection points toward Edge. One of the trophies in Star Ocean First Departure R requires you to view only 1 ending, Ronyx and Ilia's. For example, when Leon temporarily joins the party, all same-gender characters gain FP toward each other while RP is accumulated between all different-gender characters. Affection level can be slightly increased by using a given unit as a party member in battles, and the amount increased is proportional to the stamina consumed for the mission—the higher the cost, the greater the affection gain. If walkthrough is usable don't forgot thumbs up fjordi and share this with your freinds. Everything in this game is a choice, which is why there are so many different endings available. Affection Ratings are slighly more complex, comprising of both Friendship Points (友情値?) Not only did it bring the PS One game forward to new platforms, it adds new connections to new games and other items to enrich the experience. This version has a new theme song, other new songs on the soundtrack, and updated graphics. Set 20 years after the events of its predecessor, Second Evolution receives special treatment in its PSP incarnation. allows the player to increase affinity by tapping on a set character on the Bridge screen. Take a moment to process that. Star Ocean: The Second Story is an RPG for PlayStation (and later re-released for PSP as Star Ocean: Second Evolution) that's heavy on pseudo real-time combat and item creation.It has a rather similar feel to the Tales series, as tri-Ace was founded by Tales of Phantasia staff. There is a daily limit to the number of times that Friendship level rises with taps, which is shared among all characters. Which did you get? → 'Like' (好き?). 1 Star Ocean: Second Revolution - 99 The ratings can be raised or lowered depending on the player's actions and Private Actions viewed. Namely, it received a major remaster that did so much, you would almost wonder if it fell somewhere between a remaster and remake. Playstation 3 SO sucks really hard with boring grind and story. Think that's a lot of endings? It's one of my first loves as well as Star Ocean 1, Star Ocean till the end of time, Radiata Stories, Star Ocean EX, and Star Ocean the Second Story. They can be obtained via events. Second Evolution features new content (many skills were completely remade, as well the combat system being slightly refined), including new playable character. The Second Story is the best Star Ocean I played. Likewise, when in PA mode, if the player fails to pickpocket a party member, they may lose 1 point toward Roddick. © 2021 All Rights Reserved. Star Ocean: The First Departure. Added benefits to reaching the 'Like' affection level are: Star Ocean Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. This is an edit of my old Second … ... Star Ocean: The Second Evolution. If Fayt does not meet the requirements to get a paired ending, he gets a solo ending. Help for Star Ocean: Second Evolution on PSP, PlayStation 3. Pickpocketing people in towns outside of PA mode can randomly cause one party member to lose 1 point toward another random party member. In Japan, it is also available on the PS3, PS4, and Vita. Share with: Link: Copy link. system implemented in the second episode, -Twin Eclipse-. Affection is shared across all variants of a unit. You could be Claude, a human on a spaceship that crash lands on a planet or Rena, a young woman who lives on that planet and has some special abilities. 2008. → 'Friends' (友達?) Star Ocean: The Last Hope. The combat is why people like Star Ocean games. ), and there are around eighty endings—including Welch's in the remake. But, that wasn’t enough. Characters need 10+ AR toward another character and vice versa to get a paired ending. By getting enough affection with every character, you can easily see every ending in one playthrough. At Interested, they give S. Limit Breaker x5; at Friends, they reward Jewel x1, which can be sold for FOL; at Like, one may receive L. Limit Breaker x1, or AP Starseed x1 and Jewel x5. Share. Affection Ratings are linear and fairly easy to build up. (It is not on the PlayStation Store, so unfortunately you can’t buy a download of it for the Vita.) Increasing affinity with units will grant them new dialogue options in Interactive Mode, a higher chance at proccing a Rush Combo Assist, and to give various reward items. If you don't … Continuing the franchise for Star Ocean fans, Star Ocean: Second Evolution for the PSP is an enhanced remake of Star Ocean: The Second Story, and delivers the same epic storytelling and dazzling art style updated for today. Star Ocean: Second Evolution > Endings. The second value is way smaller than the first, of course. It has storylines that make sense and characters you can connect with, thanks to Private Actions that let you get to know them better. [The value on the left is the probability (in %) that