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There are implications that this was also the reason why Aidoneus was assigned the rule of the Underworld. But imagine FOR A SECOND that a FRACTION of this is true. Because of Zeus' constant infidelity, Hera, in retaliation, had a long-term sexual affair with Hades. Rachel believes that the role of Hades could go to Justin Baldoni since he has the right shoulders. The comic is a modern retelling of the relationship between the Greek goddess and god Persephone and Hades.It began publishing weekly on WEBTOON in March 2018. Which of these plotlines of the live action Lore Olympus show you would be most invested in? lo olympus lore olympus lore olympus persephone lo persephone lore olympus hades lo hades lore Olympus hades and Persephone lo hades and persephone hades and kore rachel smythe greek mythology lore Olympus Greek myth. Another out… 3,538 talking about this. A guilt ridden Hades confesses to Persephone that he is responsible for their predicament, because he said Persephone was more beautiful than Aphrodite. When asked how she looked with the coat, Hades, while blushing, remarked that she looked sufficient and offers her coffee. In response, Minthe claims that Persephone will not want Hades, as he is still just as messed up as her, and that Hades will soon come back like he always does. Hades Und Persephone The Awkward Yeti Greek Mythology Art Greek Gods And Goddesses Lore Olympus Webtoon Comics Illustration Art Illustrations Underworld. On Aidoneus' sixth birthday, Cronus decided that Rhea had had enough time with their son, and came to take him away. She is able to understand and sympathize with him when he reveals his romantic feelings for Persephone, despite originally becoming enraged after hearing about her overnight stay at his home. While Lore Olympus is portrayed as a modern-day retelling of the Hades and Persephone myth, it lacks some of the darker elements of the ancient story. Please remember that Lore Olympus is inspired by Greek Mythology, but does not match it exactly. Eventually everyone, even his family, started calling him by this name. Coincidentally he receives a message from an unknown number but ignores it while he continues to drive. He is revealed to be infertile. In Episode 110, Hades finally admits to Persephone that he wants her, and the two share a kiss. At a whopping 283 comments, the Dream Cast Nominee post is … He sustained heavy injuries and did not speak for a long while after. Like he was expecting her to say no, or hold his desire to spend more time with her over his head. And I’m so happy that he’s found our little cinnamon roll. It is possible his bident can function as a weapon and that he is proficient in using it as such. However, it is revealed by Hermes and Thanatos that Hades has chosen Persephone over her. When patting the ground twice, one can also summon Hades to their location. This surprises Hades as he never knew Demeter had a daughter and wonders why he has never heard of her to which Zeus explains that Demeter chose to raise Persephone in the mortal realm because she believes Zeus is morally corrupt. When Hades is insistent at what he saw, and wonders out loud if she is available to be courted, Demeter suddenly encourages him to drink more, presumably in order to cause Hades to blackout and not remember the encounter. Hades is the God and King of the Underworld, the head of Underworld Corp and Most of the time, they don't see eye to eye, and Hades is frequently annoyed when Zeus demands him to tag along on his mischief. Persephone sneaks in through a window to see him, taking the form of a butterfly. Hades responds that he cannot, and Persephone continues to plead with him before ultimately fleeing when she hears Demeter coming, to Hades' disappointment. Zeus say that they should "Make an example" to Persephone (Referring to punish her). Around the time he became ruler of the Underworld, Aidoneus adopted Cerberus, then a young puppy, who gave him company during his time there. In Episode 130, both older brothers knew that Zeus used his status to send out an arrest warrant on both Persephone and her mother Demeter without consent. Not wanting to end their meeting on such a sour note, Hades playfully calls Persephone Kore while Persephone tells Hades he is 20% scoundrel as the two bid each other goodbye. In episode 135, their relationship goes to an even lower point where Zeus demands that Hades turn in Persephone and threatens her with a worse punishment than Prometheus'. Colors Lore Olympus is not a scholarly source. Specialty New FavoriteHades was the undisputed favorite character for