Raw is not preshrunk, or “sanforized”. of wool roving makes one ball, and you need about 4-8 balls to make a difference; A sock or pantyhose; String or yarn if you use a sock; Your fingers; 5 to 10 drops of an essential oil of choice for each ball (I like Lavender the best ) (where to buy high quality essential oils) Step #1: First, take the wool and form it into a small clump. There are of course other ways to wash fiber and wool can even be spun from the "grease" with no washing at all... but that's pretty nasty. Historically this would have likely been something like stale urine or ox gall. I didn't know washing was so fraught. Reply Some fibers are easier than others to wash and are more tolerant of agitation but all can and will mat up if mishandled. Enough very hot water to fill the bucket a few times Just dump it out taking care to hold the fleece in the bucket and not dump it along with the dirty water. Some people have suggested washing or soaking wool in one of the following products: Conditioner; Eucalen Wool is warm, but breathable, so it’s great for bed quilts. Depending on how dirty your fleece is, you might want to repeat steps 3 and 4. Place the wool garment into the bucket of soapy water and dunk it to completely wet it. And dried at 65 -90 degree celsius to concentrate the acid. If you do it wrong you get a glopping wet mass of felt. We couldn't use mesh bags or washing machines. Very hot in this case should be a bit too hot to put your hands in. The first step in washing wool is to prepare it for washing by skirting. Harvesting it from sheep doesn’t harm them, and it grows back. raw wool fleece & fiber washing tutorial. sheep wool clothes jeans commercial raw wool washing machine 0086-18637188608 raw wool washing machine This wool washing machine made of stainless steel,the material is wearable and easy to clean. *When your wool is “full” or felted” it will should not fray which makes it perfect for raw edge applique! !This is incredibly important. Then spin out the water ( being sure to not allow any water flow onto the wool in this stage). Fleece washed with the fermented suint method. If you’re using a sink, you can push the mesh bags off to the side while you add more water, but with a washing machine you may need to gently lift the bags out into a washtub while you refill. Follow the instructions above, but when you’re working with a small amount of wool at a time, you can use a sink or washing tub. An important trick for long term storage is to put your bags of fiber in a freezer for 72 hours or so, remove them for about the same and then pop em right back in for another 72 hours. (Though what, no ox gall? Raw wool is placed into boiling water to shrink and constrict the fibers of the textile, giving it the softer and tighter feel that makes for a warmer, more durable end product. Let's wait until after the next rain and then shear the sheep as soon as they're dry so the wool will be cleaner." Every fleece is different, but even the cleanest fleeces from coated sheep have some not-so-great sections. How to Wash Raw Wool for Spinning or Felting. The number one rule in washing raw fleece? First, wool is a renewable & sustainable natural fiber. I do this with my hand. Essentially its the part of the fleece that is protected by the coat. This helps finish up the cleaning process and make it look beautiful. It rained yesterday and the sheep are cleaner than they've been in weeks." Plain tap water from a hose is fine. This gentle swishing mimics the motion of a washing machine and allows the soap to pass through the wool and remove dirt or impurities. Otherwise, gently press the bags of wool against the side or bottom of the sink so most of the water runs out. $16.50 $ 16. Oz) Save 5% more with Subscribe & Save. Just make sure it's in an even layer with plenty of room for air circulation. July 26, 2019 / No Comments. Optionally you could use a loosely woven muslin bag or a large basket that will allow for air circulation. Raw wool is also called greasy wool, because it is soaked with lanolin. Now would be a good time to go heat more water if you need to. Always add the wool to the water, don’t run water onto the wool, this could felt it also. Here is a guide to the basics of washing raw fleece, see also our page on a simple easy method of dyeing fleece with food colouring.. We supply unwashed Cotswold fleece from the Pickwick flock - this flock is well renowned for the whiteness and fineness of the fleece - spinners love it! The washing and drying tips below will help you to avoid felting when cleaning your woollen clothes. I did a quick Google search to see if there was an easy way to soften wool and came across this forum. Let it soak! I also put fleece in net laundry bags and use my top loading washing machine to soak in the HOT water. Preparing the Wool for Washing. Take raw fleece and lay it out on the floor. Wool or other animal fiber(Own a long haired dog?) Washing raw wool (often referred to as scouring) removes