Choose the top option to take the job. Chisato and Welch are in the party; obtained a Psynard. (Celine -> Rena FP+1), Say that she is seeing someone. Keep the Gold (All party members -> Claude FP-1), "Next time, I promise." Upon remembering Granny, he hands over a Gold. (Claude -> Leon FP+1 RP+1; Celine <- -> Leon FP+3 RP+3), Charge in like a man (Opera -> Claude FP+2 RP+1; Welch -> Claude FP+2 RP+1), Second Option (Ernest -> Claude FP-2 RP-2; Claude -> Opera FP+1 RP+2), First Option (Claude <- -> Precis FP+1 RP+1; Ernest -> Claude FP-2 RP-2; Ernest -> Precis FP-2 RP-2), Second Option (Claude -> Ernest FP+1 RP+1; Ernest -> Claude FP+2 RP+2; Precis -> Claude FP-1), "Sounds all right to me." "How about I go look for her." (Rena -> Claude FP-1 RP-1; Rena -> Bowman FP-1 RP-1). It's empty, but as you turn to exit, Clyde and Celine approach. NOTE: If you have 2000 FOL, pay that much for Heavy Ring (x2); with less than 2000 FOL, receive a free Keen Kitchen Knife. Star Ocean 2 PA Guide (Claude Game) Star Ocean 2 PA Guide (Claude Game) Albelnox22. (Rena <- -> Ernest RP+2; Noel -> Rena FP-2 RP-1; Noel -> Ernest FP-1 RP-1), Third Option. NOTE: Finding Precis grants you a Nuclear Bomb. Aug 9, 2019 - Star Ocean 2 Prima Strategy Guide. (Claude -> Precis RP+6; Precis -> Claude RP+3), "Don't you mean 'troublemaker?" Claude and Rena talk about their relationship. Viewed #013 and agreed to help stop the thugs. (Claude -> Precis FP+1; Precis -> Claude FP+2 RP+1), "Um, Ashton?" (Claude <- -> Precis FP+2), "(I think she needs a hug.)" Come back to Salva after going to Krosse and look for Claude by the northern gate. Opera visits the ship Ernest and Opera crash landed in. NOTE: Choosing the first or second option causes Welch to the join the party. Affection Ratings are slighly more complex, comprising of both Friendship Points (友情値?) Star Ocean 2 - Battle Arena FAQ ... Star Ocean 2 - Customize. Follow her into the house and go upstairs. (Claude -> Precis FP+1; Precis -> Claude RP-1), "Precis." Celine is in the party; occurs prior to finishing the Four Fields. Main address. Visited Phynal Entrance but haven't returned to L'Aqua for the final assault on Phynal. Bowman is inside, and he's looking at rings. (Rena <- -> Bowman FP+1, "How about a passionate, blood-red ruby?" Want to keep in touch or show your support? (All men <- -> All men FP+1; All women <- -> All women FP+1; All men <- -> All women RP+1; Precis joins the party). Take the eastern road and walk to the end of the alley. Several thugs are threatening a young man name Yoole. (Rena <- -> Bowman FP+1, "How about a luxurious topaz?" Violin 1 : "Enter the Hero" - as soon as you exit the menu screen, you will start a fight with a random group of enemies. You'll see Claude standing back behind the church. Albelnox22. (Rena and Celine <- -> Claude FP-1), First Option (Claude -> Rena FP-1 RP-1; Rena -> Claude FP-1 RP-2), Second Option (Claude -> Rena FP-2 RP-1; Rena -> Claude FP-2 RP-3), Third Option (Claude <- -> Rena FP+2 RP-1), "Why don't you come back later?" (Ashton -> Claude FP+1), "Both are equally strong." You play hide-and-seek with Precis again. Opera, Ernest, and Welch are in the party. (Rena <- -> Opera FP+2 RP+2), "Not particularly." Photographed by Nert at London expo, October 2009 Profitez de millions d'applications Android récentes, de jeux, de titres musicaux, de films, de séries, de livres, de magazines, et plus encore. She's a sick young girl and Ashton agrees to stay for a while and tell her some stories. Depending on how the relationships between various characters add up, they player will see one of 87 possible endings. Celine is in the party; have not completed Marze kidnapping event. Speak to her and choose the top option to encourage her dreams and score some Friendship Points with Celine. (Claude -> Celine FP-1), "Hmm. Bowman is in the party; defeated the three Visseya bosses in the Sacred Grounds of Linga. (Claude -> Rena FP-1 RP-1; Rena -> Claude