This is after all one of the less well-known branches of Marxist theory, and many of its key works are unknown even to well-read Marxists. December 8, 2010. A reading of Trotsky, especially his classic, The Revolution Betrayed, can offer all these honest worker and youth activists an explanation of what has happened and also a way out. Shakesphare - Othello 6. An addendum was, At the Limits of the “Bourgeois Restoration,”, On the Relevance of the Legacy of Leon Trotsky and the Fourth International (first published in, (International Strategy) No. We've put together a reading list of biographies, memoirs, and collected letters and essays that provide indispensable introductions to some of history's most inspiring figures. After briefly joining his uncle — who had to flee to Paris to escape the Nazis, and was subsequently killed by Stalinist agents — the young Seva moved in with his grandfather in Mexico. For a Movement for a Revolutionary Socialist International – The Fourth International Leon Trotsky was a leading Marxist revolutionary of the first half of the 20th century. Soviet cogitations: 14448 Defected to the U.S.S.R.: Sun 10 Sep 2006, 22:05 Ideology: Marxism-Leninism Philosophized In the revolutionary tradition, the name of Louis Blanqui is either remembered with derision or as a noble failure. Shakesphare - Romeo and Juliet 3. Service recounts Trotsky’s role in the botched German revolution of 1923; his willingness to subject Europe to a Red Army invasion in the 1920s; and his assumption that peasants could easily be pushed onto collective farms. Argentina Brazil Mexico Chile Spain France Germany Uruguay Venezeula Bolivia Italy Costa Rica Peru. Considered by many Ireland's most important revolutionary, James Connolly devoted his life to struggles against exploitation, oppression, and imperialism. Where is the “Lesser Evil” Now? He is famous for playing leading roles in the Russian revolutions of 1905 and 1917, and for organising the Red Army during the ensuing Russian Civil War.. An interview with Trotsky… This book gives new insight into the extraordinary life and ideas of one of the twentieth century's most important revolutionaries. The Trotskyist Fraction emerged from the International Workers League (LIT) of Nahuel Moreno in 1988. An excerpt of the introduction can be found here. Our rights are subject to the ups and downs of power relations in global capitalism. Polemic with the LIT and the Theoretical Legacy of Nahuel Moreno, La estrategia soviética en lucha por la República obrera, (1995) has not been translated to English but is summarized in, The Rise of the Revolutionary Left in Argentina, Which Way Forward for the Trotskyist Left, A Brief History of the Workers Left Front, Bread and Roses: Gender and Class Under Capitalism, by Andrea D’Atri, Feminism for the 99%—A Debate About Strategy, Women’s Emancipation in Times of Global Crisis, by Claudia Cinatti (an English translation is in preparation), SYRIZA and the Position of Revolutionaries, Revolutionaries and the Question of the “Government of the Left,”, Syriza and Podemos: A Necessary Balance Sheet, Pandemic and Capitalism: The Two-Pronged Struggle of the Working Class, On the Front Line to Make the Capitalists Pay for the Pandemic and its Brutal Consequences. By Former Black Panthers Paul Coates and Eddie Conway discuss lives, politics, and their friendship that helped Eddie survive decades in prison. If you’re like me, busy and not a professional literary critic, you need to fit reading into your spare time. Reading list Every so often I am contacted by people asking for advice on what to read. Search. The FT-CI publishes the international network of revolutionary online newspapers of which. Would you like to contribute to Left Voice? La estrategia soviética en lucha por la República obrera (1995) has not been translated to English but is summarized in Soviet Strategy: A Primer in Left Voice Magazine #5. The economic crisis deepens social polarization, reviving the most reactionary sectors of society to express their virulent xenophobia, homophobia, and misogyny. The discussion on the economic … by Claudia Cinatti (an English translation is in preparation), SYRIZA and the Position of Revolutionaries, by Philippe Alcoy, Revolutionaries and the Question of the “Government of the Left,” by Claudia Cinatti, Syriza and Podemos: A Necessary Balance Sheet, by Diego Lotito and Josefina Martinez, Chile and the New Cycle of Class Struggle in Latin America, Revolt and Revolution in the 21st Century, Bolivia: Class Struggle and Strategic Positions, From Fragmentation to Hegemony: Turning Points in Class Struggle Today, The Globalization of the Class Struggle and the Utopia of a Revolutionary Party in One Country, Revolutionary Theory and Practice after the “End of Ideology”, Pandemic and Capitalism: The Two-Pronged Struggle of the Working Class, by Matías Maiello, On the Front Line to Make the Capitalists Pay for the Pandemic and its Brutal Consequences, statement by the FT-CI, Coronavirus and the Healthcare Crisis: Our Lives Are Worth More than Their Profits!, statement by the FT-CI. Cannon was certainly a great organizer, but was a piss-poor theorist. Episodic and frustratingly incomplete, these notes were to form the basis of a biography that Trotsky … By Robert Montgomery To discuss socialism coherently, after mastering the “basics” in