readers to lust after, right up until the … He desperately attempts another go at a committed relationship with Minthe in an attempt to distance himself from his feelings for Persephone. Born Aidoneus, he was the eldest son of the Titans Rhea and Cronus. His sleepwear can range from an Underworld Con '96 sweatshirt with black sweatpants to just a pair of boxers. He apparently loves to cook and is a good one at that. Hades has the ability to teleport, bypassing doors and walls. Hades and Apollo have a mutual disdain for each other. It left him wanting more. It was around this time that Aidoneus first met Hera, who was shy and not used to being away from her sisters for long. Although Hades is Persephone's uncle in the original mythology, they are. Cronus (Father)Rhea (Mother)Zeus (Youngest brother)Poseidon (Younger brother)Amphitrite (Sister-in-law)Hera (Sister-in-law)Hebe (Niece)Ares (Nephew)Hephaestus (Nephew)Athena (Niece)Eros (Great-Nephew) Hades recalls that the two of them argued about practically everything. Hecate works for Hades at Underworld Corp, appearing to function as his director of operations. Lore Olympus #137 Spoiler Hera being the mom Persephone deserves and Hades being the partner she deserves I’m so happy that she has them and that they are always there to help (and no hades hasn’t found out about What Apollo did, only Hera knows) From then on, the pair have a very close, flirtatious relationship. Hades is flustered after being unable to find Persephone in the crowd, and decides to head home. This experience was deeply traumatic for him, to the point where he suffers from nightmares of Cronus in the present day. 148 notes ... but Hades Dream happens in episode 102 or post 106. He tells her that he wants to feel loved and safe every day, and that their relationship doesn't provide this for him. For outerwear, Hades wears a black pea coat. This is seen true in episode 130 where Hades says that Zeus was acting like a little shit. “Persephone: You’re a king! Hades tries to get out of attending until Zeus commands him to come, much to Hades’ reluctance. Hades seems to always feel relaxed and happy in Persephone's company. Like beyond what we saw, in the little ways that continuously and consistently devalued Hades as a person. Aidoneus was eventually released from Cronus after 13 years alone. However, she still has a few people in her mind, whom she thinks would make for a great cast. Witness what the gods do…after dark. ... Hades (Lore Olympus) (554) Hecate (Lore Olympus) (175) Zeus (Lore Olympus) (162) Hera (Lore Olympus) (155) Eros (Lore Olympus) (154) It was this event that sparked the relationship between them. Possibly has depression and most likely PTSD from being swallowed by Cronus and the Titan War; he has stated that he has insomnia and also mentions that he's in therapy. When artist Dez (aka @peachydezy) isn't reading (or drawing) Lore Olympus, she works for Reading Partners as a Literacy Lead, helping elementary students who are behind in reading. Hades and Persephone’s day is cut short and Hades prepares to take Persephone home. Her kind and thoughtful nature and the genuine attention he receives from her make him quickly develop feelings for her. https://lore-olympus.fandom.com/wiki/Hades?oldid=7201. Hades is able to take on an alternate form that greatly resembles his father, Cronus. Persephone questions why Eros would put her in Hades car, Persephone begins to think she had done something to upset him. It is unknown, although likely, if Hades can command other shades as well. A Bit Off is an independent artist creating amazing designs for great products such as t-shirts, stickers, posters, and phone cases. One of the reasons that the Underworld never sees the daylight is because of Hades not wanting Apollo to enter his domain. When using certain abilities, Hades' appearance alters significantly. Hecate also appears to be Hades' closest friend at work. Hermes was out here dropping reality bombs on all their asses. Imagine Persephone individual impaling people unto her VERY morbid Christmas tree. This one was the best one!! Dream on — Does anybody remember this ... #loreolympushades #loreolympuspersephone #lore olympus theory #loreolympus #lore olympus hades #lore olympus persephone #lore olympus #lo hades #lo persephone More you might like. I am HIGHLY skeptical of this story. Hades Blue and red. King of the Underworld, CEO of Underworld Corp Why would you care what I think?! Hades and Hecate with their pawn shop purchases. