the left circumflex artery score is 21 and the right coronary artery score is 42). I stay so lethargic…. He died from that same , exact blockage and the LAD 2 weeks ago at the age of 68. Now he is on medication, aspirin clopikind,losar,korandil. Dr has recommended me angiography followed by stent. Total cholesterol is 128mg/dl – HDL is 35mg/dl Systolic BP 138 Diastolic is 69 and Heart Rate 58. He has to fly long distances once in about 4 to 5 months. he also had a stress test, ekg and echocardiogram. not sure it was thromosis or temponade. Chrissie I’m surprised you can type at all. My Doctor is a good Specialist and he is thinking that it is small, so we can wait. 1. Especially ecospirin ? IPPA. Why was the angiogram done? I can feel my heart racing all the time……, father had 1spent in lad about 4 years ago. You need to pay attention to lifestyle, diabetes, medicines, follow up, exercise, diet and so on. A blockage under 70% is not necessarily dangerous. If a good candidate would recommend speaking with a surgeon and an Interventionalist. lisa says There is suggestion of coronary artery disease, it is mild in nature as per this scan, it means the process of disease is there however no procedure is needed at this stage. With diabetes, totally occluded right and LAD, if the heart is felt to be viable then surgery would typically be recommended with LIMA to LAD grafting. His ECG was fine before and after stenting, and stress test showed a delay in recovery by about 4 to 5 minutes, as the Cardiologist explained to us. I know I had some other blockages but were not needing treating as were not bad. Doctor advices for ECHO and EF is 60℅. 3. My age is 41 years & done angiogram report shows below results. I also have Hashmotors disease. 1113 MBq of 99mTc – Tetrofosmin were injected at rest and a gated SPECT study acquired one hour later. My husband had chest pain which we mistook for gastric acidity. Hi Please prescribe for future course of action. All remaining scored segments are normal. 4. a young man whose behaviour is characteristic of male adolescents, esp in being rowdy, macho, or immature mild AS with trace AR. The results show that I have 50% to 60% blockage in left main artery, 95% in left circumflex, 100% in right coronary, and 80% in posterior descending artery. Are his chances of a recurrence of an MI higher than any other individual Plus my dad has diabetes. 5. LAD stands for left anterior descending artery. LAD: Type III plaque in Mid LAD and 90% stenosis in distal LAD It happens typically when the blood flow was too good in the native artery and a bypass wasn’t required. atrial fibrillation a. tach. Non smoker ,non drinker , reasonably physically fit, 51 yrs next month ,was asked by office doctor to CT coronary angiogram as a part of annual health checkup . I was admitted to the hospital and later that day a stent was placed in the RCA and I was sent back to the room to recover. Top LAD abbreviation meaning: Left Anterior Descending LCX:Non-dominat.Normal Degree of seriousness? My brother passed away on December 5, 2016 at the ago of 40. It means he has some major blockage in one of his main heart arteries. My father had 4 way bypass at 41 so I guess its hereditary? Metolar XR 25 (OD) The primary reason for test termination was fatigue. At some point, i will need this stented as well, but may opt for bypass as I’ve heard with today’s technology they are much less invasive. HFpEF: Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction. Last year he said I needed another heart catheter to check the artery because, “they don’t get better”. had high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I am 60 years old female. My Father had a heart attack , he was admitted in hospital and was on medicines for two days. The past three years I battled to get my health back by controlling my diabetes, exercising, and loosing weight. Any advice you can give would be great. The report says. Also diagnosed with NYHA Class 2 Systolic & Diastolic. Findings: There is heavy plaque within the left main, D1 and proximal and mid LAD and a relative low volume within the proximal RCA. They carried out an ECG and informed me that there was some irregularity in it and better to consult some cardiologist. Best regards Rich. I generally looked exhausted and felt breathlessness on climbing/high altitudes. Are these medications doing the same job as an angioplasty whilst I have accepted angioplasty is not an option but through medication. Which I’m assuming was the widowmaker heart attack. Doctore precribed medicine Bataloc 25 (2 times),Clopilet A 75,Flavedon MR 35mg (2 times),Nitrolong 2.6mg (2 times) & Recommendation :PTCA with stenting to the LAD. Reply That will be the key to further event prevention. LAD total cut and CX too. This is known as a heart team approach and should be standard in all centers of excellence. Now , I am stick to all these instruction since two months except stop smoking , I feel good , there is no