The oil is used to soften the leather. Jatrophine an alkaloid material is present in the latex of Jatropha which is assumed to have anti-cancerous properties. This herb acts as a strong pain killer. Buddha belly plant (J. podagrica) was used to tan leather and produce a red dyein Mexico and the southwestern United States. Drink at least, 2 times daily for 9-12 days and bid farewell or bid good riddance to bad hepatitis B. You can have it to suppress your back pain. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb. Can you help with other effective herb to use to get the permanent cure, I was at undetected level before I stopped. The Jatropha system is analyzed from cradle to grave, from Jatropha cultivation to biodiesel consumption (Figure-1). Is jatropha curcas use to treat hapititis b? Use it as poultice on your Breast. Sorry, You need to ask an expert in this subject. Heat 3 to 4 Jatropha leaves. will it help for someone with a foot ulcer.....they have had it a couple of gets better and then opens up again after a couple of months? a) Jatropha oil is a potential substitute for biodiesel providing the country cheap and renewable source of energy for transport & power and can effect sizeable savings on foreign exchange. J. rufescens had restricted use, its leaves are utilized only to wrap fresh dairy products ( Table 2 , Table 3 ). Jatropha plant twigs are used to clean the teeth. Why do you want to give this tea to children? Add 2 tsp of stem exudates of jatropha c. with equal measures of jaggery ( soaked extract of okro boiled with sugarcane extract. Will jatropha seed good for family planning and how to use it and period it will last. It is a non-food crop, toxic to humans and animals when consuming. Plantation cultivation in certain areas has been attempted, but overall Jatropha curcas cultivation has been a dismal failure. The functional unit (FU) is define as 1 MJ release to an engine fueled by Jatropha bio-diesel. Thank you, Is jathropha seed save to use while breasfeeding, Can jatropha be used to treat kidney disease, Please why are you not replying to how to treat HIV with Jatropha,does it mean you guys are living when you said it inhibits HIV with low effect cytotoxicity?please tell us the Gospel truth so we know why we are on your sight..deos it treat HIV and how?thank you. More research on Jatropha curcas should also be initiated on medicinal properties of different plant parts, e.g. A dark blue dye is extracted from the bark of Jatropha. thanks. Other Uses of Jatropha Seeds. The oil is used in torches and lanterns as it burns with clean free smoke. Jatropha plants will generate returns for 30 years. Please, let the disease take its course. It is rich in palmitic acid, with high levels of hydrophobicity, and makes a soft, durable soap … Jatropha seeds can have an oil content of up to 43 percent. Hello. I don't want the virus to replicate again and for how long can I take the herb since the virus is already at undetected level? Chief among Jatropha uses is its potential as a clean burning fuel to replace fossil fuels. How Jatropha Gossypiifolia is effective for various diseases is listed in repertory format. You may ask and answer a query. Where can I get the red jathropa in Plateau State Nigeria? Names of Jatropha Gossypiifolia in various languages of the world are also given. What’s more benefits of Jatropha leaves for health? Shrubs of Jatropha act as a host for the lac insects. Please write your query here. Hi dear im hiv postive also can you please tell me how you used the directions also did you do any diet instructions during the jatropha please help may i have your email please thank you so much. Description of Jatropha curcas, its origin and use Species description. Okay I’m in Ghana want to take part in the treatment, Can I plant this jetropha at my home. Jatropha curcas is used to stop soil erosion and as desertifi cation plant [11]. So far I got a recip of how to prepare it however they will be need to have a few HIV infected people take it to see its effectiveness. Jatropha (Jatropha curcas L.) or physic nut is a drought resistant monoecious large shrub or small tree 5 (–8) m tall, belongs to the genus Jatropha which consists of over 170 species, and is a member of the Euphorbiaceae family, producing oil containing seeds. This advice is for educational purpose only. Prolonged and excessive intake of Jatropha may cause : Apply fresh latex of Jatropha on your Wounds. I just heard about Jatropha and I want to know if it can help and how. Because of the excellent combination of potassium, phosphorous and nitrogen, the Jatropha oil cake is used as organic manure. Seeds are used to produce insecticides. Based on its fuel properties, the use of Jatropha curcas as a biofuel plant has great potential, especially in underdeveloped nations. Spread a layer of mulch along the base of the plant to aid in retention of soil moisture and contr Any side effect measured, just rush to your doctor. Oil extracted from the Jatropha plant is used as biofuel. A Jatropha plant possesses medicinal as well as other industrial uses. Any side effect measured, just rush to your doctor. Introduction: Phytotherapy is one of the research branches in the healing process of surgical wounds. Is there any herbal treatment available for chicken pox . On an average one can get 10 to 15,000 Rupees per 1 acre plantation from 4th year; Note: The only disadvantage of these plants is that they cannot be grown in … Currently, most prominent products are biofuels, soap, snacks, and animal feed. The uses recorded for the Jatropha species (with the exception of J. ciliata, for which no use was registered) were classified into medicinal, food, ornamental, and others. Pls can Jatropha leaves cure diabetes? I have been taking red Jatropha juice since but it's purging me. Since ages, jatropha leaves have been used for curing the gassy stomach. Please am in need of your help. Do boiled red jatropha leaves drink cure anemia? Never give seeds in any from to children, they are very susceptible to jatropha poisoning. Thus increasing the income and lessening the poverty for women and children of small farmer families. Jatropha curcas trees and deliver oil from itself. Will taking jatropha be effective and what part? However, it is to roasted properly dear. Being a perennial crop, it can be used for carbon capture and to alleviate soil degradation, how many percent npk ratio in jatropha seed, PLEASE SEND BIODIESEL PROCESS FROM JATROPHA SEED. Bark of Jatropha is used as a fish poison. The dark blue dye extracted from the bark of Jatropha is a useful dye. It is quite toxic and don't give it to your children. However, it has not been able to achieve a major commercial success for use as a natural pesticide.