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink ; lore olympus lore olympus icons lore olympus persephone lore olympus hades lore olympus persehades. Sad Hades. They ultimately ended the affair during the "80's" (most likely sometime before Hades met Minthe). lore olympus incorrect lore olympus quotes he's such a good husband <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 lore olympus hades lore olympus persephone he is baby Greek Mythology romance funny king of the underworld 301 notes Jun 4th, 2020 All her attires are usually in black. This translates into how he acts when around her, tending to be caring and sweet, sometimes timid, and occasionally fiercely protective. They get along very well, though as Hebe points out, Hera may sometimes take her frustrations with Zeus out on Hades. Hades is sometimes referred to as 'Dis Pater', which roughly translates to 'Rich Father'. Relationship This was evidently due to the actions of Zeus, who liked Hera and was jealous of their relationship. Unbeknownst to Hades, however, a jealous Aphrodite overheard his comment and has plotted to have her son Eros intoxicate Persephone and put her in Hades's car. It's a conga line of Adult Fear for the ultimate overprotective parent, who couldn't even dream of her daughter suffering so much trauma and abuse, which would also justify Demeter's parenting style towards Persephone. That he’s found somebody who genuinely wants to be with him and to spend time with him.. But… at this point in the story, that dream feels very unattainable. If you haven’t read Lore Olympus yet….WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!]. Hades had consistently been in a very conflicting state of mind with Minthe. Due to these uncertainties, Hades decides it is best to keep his distance from her, although he struggles to do so. He seemed almost scared of what her answer would be. As such, he is incapable of having children. To top it all now she's wanted in Olympus along with Persephone for her Act of … He has a muscular physique and his skin and hair are a mix of blues (mostly royal), with large scars covering his upper body. Hera is Hades' sister-in-law and former fling. Zeus introduces her as Persephone: Goddess of Spring and Demeter’s daughter. At the end of Episode 75, a still image produced by the Fates shows Persephone as Queen of the Underworld, revealing that the two will eventually get married. Allecto spends a lot of her time in Lore Olympus pining after her boss, Hades, but in Virgil's epic poem Aeneid, she's an emissary of the goddess Juno and one of the great troublemakers of ancient mythology.Through her influence, Queen Amata and the Aeneid's main antagonist Turnus are riled up for battle. As the story progresses, Hades finds it more and more difficult to stay away from Persephone, especially when Hera pulls strings to land Persephone an internship in the Underworld. Eventually, Aidoneus joined a rebel force against the tyranny of the Titans, known in the present day as the 6 Traitors Dynasty. Biographical Information Apollo, in return, is jealous of Hades and Persephone’s growing friendship and has tried to get between them multiple times. When she learns of her brother-in-law's attraction to Persephone, she initially disapproves, but after some consideration, she decides to secretly test him to see if he is suitable for Persephone. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; Rachel had to have done this on purpose because the similarities between the two couples coloration hold so much meaning. ¡Hola! a member of the 6 Traitors Dynasty. Me: Girl, I agree!! What’s Hades’s last name? He has a muscular physique and trails of white scars crisscross his upper body. From their awkward first meeting (or, was it their first meeting??) Stylish and immersive, this is one of mythology’s greatest stories -- The Taking of Persephone -- as it’s never been told before. Zeus does, however, try to look out for Hades, and he is not without advice and encouragement regarding relationships. Because it turns out, the gods aren’t so different from us after all, especially when it comes to their problems. However, due to the interference of a jealous Thetis, Minthe once again disappoints Hades by failing to show up to a dinner that she suggested they have. The first half is Ares trying to trick Persephone. At some point, Hades also met the Titan Goddess of the Night, Nyx, who was especially fond of him. However, Minthe's commitment issues and insecurities caused her to be verbally abusive towards Hades. I don’t trust the characters who are telling it AT ALL. Realizing this is the work of Aphrodite, Hades brings her in and lets her sleep in his guest room. The dream cast for Lore Olympus according to Rachel Smythe Rachel finds it hard to imagine the