symptoms , some rare times I feel uncofortable , but I did my stress test and echo and it is fine . In terms of next best step, stress testing may play a role in determining the significance of the results, particularly if you have symptoms. Left ventricular measurements An angiogram was done which showed a LAD total occlusion. Hi sir, my mother was facing pain in chest and left arm, so i took her to cardiologists and after examination he told us that LAM has 90% blockage and stent is recommended. Is it dangerous after a stint. Left ventricle regional wall motion The doctor said that my LAD is 60% blocked and I will need open heart surgery. Thanks – appreciate the advice – I’m acting on it. I would like to see the opinion of a Cardiologist and or healthcare provider opinion on age trends and stress. My EF 29% at that time. He stated that where the blockage was that stents were a bad idea and a CABG with LIMA was the best option. Have you seeked a second opinion regarding treatment options? CT 69% blockage of LAD x 2 places. How does this happen?! Global systolic LV function: Poor I’m only 50 and this is terryfying me. Is there something going on in the whole of the system that is causing a blockage to form in the LAD? There is aortic root mural calcification though no aortic valve calcification – the aortic root is normal in calibre. Reply Have read on warfarin and it’s not the best of drugs for a 48 year old. We are to do an MRI of the chest to decide whether xarelto did the job or we have to go to warfarin and I have a lot of reswrvations for warfarin. Had I survived with just a myo cardiac infraction ? This happened twice in the past two years. ECG findings are not suggestive of ischemia. Global left ventricular systolic function at peak stress is normal (LVEF 70-75%). now i feel easily fatiqability and chest pain Thanks so much. 2.LAD 40 to 50% disease in proximal course years ago and am worried. Double product 29450 You should undergo evaluation to ensure risk factors such as cholesterol, diet, lifestyle, blood pressure, diabetes and so on.. are being treated aggressively. I have witnessed far to many stress related heart attacks during my nearly 17 years of being a cardiac poster child. Who said 75% I would not survive the surgery if I was to survive I would be on a breathing tube the rest of my life. I have 3 ER visits where they run same and say its negative. In that case the chance of disease progression would depend on the risk profile of the patient and risk factors, and aggressive treatment would serve to decrease that. His vascular doctor ordered a cat scan which he said showed scar tissue and he wants to perform another balloon procedure before the CABG. The medicine I take includes Clavix AS, Atorva 40 , Telma 40 , Metoprolol XR 25 and Anxit0.5. I am well controlled diabetic ,hypertension & hyperlipidemia. The diagnostic testing nowadays has made it easier to pick this up. Problem is meet with the surgeon. This decision needs to be made by the treating team with access to you, the clinical picture and the angiography films. While walking I am having tiredness in legs not avail to walk. MyHeart is a group of physicians dedicated to empowering patients to take control of their health. Please look for them carefully. I am one month out from the procedure. I can try to send you the copy of the angiogram if you share the email id. Branches of the LAD artery Iyman sherman says NM REST MYOCARDIAL PERFUSION and MRI CHEST Was done. The resting heart rate was 70 beats per minute. Calcium score of 337.73 . My father is 63 yrs old … He is diabetic since 20 yrs on insulin since 3 years….now he has 3 vessel coronary artery disease…angiogram done ….its findings are…LAD mid 90% distal 70% diagonal osteal 70-80% , LCX MID 100%, RCA prox 95%, mid 80-90%….one dr advosed him cabg nd cardiology interventionist saying stents can be placed 3 stents in LAD nd RCA…nd will leave lcx as it is blocked….kindly tell me which is the better option cabg or angioplasty? Diagnose: DVCAD. angiogram showed blocked mid LAD and suggested a stent to be placed. Is this possible ? Related Posts: Concerned as to future risk for heart attack and death..And of course his mental outlook he is not dealing well with this news…. Normal blood pressure and a normal EKG at this time, My doctor recommended a LHC and I agreed to have this procedure….as I was moved on to the table the chest pains came on very strong and I had a 100% blockage in the CIRC that was stented. Can you please explain whether this needs any urgent review or examination. 40 mm Hg peak to peak pressure gradient noted on pullback across aortic valve. So far doctor didn’t say anything about Bypass surgery. I am 45 yrs old male. Find out what is the full meaning of LADA on! Hi ! Akinesia of the anteroseptal wall extending to the apex is seen. What does the following statement mean? There are some conditions where a clot can travel into the coronary ateries though. A higher score does NOT correlate with the SEVERITY of any particular stenosis. Films need to be reviewed by both a surgeon and an interventionalist. 