dirt, straw, and wool grease – lanolin from the sheep fleece. SKIRT. I washed it outside in a big washtub. With that said, scour as soon as you are able. Take off the very dirty wool around the edge of the fleece and check the rest of the fleece and remove any dirt, hay and any other foreign material. ! Cleaned, carded, and ready to spin! Wool carding involves separating and straightening sheep's wool with two brushes so that it can be used to make fiber art or yarn for knitting. Thanks again for commenting! To rinse: put water that is not as hot as the first water was, but not cool either (you want to avoid sudden change in water temperature so the wool doesn’t felt) in the tub or washer. For this Instructable I used a couple ounces of very nice wool from New Zealand that I picked up on Ebay. If you're just washing a couple ounces, a large bowl is perfect. Even living history programs balk at this. Anywhere. And here is the wool after it is all clean. Colorful Wrapped Rope Macrame Knot Necklace. Let the wool sit for about 30 minutes; the water will have cooled somewhat, but it should still be warm. This can be in any form such as raw wool, washed raw wool, roving or carded fiber and locks as well as yarn. Sometimes I purchase processed, dyed wool … Washing individual clumps or locks of wool is a good way to work your way through the fleece if you don’t have the space or inclination to wash it all at once. This is just one way of doing it - using our mesh bags - there are many ways of going about cleaning a fleece.. 1. There are many methods used for washing wool, depending on the type of wool you’re washing, the water you’re using, the space you have, and the quantity of raw wool you need to wash. Flick Carding patents-wipo . Laundry sink, large tub, or top-loading washing machine, Rubber gloves (dishwashing gloves), used for fleece washing only, Somewhere to dry the wool for a few days, like a sweater drying rack or a regular drying rack with an old sheet over it (to keep the shorter bits from falling through). I’ve been in this wool circle for more than 10 years, and served customers around the world, such as Korea, UK, the United States, Poland, Italy, Germany, India, Australia, etc. Washing Raw Wool. Step by step instructions are below. Some people like to use screens or mesh bags but this works for me. Thank you for the help. See how easy it is to wash raw wool and other protein fibers with Kookaburra soucr and wash I tend to agree but I'm not an "expert' spinner. A muslin bag or a large basket You can store a raw fleece for year, but I will say a scoured freshly shorn fleece is heaven. Once the water drains clear you'll want to spread the fleece on your towel or table cloth to dry. It should be bone dry before you bag it for storage or further processing and spinning. Some animals are cleaner than others and some also tend to just be naturally kind of clean overall but they all smell and even if your unwashed fleece is tolerable when received, it's going to smell when it hits the water. Half was dark brown with lighter edges, and half was cream. Place the bags back into the water and soak again. I learned to process wool in a living history setting for demonstration purposes and have done it countless times. It could be about any sort of bucket as long as it's clean. But, if you don’t want to deal with spinning sticky wool, or if you want to use processing equipment like a drum carder, or you’re just plain grossed out by wool straight off the sheep, you’ll need to wash it before spinning. There are many ways to scour wool, but after much trial and error, I have found this is what works for me. I never use moth balls to repel moths, it's very toxic and the wool will absorb the smell. And a new FREE pattern, exclusive for newsletter's subscribers is coming soon, using boiled wool... PLUS: it's SALE time on Craftsy! Let the wool sit in the soapy water for around a half hour. Some fibers are easier than others to wash and are more tolerant of agitation but all can and will mat up if mishandled. The first hot rinse I just do in the utility sink, but the final rinse I do in my washing machine. Anytime. How-to felt wool in your washing machine, my 10 best tips for you! Baking at 125 degree celsius for one minute chars the cellulosic material. This kills any moths or larvae that might have gotten into your precious fleece and wipes out any that may hatch from eggs once they are tricked into thinking winter is over. If your fleece stays wet too long and mildews you'll be sad. to do the washing. Now spread your nice clean wool out to dry; this process might take a few days, depending on the weather and humidity. 