Marx and Engels, we need to read the seminal documents of the Trotskyist movement. A Hero of Our Time - Mikhail Lermontov 7. March 5 2020. We use cookies to enhance your experience. Here are some readings to introduce you to the Trotskyist Fraction – Fourth International. Yet their show of defiance remains one of the most iconic images of Olympic history and the Black Power movement. Search for Library Items Search for Lists Search for Contacts Search for a Library. In the global context of the advance of the right wing and proliferation of neoreformism, a new revolutionary left is growing in Argentina. Haymarket Books The Trotsky Internet Archive (TIA) hopes to be central clearing house for Trotsky’s writings. Trotsky evinced a surprisingly glacial and schematic approach to making revolution. 1 Comment. Create lists, bibliographies and reviews: or Search WorldCat. This volume collects Connolly's most important speeches and writing. An English translation is in progress. Karl Kautsky was, for three decades before the First World War, the main authority on the intellectual heritage of Marx and Engels. Leon Trotsky, My Life. The sole surviving diary of a Holocaust resistance fighter, written from inside the Nazi concentration camps. Machiavelli - The prince 2. Trotsky on Permanent Revolution. When you start reading a book, you commit to spending a lot of time in its world. Biography Who was Leon Trotsky? WorldCat Home About WorldCat Help. Left Voice is part of an international network of revolutionary online newspapers. Sukhanov, ... Bukharin and Trotsky to name a few. Radical songwriter and organizer Joe Hill was murdered by the capitalist state in 1915, but his songs continue to inspire working-class activists and musicians. Trotsky's Book Club. Please, The Trotskyist Fraction — Fourth International (FT-CI, based on its initials in Spanish) is a revolutionary tendency that is present in 14 countries. 27, March 2011.). John Carlos and Tommie Smith's Black Power salute on the 1968 Olympic podium sparked controversy and career fallout. Leon Trotsky (/ ˈ t r ɒ t s k i /; born Lev Davidovich Bronstein; 7 November [O.S. The FT-CI publishes the international network of revolutionary online newspapers of which Left Voice is a part. Leon Trotsky’s most popular book is History of the Russian Revolution. Militant journalism, revolutionary politics. This collection of Howard Zinn's speeches on protest movements, racism, war, and US history, many never before published, covers more than four decades of his active engagement with the audiences he inspired with his humor, insight, and clarity. Yet during his lifetime, Blanqui was a towering figure of revolutionary courage and commitment as he organized nearly a half-dozen failed revolutionary conspiracies and spent half of his life in jail. ... Young Lenin and On Lenin in one volume, this is a fascinating political biography by fellow revolutionary Leon Trotsky. Trotsky’s daughter, Zinaida Volkova, suffered from severe depression and took her own life in 1933, leaving behind a small son, Vsevolod “Seva” Volkov. By Haymarket Books / March 5 2020 The lives and thought of radicals and revolutionaries, of the past and present, have much to teach us. We have written some articles giving an overview of the Trotskyist Fraction. "For further reading of Trotsky's works": pages [366]-367. Preliminary Reading List. The Trotskyist Fraction — Fourth International (FT-CI, based on its initials in Spanish) is a revolutionary tendency that is present in 14 countries. An undated letter from the late 1950s confirms that EP Thompson was reading Trotsky during the era of the first New Left. Shakesphare - Macbeth 5. At the beginning of 2018, U.S. based activists and intellectuals* called for the construction of a “feminism for the 99%.” This idea, inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement of 2011, gave shape to the manifesto signed by Nancy Fraser, Cinzia Arruzza, and Tithi Bhattacharya, which appeared on March 8 of this year. Alexandra Kollontai was a key leader of the Russian Socialist movement, the only woman in the early Soviet government, and one of the most famous women in Russian history. Leon Trotsky, Stalinism and Bolshevism The crisis of global capitalism reminds us that the rights oppressed people have obtained are not set in stone, but are subject to cuts imposed by bourgeois governments and international financial institutions. Howard Zinn dramatizes the life of Emma Goldman, the anarchist, feminist, and free-spirited thinker who was exiled from the US. How did the Trotskyists gain so much influence? Home. An extensive compilation of articles, speeches, press statements, and open letters by American socialist Eugene V. Debs. / The international situation, the class struggle and the tasks of revolutionaries: A series of articles presenting the Trotskyist Fraction – ... During the crisis, independent socialist journalism is more important than ever. All welcome! We encourage others to duplicate this effort by mirroring this site, copying selected writings from the TIA and otherwise disseminating Trotsky’s writings. This reading list is intended to help English-speaking socialists who would like to learn more about the tendency, its historical background, and its theoretical underpinnings. Leon Trotsky has 422 books on Goodreads with 52336 ratings.