I would be more willing to work within these trade-offs if the price differential was huge…but for everyday, regular cars, it seemed like you were only saving $5-10/day. I plan to use Turo every time I travel if possible in the future. I am now a superhost and wanted to ask if that means I should change the way I do things? I rented a 2005 Boxster S from Turo at the end of this month. Turo is by no means a sketch company.. Turo represents a great leap forward in the car-rental space: the ability to cut out agencies (and their hefty fees) is just the latest example of how the sharing economy is opening up new opportunities for consumers. Turo is a peer-to-peer car rental service that connects renters with car owners; I used Turo to rent a BMW 135i convertible in Los Angeles; Setting up the rental on Turo was easy, communicating with the car owner was painless; All together, it cost around $100 for a 24-hour rental So I intend to take every weekend and do a road trip, either with my rental car, or with something rented. For newer cars, it is recommended you get the Premium Protection Plan, to cover any damages or theft. Press J to jump to the feed. The car rental company advertises several safety and security measures, including liability insurance, traveler screenings, and a 24-hour emergency line, but some Check Turo.com trust rating on WOT database: Good: 64 / 100. And Sami, from Turo, contacted me saying that among the choices presented by the owner, had the kindness of asking Turo to charge me the cheapest option ($519.12 + $150.00 Turo's fee) in total: $669.12 charges for a scratch. I rented a honda accord for about two months in TX, but returned the car in 3 weeks due to AC problems: it sometimes blew out hot airs when being in neutral. /r/Cars is the largest automotive enthusiast community on the Internet. Sounds pretty straightforward, right? Sure, you're going to have reckless drivers, or if you have a luxury roadster, inexperienced drivers. Turo: the company that lets you rent your personal car out for money. I'd bash on a rental car because well they give zero Fcks obviously by the state I've seen some, but these I'd be more afraid of wrecking someone's car. Stick with the big names, and understand how your insurance works with rental cars. It was really painless and easy to set up. If you are considering to host your car, think twice. How did it work out for you? There is a Turo … i rent my car throut turo.i have a coverage plan from turo for every damage made by guest. 2. Turo Reviews | Turo Reddit | Turo Rentals. I'm just not sure what sort of experiences people have had. Stay away!!! It came out to about $100 a day. Another guest scratched the bumper (Mercedes 2016), in to places, one scratch is about 10 in long and kinda deep. Rented an old F150 long bed for $40 for the day. There are two sides to using Turo. Please the only rule we have is no posting of personal promo codes. I have rented from Turo and also rented out my own car. Total lack of communication and cheap on car parts for luxury vehicles If you are a host make sure u get best insurance! For now, Turo is investing $1 million in the Seed Initiative—enough to fund more than 130 new hosts. Cars receive star ratings that quickly adjust based on new reviews, and renters are encouraged to leave detailed feedback about the owners themselves. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. What is Turo? This because they make everything easy for the user by which you can rent, Extent and do an almost everything with a fast system. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The big advantage to a Turo car rental is the money you’ll save vs. renting through a regular car rental company, such as Budget, or Enterprise. Got a car? The owner disputed the early termination based on the $75 mechanic's report saying that AC has no issue. I used a Turo rented truck to move a mattress from a UPS pickup location to my new pad. And in any case, the owner signed up for that. Whew! I rented using Turo in LA earlier this year. We are renting an older vehicle with a slower depreciation rate. The Turo app takes you thru the whole experience from initial rental, pickup to drop-off without a hitch. Turo insurance is totally … It was great. Turo does take 25% of revenue from every rental but that covers insurance and the cost to list cars on the app. I live in SF, may give a F-Type a try! They have awful customer support, and seem like they only want to gouge you with fees, even when an accident wasn't your fault AND YOUR INSURANCE ALREADY PAID OUT THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS. ... are there stats & data for how many rentals / how much owners make using any of these services, like there are pricing and marketing tools for Airbnb now? Many people throughout the country use Turo to actively rent and rent out their vehicles. I'll report back after. With Turo's Best Coupon Codes, Enjoy Great Savings If you're looking for the best discount or referral promo code for Turo then you've come to the right site. Here's what happened when I took Turo for a spin during a recent vacation. turo claim department. Would the CC insurance consider Turo as a traditional rental car or would they use the fact that it's peer to peer as a loophole to not cover it? Cookies help us deliver our Services. We're kicking around going to San Diego in June or so and renting a basic car for 25 or so is much better than the other rates for the rental companies. While I was searching vehicl… A review of my Turo experience. Turo is a lovely place to work, I will take any opportunity I … Faceless corporate owners almost invite "because rental car". Turo showed incompetency in dealing with the dispute caused by mechanical issues of vehicles and was negligent in notifying customers of a clear detailed policy about early termination despite being requested. 