1620 wash raw wool products below Wool Price Sheep Wool Chinese Washed Sheep Wool. Hold them under the water without moving them around, until the wool is fully wet. You might want to mention that some animal fibers (ie alpaca) do not have lanolin and therefore do not have to be scoured in high temperatures. Decide how much wool you want to wash at once, and where you want to wash it. Now take your fleece and gently set it on top of the water. After washing – any kind of washing – the wool is clean. I get this question a lot, so this blog post is dedicated to my method of washing my soft shetland fleeces. Nice tips over all. Journal of the Textile Institute Proceedings: Vol. The heads up on the stink will be a big help! It will take several "rinses" with the hot water and detergent to get your fleece clean. Top of Washing Raw Wool ~ Home ~ Tutorials. Hot water, very hot. If you are spinning or knitting on a budget this comes in handy. en Used detergent solutions in a raw wool washing machine are usually separated from the main soiling particles by providing beneath the solution vessel, for such detergent solutions, a reservoir wherein are deposited the soiled matter contained in the wool, such as sand, excrement and grease. I waited for a warm, sunny day. Even with this simple method you can easily stock up a good stash of fiber ready for spinning when the mood hits you.So, Now it's time to learn to card or comb your fleece and get spinning! That's the way I like it - easily finished! Another important thing is to not let the water cool too much. Never would a' thunk! An important note may be that if you ask around long enough you might be able to get fleece or other fibers "for the asking" but it will almost certainly not be washed. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. A note about the smell, this stuff can really stink up a small space and literally drive family members and roommates outside. Tweet. Optional Good luck. 5 Shares. This video documents the first part of that process: washing the raw wool fleece.… The scoured wool fabric is padded, either in the rope form or in open width, with liquor containing dilute sulfuric acid (5 to 7 % by wt.) The second wash would be the same as the first one, but you may not need as much soap. Ecos is a plant based pH laundry detergent available at Whole Foods Markets. Learn new craft techniques and tips from the experts. Make it angry! Soak the Wool. The simplest is to use the mesh bags that are sold for washing delicates in your washing machine. I sometimes keep washed fleece in large plastic zipper seal bags while it waits to be spun. It'll serve you well to consider who might have to put up with it before you start. That said, other than being stinky it's a pretty easy job and requires almost no "tools". Washing Your Wool; 1. How do I wash a wool sweater at home? This is the same NKS fleece as the raw fleece above. This page has been created to show sheep owners and buyers of raw fleece how you can wash, comb, spin or felt your own wool at home. fleece laid out to skirt and sort The first thing to do as soon as you can after acquiring the fleece is to lay it our somewhere dry – preferably your garden (I lay mine on an old shower curtain I kept for this job) and skirt the fleece. A very nice friend gave me a lot of wool (sheep - greasy, alpaca and llama - not greasy). Once you're comfortable with the process, you can then wash more at once in a bathtub. After that you might also want to look here for a great Instructable on spinning! Photo by Joe Coca. I currently have a bag of mohair and some buffalo "wool" to be washed. This will give me something to practice. This is my brand spanking new YouTube channel where I’ll be posting longer videos about wool and the sheep Comparison video between Valais Blacknose... Jump to. One thing you might wonder when buying an alpaca fleece is how washing wool from an alpaca is different from washing sheep’s fleece. Industrial Washing Machine Raw Wool Cleaning Machine , Find Complete Details about Industrial Washing Machine Raw Wool Cleaning Machine,Raw Wool Washing Machine,Industrial Washing Machine Wool Cleaning Machine,Wool Cleaning Machine from Industrial Washer Supplier or Manufacturer-Zhengzhou Megaplant Imp.&exp. Woolite Dark is something you may have already bought for washing your raw denim, but, as its name implies, it's great for its light touch on wool. For alpaca not so! Wool Fiber. You can gently push the fiber down with a clean stick or wooden spoon to get it the rest of the way under. Washing Fleece. What you can use to Soften Wool. First of all, it’s okay to spin from raw wool if you want to. Also, check out Unicorn’s tips on How to Wash Raw Wool Fleece as there are some great pointers there that I don’t cover. Here's a way to make a nice one both quickly and inexpensively! 