FP-1). She'll tell you more about her hometown. NOTE: Choosing the third option four times to reject Welch. leads to PA Princebridge. (Leon -> Claude FP-1), "Must... pet... cat ears!" A short discussion about artwork ensues. Most hits still do 0 damage, but sooner or later you'll hit him. Head North from the entrance until Rena encounters Claude, wandering in the northbound alley. Ernest and Noel are discussing the possible reasons for Noel to look the way he does. Star Ocean: The Second Story Shrine - Your source for info on this PlayStation classic. Star Ocean: Second Evolution (psp)- Claude & Ashton Ending (6). Have fun in a safe online network. MoviestarPlanet - a social game for kids, teens & tweens. NOTE: "Are you like this with your wife too?" He acts like he doesn't need anyone's help, although it sure didn't look like that a moment ago. A full list of ending possibilities is available here. Heading down the east corridor inside the Hilton Inn, Welch, Bowman, and Ernest are in the party; viewed #047; used Save Point at Phynal 8F, Precis and Ernest are in the party; used Save Point at Phynal 8F. ), Keep the Gold (All party members -> Rena FP-1), "Sure, why not." Then please comment, like, or favorite the video! Opera has big plans to woo her mentor, Ernest. After Clyde leaves, you can choose to force Celine to follow him or let her leave. NOTE: Having Precis in the party will allow you to get a weapon for Opera. Thus, engaging this PA with a little over 1000 FOL makes the transaction significantly cheaper! A strange woman makes dire predictions at Fountain Square. Precis is in the party; Rena and Precis FP are 8 or greater. STAR Network is privileged to serve more than 115 million debit cardholders from over 2,800 issuers including 24 of the top 50 in the U.S. For all our STAR Network members and their cardholders, we deliver a comprehensive suite of point-of-sale, ecommerce, card-not-present debit, ATM and funds transfer services with innovative functionality, such as industry-leading fraud mitigation tools. TOUTES LES SOLUCES. Granny Morr stands just inside the western part of Lacuer City. A suspicious merchant tries to sell Claude a book. Choice 2, Speaking to Yuki in the Salva Mines: "You shouldn't give up so easily." Nos emplacements . Celine is in the party; used Save Point at Phynal 8F. When the subject of dating comes up, Rena gets to speak up. (Rena <- -> Ernest RP+2; Noel -> Rena FP-2 RP-1; Noel -> Ernest FP-2 RP-1), Second Option. She's thinking about her past acquaintances. After choosing the top option, speak to Welch again afterward if you wish for Ashton and his twin dragons to sing again. Speak with the other characters in your party while you are searching to raise their Friendship Points. The rewards for the battle are 10,000 FOL, 2,000 EXP, and a Magic Gumdrop. The Dragon's Ribbon is an excellent accessory only wearable by Ashton. (Welch -> Claude FP-3), "I'll watch it till the end." Accepting takes the two of you inside. Opera wants you to bet whether a man or a woman will leave the store next. (Celine -> Rena FP-1), "Um, sorry what?" (Celine -> Rena FP-1). GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. You'll start a bit of trouble for. (Go to Choice 2. Barging in on Precis and her father, Claude gets an unexpected invite to tea. She has a younger sister named Stacie, known as SuperstarrStacie, who would also perform with Hollywood Dollz. Viewing this PA requires the player to sneak out of the Lacuer Front Line Base in the midst of all the action. (Rena <- -> Celine FP-1; Rena <- -> Precis FP-1; Celine <- -> Precis FP+2), "Next time, I promise." Chisato For example, if you want to look for the ending with Dias and Rena together, scroll down to "2 … As of July 2005, Star Ocean: Till the End of Time is a part of Sony's Greatest Hits line, indicating that the game had done reasonably well in North America. Bowman gives Ninay the jewelry you helped him pick out. One or more out