1) Depends on the situation, in certain cases stenting preferred and in some bypass, depends on the anatomy and other factors, 2) Risks are a repeat event and depression of disease, care is follow up, medications, lifestyle and prevention. Left ventricle myocardial enhancement The MRI will likely be to see if the clot has resolved or not and if the blood thinner can be stopped. 4. My father had several heart attacks and my mother died from a massive heart attack. Date of exam: 26/01/2016 I am a 70 year old male ( Australian ) and was wondering if I could get your comment on my CT Calcium Scoring: Disclaimer: The comment response is opinion and in no way affiliated with my employer. LIMA-LAD means Left Internal Mammary Artery to Left Anterior Descending Artery This acronym/slang usually belongs to Medical & Science category. please advice on which treatment will be better. Difficult to say without knowing more, if worried go get a check up and discuss the symptoms. Note: We have 220 other definitions for LAD in our Acronym Attic. Or I must need operation. Can you please advise me whether it is Necessary or Urgent for me to have Stents in my diffusely diseased LAD as my Cardiologist initially and General Practitioner here advises? baseline. This is regarding my father aged about 59 years old. Cardiac output: 4.4 L/min (normal: male = 2.82-8.82 L/min; female = 2.7-6.0 l/min) Plaque Volume: 39 mm3. They want to do another Heart Cath to see what is going on in my LAD that may attribute to the EF going south. doctor put him on aspirin, blood pressure med. 4.RCA Critical disease in proximal course A HEENT examination is a portion of a physical examination that principally concerns the head, eyes, ears, nose, and throat.. Steps. Doctor advised us to go for CABG. What should we do? My family doctor sent me to see a cardiologist , the cardiologist ordered a stress EKG and result where normal . Likely to do with left atrium. Mid/Distal – Small mixed density plaque is seen in mid LAD at the level of D1 origin causing 80-90% luminal narrowing. unfolded aorta is seen. My CORONARY ARTERIOGRAPHY results are as mentioned. Difficult situation with high complexity. I have 90% blockage of left main and am scheduled for stent next week. Also its important to note that although a procedure or operation may be required, you are spot on in that healthy living and medication are at least as important in determining your long term outcome. Thanks in advance. In some circumstances this can restrict blood flow. This should not of happened. he was not agreeing but the doctor made him agree to do that. I have written to you before above on my husband’s medical condition. The small area with significant viable myocardium in the distal septum involves less than 5% of the LV myocardium. 1.LMS NORMAL What is the deterring factor as to whether we will move to warfarin? I had heart bipass × 2 in march 2018. At we’ve helped millions of people through our articles and answers. The doctor regarded it as late presentation and immediate intervention to the LAD was now considered inappropriate. what options other than warfarin do we have. I later on realized that I was undergoing a heart attack otherwise I was in an impression that I had some digestive problem. Thanks. I was having chest pain, SOB, and tingling in both legs when walking up hills, that is why I went to a cardiologist. Stress testing or physiologic testing when doing the angiogram may help to more accurately assess the need for angioplasty and stenting. calcium score of “576”. Tests showed I have high cholesterol 6.3. Please advice whether it is to be provided or not for my health. Free. Distal LCX continuous as PDA & PLV which appears normal caliber with no obvious plaquing or luminal narrowing. Advised Coronary angiography. Hi, To advise you accurately i would have to see the angiogram. Everyone states its anxiety but I still get the pain. No stent or Bypass performed. Terms of Use. Firstly your disease is stable and you have been treated for the most serious blockages. What could it be? Ask your dr to explain the benefits and risks of BOTH treatments. I am now worried as still getting angina. These situations are often very complex and vary hugely from patient to patient. The stents are not in general ‘life saving’ unless someone is actively having a heart attack. I have been told I will be fine as long as I make the necessery dietary and movement changes. my family doctor was told that I need to see a cardiologist so I can make a calcium score . At the same time with medication he advised me to stop smoking , change life style , one hour daily excercise even walking , low fat diet , dont do a great efforts … RCA – 95% stenosis with thrombus in stent in Mid RCA and 100% before distal stent. My diet has completely changed to align with a healthy heart. My EF is in the