a character will start with that talent, and on the right is the probability of that character learning it through specialties. In any case, their destinies are intertwined. Sites we have found suggest alternatively that in Star Ocean: The Second Story, players can have a romantic relationship with any party character members, or that there is only one same-sex party member that Claude and Rena can end up with.Based on one walkthrough of the relationship combinations, it seems that whether or not the two characters end up together at the end of the game … Pickpocketing has a 20-30% chance of reducing a random party member's Affection Ratings toward Edge, but, unlike First Departure and Second Evolution, there is no way to avoid this. Contraband has a 50% chance to cause one party member to lose 1 point toward another random party member. Realizing the depths that their previous title's skill system was capable of, Tri-Ace further improved surrounding gameplay aspects such as its massively raised level cap and added complementary mechanics such … Guess you haven't heard of... Star Ocean: Second Evolution - 100 endings The second Star Ocean has 100 endings. The Adventure Continues is the name and while its an obvious nod to Second Evolution and Claude's story..... but man wouldn't it be awesome if that wasn't teasing Second Evolution R already. Star Ocean: Second Evolution Claude Solo-Part 16-BOSS: Guardian Field Of Courage (00:02:11) Jan 21 2015: Star Ocean: Second Evolution Claude … 2015. There are things to make and skills to acquire. There are four affection levels: 'Normal' (普通?) After all, who wouldn’t love a little bit of space travel mixed with magic and the supernatural? The player can recover stamina from the GET button on the home screen, which only shows up when there is at least one character with maxed affection. → 'Interested' (興味?) You just either see Myuria's extra scene, or not. This was expanded in its 1999 sequel, Star Ocean: The Second Story, which boasted as many as 86 different endings, with each of the possible permutations to these endings numbering in the hundreds, setting a benchmark for the number of outcomes possible for a video game. The points obtained this way are equally distributed among the party. Star Ocean: Second Evolution is clearly a better game than First Departure, despite suffering from some of the same issues. Fighting bosses as a party increases each active member's AR by 1 point. You can't, say, get a special where Edge and Myuria are together at the end. Rena is hoping to learn more about herself and her family, while also solving her home’s mysteries and keeping it safe. The battle phase is also too slow. And most important we have 4 other walkthroughs for Star Ocean: Second Evolution, read them all! Verdict. It adds so much. :-( This is a list of all the possible combinations of characters in the endings of Star Ocean 2nd Story. Quark. ----- Disc 2 Walkthrough ----- If you gotten this far. Another secret ending, the one involving Faize, requires the player to see eight specific PAs. Affiliate Disclosure: Evolve Media LLC, and its owned and operated websites may receive a small commission from the proceeds of any product(s) sold through affiliate and direct partner links. and Romance Points (愛情値? Star Ocean: Second Evolution. IIRC the endings were a step back from previous games. The system also determines which of several endings the player gets. 4,087. There are also three special endings, one for Opera (if you didn't get Ernest in your party), one for Celine in Rena's game (if you completed three PAs in Cross) and one for Ashton in Rena's game (if you completed three PAs in Herlie). As one of the more notable entries in the series, Star Ocean: The Second Story has received quite a bit of special treatment. Quark. Star Ocean: The Second Story is one of the best entries in the series. Star Ocean: The Second Story’s tale was unique in that it told two stories at once. Star Ocean: The Second Story is first and foremost, the grinder's dream. Certain story events may raise AR between party members. For example, if the players earns Winter Evelysse's affection, it will count for all variants of Evelysse, and as such, the bonuses will be shared across all her variants owned by the player. Affection is gained by viewing Private Actions for each character throughout the world. The one that has enjoyed the most success of those two is Star Ocean. The initial AR values (listed as « Friendship Points / Romance Points ») are the following: Certain storyline choices and all Private Actions raise or lower everyone's AR values, including characters the player has not obtained yet. So much so, that it received another port. It can be clicked once every day and it gives stamina according to how many 'Like' characters one has. But the, Square Enix took another step to change it even further.