characters of her comic as real people. [Note from Frolic: We are so beyond excited to have Lore Olympus creator Rachel Smthye guest post on the site today. Minthe (Ex-girlfriend)Hera (Former fling)Persephone (Future wife) Hecate is always up with the latest styles and dresses in black business suits and jackets. The case is high-quality with vivid detailing to bring out the original artwork. I think they would be the Underworld Family? She also has claw like fingers. Poseidon will often give Hades' relationship advice, and respects Hades' wishes. Minthe, jealous and suddenly frightened of Hades leaving her, shows up at Hades' home and begs him to continue their relationship, claiming that they are meant to be "messed up together.". Hades tries to brush her off as a nymph he associates with but Persephone correctly deduces that Minthe is his lover and points out that Hades and his brothers have a reputation for having many sordid affairs. In the Lore Olympus universe, those names go together like deep blue peanut butter and pink, cinnamon bun flavored jelly. While in the Underworld, Hades usually wears formal attire consisting of black business suits, slacks, and a white button-up dress shirt with a sable tie. After filling Persephone in on how she ended up at his house and helping Persephone adjust her hair, the two give each other a proper introduction, by exchanging business cards; Persephone however gives Hades an old card with her original name : Kore. It is revealed that before the war against the Titans, Hera and Hades had mutual feelings for each other, and were apparently in a relationship that came to an end because of Zeus. Hades ends up inquiring about the pink goddess he encountered. The two get along fairly well, despite Hades' occasional annoyance over Poseidon's reckless lifestyle and childish nature. He begins to add to a drawer full of gifts from Persephone or things that remind him of Persephone. See more ideas about hades and persephone, persephone, hades. 27 notes Nov 17th, 2020. Minthe's insecurity over this incident causes her to blow up at Hades at work, verbally and even physically abusing him by telling him he is lucky she considers him, claiming he looks like his father, Cronus, and then striking him. Age Wanting to approach her without Artemis interfering, Zeus helps Hades by distracting Artemis so he can be alone with her. After drunkenly traveling there in order to visit Hecate, who was visiting at the time, Hades is left unattended in a room on Demeter's property. Hades would frequently buy Minthe expensive gifts, including her apartment. God He does, however, allow her to keep her job and apartment out of goodwill. The two then have an exchange, during which Persephone desperately inquires as to whether Hades can return mortals from the dead. He allowed his wife, Rhea, to spend at least 5-6 years with the young Aidoneus before he became impatient and took him from her. When she is in the mortal realm, she wears a long black dress and a thin veil perched on the top of her head. Goddess Of Spring And King Of The Underworld. It appears that Hades stayed with Minthe because he believed he was undeserving of a true relationship built on trust and love. This form greatly resembles Cronus, and appears to strike fear in others. Blue Boy by HeraAidoneus by Rhea and AphroditeYoung blood by LachesisGrandpa Winter by Apollo After scolding Cerberus, Hades helps Persephone off the ground which makes her spawn a crown of blue flowers, embarrassing herself. Hades is extremely tall, with broad shoulders and a sharp nose. Her comic style and masterful storytelling make this series bingeworthy and highly entertaining, and it’s one of my personal favorite comics I’ve ever read. In the Mortal Realm, Hades wears long Greek robes in dark blue and gray. The Japanese entertainment industry has exploded and dominated Asia with the creation and breakthrough of anime and manga. Hades and Persephone officially meet after the Panathenaea held at Zeus and Hera's. Hecate has shiny black hair, styled up in a bob cut. shadowed-dancer . His skin turns a darker blue and his eyes glow white. I found this on favim and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! Hades gives her a jacket that was meant for Hera and even allows her to drive one of his cars, which he doesn't let anyone do. At times she would wear ear piercings to go along with her outfits. She is also willing to assist him in punishing the paparazzi responsible for the tabloid article featuring Hades and Persephone. 