of Bowman, Ernest, or Noel is in the party; five or more party members. Her first name is Kayla. (Claude -> Leon FP+2 RP+2; Noel -> Leon FP+2 RP+2), "I think I'll control myself." Star Ocean is a role playing game for the Super Nintendo. Occurs after recruiting Ashton; before the the Lacuer Armor Contest. (Celine -> Rena FP+2), "Dreams are nice, but they never last." (Rena <- -> Chisato FP+4), First Option. Rena wants to learn more about the classified information at the library in North City. Noel is in the party; Noel's Affection Points for all party members is 10 or less; haven't yet completed the Four Fields. Afterwards, Yuki returns to the shop and Celine is happy. NOTE: For some extra fun with the newlyweds, ask Bowman what he's doing there and after this Private Action, continue to check in with them from time to time during other Private Actions. It was first released for the PlayStation, and unlike the first game, did get a Western release. Unlock full guide for $9.99 Sample chapters; Part VII: Appendix; Part I: Introduction; Part VI: Encyclopedias; Part IV: The Maze of Tribulations; Part V: Optional Tasks; Part II: Game Mechanics ; Part III: Main Story Walkthrough; Sample chapters. (Rena -> Celine +2; Celine -> Rena FP+4), "You're worrying too much." Soluce Yakuza : Like a Dragon. She has over 2.2 million followers on Instagram and is also popular on TikTok with over 1.3 million fans on her oceansowavyy account. Welch, Bowman, and Ernest are in the party; viewed. (Celine -> Rena FP-1), "What about you, Claude?" The Sinking City Repack Updated. Marianna wishes to test your fighting skill. (You buy either Secrets of Earth, Life in Nature, or Walls of the Soul for 1980 FOL. She asks if you want to go to the restaurant there for a relaxing lunch. Go back inside to help. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Precis is in the party; visited Phynal Entrance. Claim your profile for free. (Claude <- -> Precis RP+1), "That machine is called..." (Claude <- -> Precis RP+2), "I'll just leave her alone." The player asks for a little background on the Sacred Grounds of Linga. (Bowman -> Leon FP+2 RP+2; Leon -> Bowman FP+1). (Rena <- -> Ernest FP+1 RP+2; Opera -> Rena FP-2 RP-2), First Option. Stop by Celine's house after recruiting Bowman in Linga to introduce him to your old acquaintance. Ending/RElationships FAQ. Celine wants to buy jam, but the clerk seems to have gone missing. Game FAQs. NOTE: "Sure, let's buy it! (Celine -> Claude RP-1), "Could you assess my training?" (Precis -> Claude RP+1), "I'm actually going out with Rena." Precis is in the party; occurs after visiting the Symbological Weapons Lab but before training in Fun City. (Claude <- -> Rena FP+1 RP+2; Dias -> RP-3; Claude <- -> Dias FP+2), "Dias!" It's so full of optimization that's it's bound to be one of the classics for PlayStation. Celine Jules cosplay from Star Ocean 2: Second Generation. FP is Friendship Points, and RP is Romance Points. (Claude, Rena, Ernest all FP+1 RP+1 for each other). Precis and Ernest are in the party; used Save Point at Phynal 8F. NOTE: "Hold on a minute, Precis!" Ashton and Precis in the party; their FP are 8 or higher; Ashton knows, Precis is studying Ashton's Sword Dance move. I hope to have new and more confortable shoes for the next time I wear this. $24.00 + shipping . Page Tools. NOTE: After completing this PA, return to the library in North City and initiate the event where the Operator attempts to use the password. (Claude <- -> Rena RP+1; Precis -> Claude RP-1), "I was hoping you'd be mine, Precis." Precis 7. (Claude <- -> Rena FP-1), "I really don't know much about jewelry." Celine is not in the party; before completing Bowman's quest. (Claude <- -> Leon FP+3), "Well, a lot has happened." Star ocean: anamnesis youtube. (Claude <- -> Rena FP+2 RP+2), (To appear, option requires 200 FOL) "Let me buy that for you. NOTE: Following the conversation, speak to Celine again to receive a Holy Ring.