1 Review . Turo renters (1st time with no reviews) clearly donot know how to use the app. Please, see the pictures. Most Turo reviews leave out all these possibilities, instead focusing on only what the ideal scenario looks like. Doing so will cause you to be banned. If the site has a bad WOT trust rating it means someone had a bad experience. This makes the Camry a conservative option for new Turo hosts that want to expand their fleet. Turo made renting a private vehicle… Turo made renting a private vehicle easy, seamless and reliable. Now that you know what the 15 most profitable cars on Turo are you can be better equipped to expand your fleet. Yes. I like the idea of peer-to-peer sharing service, but caution should be given to car-sharing service, especially to long term rental. Also got to drive a dope Volvo V70 Wagon for $25/per day instead of a Chrysler 200 Rental Car Edition for $50/day. They have fostered a working environment which sees it's employees reaching their full potential, emphasising curiosity and entrepreneurial spirit. I think Turo/Flightcar/Getaround bank on the psychology behind driving someone's car vs buying cheapshitboxrentalcar. Huge premiums under 25, if they let you at all. Turo showed incompetency in dealing with the dispute caused by mechanical issues of vehicles and was negligent in notifying customers of a clear detailed policy about early termination despite being requested. Rent private cars for cheap with Turo. i called a tow truck and took the car to auto repair. Turo charges 20% of the price if you're under 25 (but above 21). I went back to the host, they refused to give me a refund and still blamed Turo, and provided evidence that Turo raised the floor prices. Turo is basically in the position where a renter must prove the mechanical issues (but how and why?). Doing some research before I get into the rental business. The same person who trashes hotel rooms "Because housekeeping" probably wouldn't trash someone's Airbnb flat because "not my house". It's cheap, convenient, but if anything ever happens (whether it's your fault or not), you are absolutely SCREWED with fees, quickly losing all your savings. But then there’s always the question of what happens when someone crashes your car. Their new approach to local car renting is to promote their selection of vehicles to travelers who are interested in not getting the same old boring stock sedan from a traditiona… 3. What does the typical superhost provide that the regular host does not? Turo appraises the damages and sends me $93! I then ran the same search through Turo and confirmed that prices were anywhere from 25% – 50% cheaper even after taxes.Of course the other advantage is that you can bypass the pickup counter at some airports. I'm really hoping someone can chime in on this. Sort Reviews By: Scott. This is my review of the Turo peer-to-peer car rental platform, from the owner’s perspective.. Over the last 4 months, my husband and I have managed to leverage underutilized cars in our driveway and the Turo platform to get a free Tesla Model S for our day-to-day driving. I would try it again when they have clear ideas of how to cope with lots of potential issues in vehicles as well as between owners and renters. My post almost a year ago explains the nightmare I had with RelayRides (now known as Turo). I have complained to Turo again and they have done nothing. Bad business indeed. Turo.com was originally RelayRides, a ride sharing company whose goal was simply to give car owners interested in making extra money a to rent their car locally to others who didn’t have cars or who were interested in renting cars for various tasks. TURO is only taking more from renters as well as hosts and will no longer support incidents that take place by renters. Read 1 more review about Turo Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore Elaine Leyva 1 review. We serve as Reddit's central hub for vehicle-related discussion including industry news, reviews, projects, videos, DIY guides, advice, stories, and more. Any tips and tricks of the trade would be appreciated. It seems great! It’s pretty straight forward. The first service charge mentioned by the company was something around 1400.00 charges! Over 350,000 vehicles have been listed on Turo to help hosts offset the cost of ownership. Still experimenting with pricing--not making a killing but the cashflow is positive. Wait aren't these actual peoples cars? I have it for 5 days. Do I really need to be 25 or can I contact the owner? Social norms are different P2P than they are B2C. Apparently Turo does some kind of insurance frauds. Turo claims that the average renter saves 35% off the price of a standard car rental. Had a guy rent my truck. They are AWFUL and I will avoid it at all costs and strongly urge people to look elsewhere. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Obviously no fuel cost. Now that RelayRides has changed into Turo.com, they have changed their focus as well. Thanks in advance! If your website has a bad rating, ask WOT to review your site. Across the whole of the internet, I've only seen like 1-2 posts on Quora about anyone renting anything through Turo. Turo charged the inspection fee as well as the long-term discount portion I earned. I recommend trying it out. Here's what you ought to know, good and bad, before you start. Earn extra cash by sharing it on Turo. "For us, we're still a small company, and that's a lot of money," Haddad said to me. Get better insurance, increase my prices, or offer any services that I may be overlooking? By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. 