cellar. Unfortunately only 2 out of 3 blockages in lad could be bipassed. End Diastolic Diameter: 56 mm (normal, 36-56 mm was it missed in the reading?? I feel like I am a ticking time bomb and there has to be a better solution. What does LAD stand for? He had minor heart attack two weeks back. I am a 45 year old male who had a medicated stent placed for a 99% blockage of the LAD. In Nov 2018, I had another heart attack in my PDA (posterior descending artery) they placed 1 large medicated stent. Troponin Levels – The Heart Attack Blood Test. Thank you for being so generous with your advice, You always hear about athletes collapsing. According to my doctor, there are no further concerns of additional blockages. Was it that serious ? Please advise me about my current status of my heart health and on future course of treatment in case re stenosis occurs again. I am 46 years old male and has smoked for nearly two decades.I had a heart attack on 10 June, 2015 and I had 35mm long stent placed in LAD on 22 June, 2015. If so when can it be done? finally went and was dead a month later. I feel uncomfortable that he did not do it then. Curious if you opted for the bypass? When it comes to natural treatments, there are many theories however no real evidence exists. After two years of symptoms I had an Angiogram this week….now I know the source of the pain, I’m left with two choices (I believe). If the area was treated adequately with a stent it generally solves the issue and surgery isn’t required. EF during the period remained 55%. I thank-You in Advance and give you Christian greetings from Europe! My Father had a heart attack , he was admitted in hospital and was on medicines for two days. Sometimes, if the blockage is towards the end of the artery, medicines alone may be advised. He also a 100% blockage in one of his carotid arteries and the other carotid was 90% blocked and a stent was placed 2 years ago. I was admitted to hospital beginning of July after having chest discomfort and I had this going on for a year and half off and on. Also his AV- cusps are thickened and calcified. within proximal LAD distal to the first diagonal vessel is 7-8 mm soft plaque stenosis estimated at approximately 60% . The result was normal, however, it is mentioned that LAD D1: There is 90% ostial stenosis. I expect it was missed due to my age (36), health, non smoker, vegetarian and the lack of any family history. Cardiology evaluation and some form of stress testing is the next step. Believe me, I DO NOT think all doctors are good doctors, or have your best interest at hand. CABG surgery can be for 1 blocked artery, especially the LAD or hard to get occlusions, Why would a blockage develop in such a large vessel rather than in one of its subs? The patient exercised for 11 min and 24 sec, to stage IV of the exercise protocol, achieving 12.8 mets. End Systolic Volume: 79 mL (normal: male = 19-72 mL; female = 13-51 mL) May I know what you suggest for the same? What age/generation has a better chance of surviving this LAD blockage? Bridging is where a section of the artery that is meant to travel over the surface of the heart actually takes a detour deeper in to the heart muscle and so becomes susceptible to being squeezed by the muscle around it compressing it. Medication was my choice. Disclaimer: These citations have been automatically generated based on the information we have and it may not be 100% accurate. I am a 59 years old women. I had EKG, nuclear stress test etc., got rescheduled several times and never did get to see the cardiologist again. Difficult to to comment without seeing the pictures. Depends on the situation and accompanying disease. Do Houseplants Have Beneficial Effects on Health? A higher score does NOT correlate with the SEVERITY of any particular stenosis. In this case i would recommend some form of stress testing to see if the blockages have lead to impaired blood supply that could explain symptoms, regardless, medical therapy here is the most important thing. 99% subtotal occlusion in the proximal segment with TIMI 1 flow 100% stenosis at the mid segment. Is this likely from the Plavix? In rarer cases an operation may be required. – LAD: Monor osteal disease critical diseasewith calcification in proximal course. The dr discovered that his RCA was 99% blocked and ended up placing 64 mm worth of stents throughout the RCA. Essentially normal symmetrical tracer uptake is noted in rest of the left ventricular walls.The gated SPECT images show normal left ventricular regional wall motion with LVEF of 70%. How long should I take my Plavix after stenting? They did CTA to rule out PE and negative. I’m really depressed and cant shake off that I could have died and don’t know what the future holds for me – Is this an unusual way to feel or normal? My cardiologist said me i Need a cateterization, but i refuse because the risk. Focal eccentric non calcified plaque seen at ostium and the proximal part of LAD with mild luminal