2000+ After some playful mocking from his brothers, Hades noticed a pink goddess with Artemis and became immediately smitten with her. Before the war against the Titans, a badly injured Aidoneus, recovering from his imprisonment, was apparently left in the care of Metis. On an alternate form that greatly resembles his father, Cronus decided Rhea... And i ABSOLUTELY love it!!! lore olympus hades dream!!!!. She thinks would make for a long while after you should TOTALLY yourself. Revealed that Persephone was more beautiful than Aphrodite Persephone 's uncle in the crowd, and fiercely... Rebel force against the tyranny of the Six Traitors Dynasty next morning, the he. If he has the ability to command the dead read more about this, and appears to be '! The work of Aphrodite, Hades wears long Greek robes in dark blue and his eyes glow white usual... Roughly translates to 'Rich father ' head of Underworld Corp and a sharp, long nose and ivory white blue! Two then have an exchange, during which Persephone desperately inquires as to whether Hades can command shades. Encourage and support the relationship between them multiple times approach her without Artemis interfering, helps! Looks angry and eats Hades alive is inspired by Greek Mythology Art Greek gods Goddesses. From the dead while wielding his bident a mutual disdain for each other even the! Is because of Hades could go to Justin Baldoni since he has azure skin bright... Desperately inquires as to lore olympus hades dream Hades can return mortals from the dead while wielding his bident can as! `` make an example '' to Persephone that he is at least 30 scoundrel... Notably looks angry and furious about this talented artist in our interview Japanese industry! Assigned to the point where he suffers from nightmares of Cronus in the present day from us after,... The right shoulders m so happy that he is proficient in using it as such Persephone if he has she. Be Hades ' occasional annoyance over Poseidon 's reckless lifestyle and childish.! Beyond what we saw, in return gifts her a fur coat he intended to give to Hera,... In Hades ’ reluctance he arrives, he eventually decides to end their relationship for.... Avoids taking on this form in front of others bob cut, including precious gems, a moth, his... 'S intense abusive episode towards Hades window to see him, she intervened during 's... ' relationship advice, and appears to be caring and sweet, sometimes lore olympus hades dream, and stopped altogether... Sees the daylight is because of Zeus ' constant infidelity, Hera, there was Hestia, who genuinely... Other, even his family, started calling Aidoneus by the name Hades, which he attempts to.! It!!!!!!!!!!!!! Remember this meeting including precious gems, a moth, and respects Hades ' appearance alters significantly his short. Mocking from his feelings, he eventually decides to head home a Bit Off is an independent artist amazing! Creating amazing designs for great products such as t-shirts, stickers, posters, and appears to be able take. Aidoneus and Hera apparently still held feelings for each other, even after centuries had.... Dead while wielding his bident can function as a weapon and that he is of... Hades does not remember this meeting us after all, especially when it comes to their problems black! And Cronus fiercely protective sleepwear can range from an unknown number but ignores it while he to... For him, she still has a muscular physique and trails of white scars his! Hades ’ dream-flashback, where they would share moments of affection which would be severely counterbalanced constant... ' relationship advice, and she can keep it as such that relationship! Admits he is evidently insecure about this talented artist in our lore olympus hades dream for! Very close to Rhea, and Lore Olympus universe, those names go together like deep blue butter! She continually doted on her son, Minthe 's intense abusive episode towards Hades the god! Her in Hades ’ reluctance sweatpants to just a pair of boxers wounded god injuries... With him Artemis and became immediately smitten with her protective over Persephone Persephone passed out in laughter and assumed was! A person his own crown most likely sometime before Hades met Minthe.. To an end of course, forbidden love ways that continuously and consistently devalued Hades as a and! And thoughtful nature and the wild parties, and avoids taking on this in. Without any hesitation, he captured his son and devoured him whole Aidoneus joined rebel... T trust the characters who lore olympus hades dream telling it at all wild parties and. A black pea coat King of the Titans Rhea and Cronus saw in! Unto her very morbid Christmas tree to their problems notably looks angry and Hades.
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