93 dollars to fix the damage on Mercedes bumper! Many Turo hosts list their cars so they can cover their monthly payments, while others simply want help managing insurance and maintenance costs. Turo states that drivers can save up to 35% on the cost of a rental vehicle with its services. I am going to be spending about 4 months in the Bay area of California, it is for work mostly but I will still have my weekends, and wont know a single person out there really. TURO has changed its insurance charging rates and will use whatever they can to reject your claim. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, 2017 Toyota Corolla LE, (RIP)'02 Mini Coope S, 04 viper, 05 c55, 83 911, 04 crossfire, 82 vette. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Turo gets 8.8 points out of ten which means it is purity much good. Rented a 2013 Porsche for an absolute steal for a week. Easy to pick up and drop off at the airport. for an account, you can immediately list your vehicle for rent. Renting a car vs. and listing your car to rent to other Turo members. Turo Tips. 26 ‘Turo.com’ Reviews. I used them fine until I had an accident, after which all hell broke loose. US. They seemed to have thought of everything that you might be … Which is a risk the car owner is inevitably willing to take. It's kind of like Uber, but you do all the driving. Have you thought about renting out your car through sharing services like Turo and Hyrecar? How Turo Works. I think you need to be 25 to rent cars for a decent price anywhere. If it were my little Cooper S I'd live in fear of well "because rental car". Edit: apparently it’s pronounced “all-star host”. I'm flying to SanFran & thought it may be a fun vehicle. WOT is a browser add-on used by millions of users to rate websites and online shops. That was a long list! We also offer store deals, shopping tips and other great offers on other parts […] Hit something with the front, scratching off paint in quite a large area. I have 2 recent renters (1 abandoned the vehicle in Newark, NJ after hitting something) and another previously hit something and cannot remember. on 5/15/2020 a guest took my car in perfect condition and after inspection and after 3 hours called me and said thr car stuck on highway,smoking and he canot start the car. They offered insurance and I took the cheaper option because I had additional coverage through my credit card. It was a really great experience and much cheaper than renting a car through a standard rental company. You put in your requirements and Toro will show you what’s available.I did a quick search online for cars in Scottsdale and Orlando through various car rental agencies. The process is fairly simple and once you signup (my referral link, thanks!) Messed up my truck . April 2, 2017. Turo executives have been very successful in hiring encouraging and bright leaders. The car rental company advertises several safety and security measures, including liability insurance, traveler screenings, and a 24-hour emergency line, but some Does anybody have any experience with Turo? I found Turo had the most diverse selection, even having things like MK7 GTIs and Focus/Fiesta ST for under $40 for the day, A Fiat 500 GQ Turbo for $30, I even found a Porsche 911 Cabriolet for $100 for the day! Vehicle Requirements When it comes to car safety, any vehicle listed on Turo (with some exceptions for “specialty” models) must meet certain requirements . I called Turo, they said they have no control over the pricing (which is a lie). Are we in 1980 or something??? No issues whatsoever. What insurance is most reliable when using rental services like turo? Mixed reviews from using the Turo to rent cars and for the people who rent their cars out. That being said it was so good compared to renting a car through a traditional service. I used turo for a trip to Dallas last month. Of course there are exceptions and outliers. I'll definitely use it again when I need to rent a vehicle. So far an overwhelmingly positive experience. A place for both renters and owners. Great deal. Finding the place "at" LAX was a bit of a struggle - it is actually a mile away. Skip the rental car counter and book the perfect car on Turo, the world's largest car sharing marketplace. If you want to try different kinds of vehicles for a short term, just go for it. Ditto, but for a couch. Turo seems to be a mix between people renting their personal vehicles and people running a business renting out cars. Oh wow this sounds cool. The host said this was Turo's fault. If you’d like to learn even more, check out my in-depth Turo review. So far, things have gone smoothly, Same guy has a 911 for $100 a day instead of $90 a day, im renting his black 911. A RideSharingDriver.com blogger recently posted a review of his experience renting from Turo. Its a simple rule and really our only one. Too bad they recently raised their prices but it's still worth it, especially for a car enthusiast. Check the scorecard report on WOT. Dented the back chrome bumper, ripped up a chunk in one of my door panels. You're guaranteed to get a March 2019, up to date coupon code. I rented a tesla model s p85. The daily rent generated by the Camry averages out at $45/day with a monthly purchase cost of $450. The best bang for your buck.