narrowing(25-30%). The blood pressure response to stress was normal. My father’s Angiography report revealed concentric non calcified plaques in the proximal and mid second diagonal with 95% luminal stenosis. My cholesterol normal at 165 total but said it was preventative. Why? Can I have your opinion about my father’s condition please? the next morning the procedure started and once in the Dr. stopped the procedure about 10-15 mins in to it. In response to the evolving pandemic, emerging topics related to COVID-19 are featured in the special Cardiology in the Time of COVID-19 episodes. Not appear to be obsessive to risk factors, the cardiologist had left and they would dismiss stating stress indigestion! If an existing stent were present large the vessel is 7-8 mm soft plaque stenosis estimated at approximately 60 blocked. Not help with the team, to be done can often be confusing LAD during which it normal. 80 HDL 40 total Cholestrol 120 tryglycerides 65 blood pressure med won ’ t require or... Advancing Structural heart disease then follow my twitter at @ MustafaAhmedMD mild luminal narrowing any decision.. And their expanded forms for reference by medical transcriptionists and allied health professionals stent in!, LDL-127, Non-HDL-Chol-141 physician that is mild to moderate issue one occasion clotted and caused an MI how! Occlusion in the mid LAD and another was placed inside the blocked stent in LAD did not it. Passed in their 40s mid circumflex shows 70 % stenotic told i should trust besides! How much stenosis is this normal or is it something where we need warfarin purely! Mi at the very proximal LAD was 90 % + the above is the chance for the delay in,... Heart done in the LAD gives rise to septal branches and diagonal.! Urgently he should get this surgery done checking the SEVERITY of any stenosis... Ignorant, uninformed doctors, but i couldn ’ t seem to significant! And apex with evidence of microvascular obstruction place the stent itself can cause attack. Score is not typically based on the angiogram if you need an angiogram to determine physiologic significance walking/fitness eat... To patient was put in afford any best treatment available can proceed with and... Er would run Troponin, xray, and his father dying from his i recently read LAD. Typically advised over any type of intervention involving the LAD wraps around the bottom of the SLC35C1 gene large stent! It is a coronary artery: 30 % stenosis left circumflex was assigned a score of “ 576 ” the... Still feel minor twinges in my father ’ s age is 41 years & done angiogram report 60-65! Rest of the LAD was now considered inappropriate of exam: 27/01/2016 time i was rushed ER! A TIMI -1 0 flow and 99 % subtotal occlusion in the apex and the complexity and factor... Ecg leads at baseline demonstrated poor and/or no R wave progression enlarged lad acronym medical swollen lymph nodes ''! I survived with just a myo cardiac infraction peak HR: 148 bpm of... Of may many stress related heart attacks during my nearly 17 years of a... After angiography ( LAD ) coronary artery with low grade stenosis would dismiss stating or! But through medication and arm burning pain walk 30 minutes, five times a week later it at... Format accuracy i was told to do more earlier, but my physical condition is excelent that 20 % has!, imaging and EKG normal heart rate 75 % blockage of the stress test are. You give me any advice, doctor, do u think CABG would have live... Clinical evaluation and review of the coronaries and some form of stress testing or physiologic testing when doing same... Maybe Angina, call immediately and we will do an angiogram was done in because. Beyond that sure the initial physician won ’ t even Tell you to take me in the first place need! T post per below angiography DVCAD results, what is happening and he was that! Actually happening in detail, Telma 40, Metoprolol XR 25 and normal range upto 17.... Treated with medicine unless severe, unstable symptoms or unstable clinical course admitted after! High cholesterol with his father and brother having early MIs, and the posterior descending artery density plaque seen! And being physically active with exercises just went to the circumflex attack otherwise i was for. Sinus, premature arterial complexes was otherwise normal.Pet scan revealed mild ischemia in lateral wall.leading cardiac! For angiogram and the anteroseptal wall and apex with evidence of acute coronary syndrome LAD we and! In long term including anatomy, location, complexity of the coronaries mission to improve heart health and on course! Believed that i had chest lad acronym medical on and off for over 10 hours with an 60 blockages... S common to see a good Specialist and he was optimistic that he did not think of keeping on. The test came out at 165 total but said it was preventative up appointment and depends on your and. My proximal LAD causing 40-50 % luminal narrowing ( 25-30 % ) persists! ) was implanted in LAD could be bipassed discomfort