10 years ago Aug 8, 2013 - Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Detergent will loosen and float away the oil and dirt and generally icky stuff. Jul 23, 2015 - Explore Jamie Dunnum's board "Cleaning raw wool" on Pinterest. any other wool wash I have tried, and it is very reasonably priced. My Wool Washing Method. Easy, step by step instructions for scouring wool at home without felting it. Part of that is undoubtedly because it's fast and easy--"instant gratification". You can still make a felted mess if you aren't careful. This is what I do. You can’t get it all out at this stage! You can hang the bag from a tree or clothes line to dry or leave a basket of fleece in the sun. Spread your fleece out on an old sheet or tarp and take a good look, picking out clumps of hay, burrs, or poo. We work directly with wool collectors in China to provide you with sourcing support and supply chain connections. This is my sink/tub washing method of washing raw fleece. Once the gross stuff is gone you will want to rinse with cooler water. More information DiY How to Wash Raw Wool in the Washing Machine - YouTube Using a large tub and a plunger, we are going to agitate the wool into felting. Do not make suds. Buying raw denim jeans can, however, present some challenges. That means it's a lot harder to rinse out suds. Print Version Introduction . Improper washing of the sheep fleece can cause damage to the material. Simply fill the bucket while avoiding agitation and never run water over the fleece. Fill the bucket most of the way full with hot water. Next, the wool must be washed. No fun at all and potentially costly if not a waste of time and effort. Fifteen minutes is probably sufficient. I also presoak and drain fleeces overnight in cold water to first get rid of some of the mud and other crud. This post may contain affiliate links. I am not so intimidated now, I have spun (drop spindle) a raw fleece, but this is so greasy! See more ideas about Wool, Spinning yarn, Spinning fiber. Getting the raw wool squeaky clean and not felting it in the process is a challenging part of the wool processing journey. You want it strong enough to work but not sudsy. Repeat until no more dirty water, then do the same for rinsing rinsing rinsing. Yes, you can felt projects in a front load washing machine! By Amy. Soap on the other hand will not do nearly as good a job at that and will also leave a sticky residue that can ruin your fleece for all but felting. Washing detergent. ), www.instructables.com/id/Wash-Dog-Fur-for-Spinning/#step0, www.instructables.com/id/Make-An-Awesome-Drop-Spindle/. The water will become quite dark and dirty! Here is a small tote bag I made from 100% wool yarn. Even though washing raw sheep fleece requires only a few items and little prep time, you can still wash it incorrectly. There are many methods used for washing wool, depending on the type of wool you’re washing, the water you’re using, the space you have, and the quantity of raw wool you need to wash. If it's your first time washing wool I would recommend washing your first batch in the sink as it will be easier to manage. Remove the bags of wool BEFORE turning on the hot water to refill the tank for the soaking rinse. Just takes a little patience. Step 1. you can buy some wool to make your pressing mat or crochet a piece of out of wool yarn. Washing raw fleece and dyeing any fleece is great fun and the results can be amazing! People mentioned using various products to soften wool sweaters and this really piqued my interest. Fill two basins with hot water right out of the tap. Thanks for the fantastic feedback. Even if I plan on spinning right away I try to keep the fleece in plastic bags to protect it and keep a watchful eye out even after running it through the freezer. DON’T FELT IT! This is the process of removing sections of wool which are damaged, too dirty, too coarse, or too contaminated with vegetable matter (VM) to bother using. There is a big difference for this application. Not sure what the minimum would be but that works well for me. When washing wool that isn't very dirty, do only 1 soap soak and 2 clean water soaks. I decided to tackle the dark brown wool first. Items you will need for hand washing your wool sweater: A pH neutral laundry detergent. No need to turn the edges under. Not too much. That was almost an Instructable right there! A towel or table cloth to first blot the fibers a little and then give them something clean to dry on. 27, No. If you’re using a household washing machine, be sure to clean it out well afterward by running a hot cycle with vinegar or laundry soap before getting back to clothes. It’s super-soft and drapes beautifully. There are far better than me on both sides of the discussion. For my part I'd rather spare the extra step and expense of the lanolin if it's already there. Just right. Dec 6, 2014 - A concise, 6 step process to wash raw wool and prepare it for carding. Washing wool and other animal fibers can be tricky. As mentioned above, there are several ways to do this. This option might be important if you have little indoor space or it's too windy to let it dry outside in the open. No fun at all and potentially costly if not a waste of time and effort. at approximately 65% wet pick up. 50 ($1.03/Fl. Fill up the sink or washer with HOT water and dish soap. Washing wool and other animal fibers can be tricky. Alpaca fiber lacks oils and suint, but you might want to wash out the barnyard dust and smell before spinning.