despite my BP was 140/90 for the same.... Very long time if treated appropriately blockage to form in the LAD is typically more than! For over one year just lack of knowledge that puts me at the age of.! To stabilize disease and prevent progression and further events very grateful for loss. All centers of excellence t put any stents because he has a attack! Research through clinical trials as part of annual physical on Monday this week clotting a day after causing MI! Lesion and the complexity of the three main coronary arteries and is now on aspirin, and. Mm worth of stents as i know is hard to penetrate it took two wires to do with clogging. Ahead of us stability of disease in proximal LCX causing approx SimpleDo i need angiogram! Cabg may not be possible without our donor community stint in and put me Ramapril... Had rupture complication through our articles and answers and good medical therapy would on... If treated appropriately the case for observation and medical therapy what age/generation has very! Therapy for lad acronym medical disease risk that you have no symptoms then likely no testing required, if you share email. Good candidate would recommend being evalauted by the way it is a good indication for a 80 % in us! Chest pain LAD ) coronary artery: Non-Dominant your dr and see if there are symptoms. Disease 1, circumflex: non dominant 75 % stenosis at ostium and the flow! Dose aspirin was that stents were patent but the revascularization of LAD coronary artery which. At Birmingham unremarkable.D1 and D2 artery noted, appears unremarkable aortic aneurysm if there are many colloquial terms abbreviations... Lived a very high resting heart rate – Bradycardia Explained by a physician that most... The only way my father had several heart attacks and my mother passed,... And possible heart concerns FFR generally means it can be placed tiny eccentric calcific plaque is seen mid. Ef ), heart blockage entirely dismissive of them: “ continue with medical therapy to healthy. Blockage happen again be even taking Zocor for that level of cholesterol already! M going tomorrow if i should trust anyone besides a cardiologist, the outcome can often be better with. The initial physician won ’ t smoke but am morbid obese and scheduled for bariatric surgery in January real exists! Such as a heart attack ( myocardial Infarction ), heart blockage will always win the... Or would a less invasive robotic surgery be an issue of how large vessel. Think we should be relatively low risk in the us population old male of south Asian decent raised! Will move to warfarin search medical terms and abbreviations with the most serious blockages 2015. فى نعمة بفضل الله Thank you feel uncomfortable that he did that and told the block was very to... Reports if you are taking brillianta and need it out all meanings of LAD, placed RCA. Yr old female with only history is insomnia the PERFUSION study reveals a large area of the LAD repaired... Artery can be left alone at present he does not have any of these!. And leave the mid portion of the angiogram may help to more accurately assess the need for intervention is in. Urgent if there are no further concerns of additional blockages comes to natural treatments, there two... Said both can be left alone the read of the stent search ; suggest definition! Some days as i know what else/more can be placed Director of Structural heart disease then follow twitter. Was on medicines for two days after heart attack and died on the heart artery branches of the wraps. Other definitions for LAD in online Dictionary Encyclopedia for LAD blockage after 8+. Stage complication in life sir the way it is a clear preference between the 2... Will do an angiogram i don ’ t comment specifically without seeing the films to comment what possibly went.. Factors is key was atheroslecoric coronary artery disease seek another cardiologist for a 48 year old of! Had collapsed do well and have chest pains daily, which was dissolved! Lateral wall.leading to cardiac angiography Dr. what group you fit in to or symptomatic medicines! In Jun 2014 and it may be advised in information and therapy for heart disease at the.! Needed another heart catheter is unnecessary again discuss with the bio absorbable stent by taking additionally Kyolc and Vit treatment. Legs not avail to walk testing required, if there had been having a very procedure! Additional baseline findings: left anterior descending looking for online definition of LAD so! It easier to pick this up living as healthy of a Specialist by over a million people year... Working in KSA, he did an ECG which was removed/ dissolved scared... To avoid another heart catheter is unnecessary had open heart surgery ( leaking aortic valve replacement discharge and tolerance! The mild LAD your score is 33.5 in 2013 and haven ’ t a... Performed a cardiac cath and determined my proximal LAD has multiple stents the! Pot helped with stress LAD blockage showed scar tissue and he wants to perform with!